How to avoid scams in Axie Infinity

The popularity it has gained Axie Infinity is incredible, today there are many people who have decided to give a chance to the video game based on the Ethereum network, but, just as there are users who can help you grow within the game, there are also others who will only seek to harm you.

If you don't want to be a victim of Axie Infinity scams, stay to the end. This information is worth gold!

Don't be an easy target in Axie Infinity

How to avoid scams in Axie Infinity

If you notice any strange activity on the server report it or ignore it, in general, some scammers tend to use the image of potential players, and send private messages to new members of the group offering them supposed axies. This is one of the most common ways of gambling scams!

In case of an exchange, if you do not want to do it in the community you can tell the person to put it for sale in the market, if this person is a scammer he will desist from selling it. It is worth mentioning that such purchases are made immediately, so it is another point in favor to make the negotiations visible.

Maybe you will lose a little because of commissions, but it is better that than losing all your money to a dubious user. The same goes for the sale of SLP, in fact, there are people who are in the business of scamming others; and while there are many users who can help you and guide you through the game, there are others who are only interested in your SLPs and once they are stopped they disappear.

If you belong to a special group, the ideal is to name the person with whom you make the transaction, this way others will know if the work of that user is positive or not. You should know the magnitude of the action of the scammers, because OK! They will take an axie from you, but if you evaluate a little more what they have taken from you, you will know that the amount in USD can exceed 400$.

Extra tip on Axie Infinity Scams

Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned, some people consider the Axie Infinity as a scam, but in reality there is no reason to think that. It's a video game where there are rules, reckless players, and you have to adapt to it.

Fortunately it has been very popular in recent months, in fact, its growth so far this year is considerable and encouraging, and it still needs to grow, expand the available platforms, the countries to play in and the lands where you can raise your axies and earn a lot of money with them.

It could be said that the game is still in an initial phase, it only remains for you to get to know it very well and avoid becoming a victim of a scam.

What can't you do in Axie Infinity? Send axies to many accounts within the ronin platform, as this action could be considered as malicious, maybe at the moment it is not so, but it won't take long for the server to detect this activity as illicit and decide to ban the account involved; and end up considering you as a user scammerYou don't want that, do you?

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