Axie Infinity: All about adventure mode

Axie Infinity All about adventure mode

The popular game Axie Infinity has two game modes, the adventure mode and the arena mode, in this article we will focus on the first one. The adventure mode will help us to level up our Axies to fight at each level of the adventure mode and achieve win SLP which can be used to sell for real money or to breed Axies.

The importance of adventure mode lies in the ability to win SLPdon't think that you only play sand in Axie Infinity. If you want to know everything about the adventure modestay with us.

What is the adventure mode in Axie Infinity?

Within Axie Infinity we find ourselves with the adventure modeThis mode is played by both beginners and experts. The reasons are multiple, starting with the fact that it will help us to get to know our battle team betterThe most expert players use it to form the cards, how to form it, which cards to use and so on. The most experts use it to win SLP daily and generate income with these tokens.

In adventure mode we will be fighting against an artificial intelligence by different types of map, where we will find very varied enemies. Similar to the Pokemon adventure, but simplified so that we don't have to go through maps like crazy, in Axie Infinity you will have a visual map in which you can select where to fight and at what stage.

The levels of the adventure mode can be played as many times as you wish, in fact, this is a form of SLP farmeoplaying around 50 times the same level you can get 100 SLP. But, if you decide to advance between the more difficult levels, you can obtain SLP in greater quantity, since it is reduced if we have already passed that level many times.

Within the adventure mode we have to go leveling up our Axieswith each battle won, we will be obtaining XP in order to level up our team. As we advance in level, we will have to higher damageIf you are a player, your cards will be improved and you will be stronger against your opponents. That is why it is advisable to earn enough XP to make it easier to farm in this mode.

The good thing about this mode, is that you don't lose anything if you don't pass the level, so you can test combinations in your equipment, variants, strategies and so on.. This is indispensable before entering any Sandwithout knowing your team well. Axies you may find yourself at a disadvantage against a person who does.

Is there money to be made in Axie Infinity's adventure mode?

Many people think that this game can only be played with make money in the PVP or Arena mode, but they are wrong, in the adventure mode also to earn money. We are talking about that we can get a day about 100 or more SLP if we play the adventure mode with perseverance, some 50 levels (they give you 2 SLP for winning, because the new ones usually give you more), if we add to this the SLP that we gain in arena mode with each victory, the gain is abysmal.

A detail that you should keep in mind is that no matter what level your Axie is in adventure mode, within the arena mode everyone will have the base level and base damage. People face each other on equal terms to achieve a balanced game, the levels will serve you only for that mode.

For this mode, it is recommended that you use a equipment with good damage and a strong tank, choose the cards that enhance the attack in the DPS y Support. In the case of the tank, try to have cards that heal you, steal energy or harm the opponent.

This mode is perfect for to know all the dynamics of the gameThe battle interface and how we can act in adverse situations. It is very helpful before you want to enter the arena mode where we will fight against people of good level.

If you complement the arena modetogether with the adventure modein about 3 to 4 hours a day, you could be earning between 20$ and 40$ dollars per day if everything goes well. This means a lot of money in the long run. adventure mode is the ability to repeat levels as much as you want, and if you have your Axie in good level, you can overcome the initial ones without any problem.

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