What are Axie Origin in Axie Infinity?

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Within Axie Infinity we can find a large number of Axies varietyThere are from the types plant, beast, bird, fish and many more. But there is one type of Axie which is the most special of all, the Axie Originthese Axis were the first in the gamewho have no parents and were born when the game began.

People who acquired these Axie's are very fortunate, as they have a good part of the Axie Infinity history. If you wish to know what are Axie Origin in Axie Infinity, what's so special about them and what's how much they coststay with us.

Axie Origin - What makes them so special?

We know that within the game of Axie Infinity, we can find a wide variety of different types of Axies that vary their physical characteristics depending on their parents. The purity of these also depends on the parents, the abilities and everything is inherited from their parents, but, the Axie Origin were the ones who started this movement.

The Axie Origin were those sold by the company creator of Axie Infinity directly, i.e., there was no user that had taken offspring from any of the Axie to obtain a Axie Origin. It can be said that are the Adam and Eve of the world of Axie Infinityto give you an idea.

As for its skills we don't find anything very special or that stands out to the eye, their skills and cards are quite common. But that does not prevent the price of these Axies is so high, more than anything else it has a sentimental and speculative value for the people who gamble. Axie Infinity.

Within the https://axie.zone/finder page, we can enter into the ID finderThe ID "10" "20" and see which Axie was created at that time. Depending on the ID indicates how many there were at the time, so that a Axie Origin #10 is a great value.. A curious and somewhat unfortunate fact is that the Axie Origin #10 is lost in some ETH wallet and is not available in Ronin.

This problem we mentioned to you is something common in the crypto world, people often forget or lose access to their cryptocurrency accounts. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. And after that, a lot of money is kept in storage without ever being able to get out, something that also happens in Axie Infinitywhere some unlucky person who had the Axie Origin #10 has left it in his wallet ETH without being able to remove it.

How much does an Axie Origin cost?

And well, something as special as a Axie without parents and who were the pioneers in the game, must have a very high cost, right? Well, yes, dear friend, you are right, these Axies can reach bordering on insanity in terms of their pricesexceeding by up to 1000% to the common Axies.

In these cases we refer to Axies Origin of numbers not so close, as they can be from the 500 upwards, the lower the is most likely to be more expensive. If these Axies have offspring, their market value can be as high as about 2-2.5 ETH more or lessand with not so outstanding cards.

But, we can find ourselves Axies reaching 100 ETH on the marketwhich are exorbitant prices that we hope no one is willing to pay for an Axie. The vast majority buy them for collect and wait for its value to go up, as does anyone with a cryptocurrencyThey will not be of much use in Arena mode. Currently we find Axies with an excellent goal that surpasses these with creses.

A curious fact about the Axies Origin is that can have a child who is a Mysticwhich is also one of the most expensive Axie species at the moment. This type of Axie is only obtained from the joint between 2 Axies Origin and the probability is really low, so if you see any Mystic, be sure that it will have a value similar to that of an Origin.

Whatever you intend to buy with an Origin, it's a nice gesture to reminisce about the first Axies that were in the game.

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