What is an AXIE of origin?

Within the vast world of Axie Infinity we find a great variety of Axie classes, with their different body parts and so on. In this article we will introduce you to all the information about the Axies of origin and you can learn all about them.

The doubt of many people new to the game and who are curious to know why an Axie of origin can cost so much is very frequent. Next, you will learn what is an Axie of origin, which is a mystical AxieThe MEO I and II classes and all their details.

Axie of origin - Everything you need to know

What is an AXIE of origin?

This type of Axies were the first Axies to hit the market by Sky Mavies, they were planned to be released one year later. total of 4088. The source Axies are marked with a red label that reads ".Origin"next to its name. This type of Axies is easily identifiable thanks to its ID, if it is lower than #4088, it is an Axie. Axie Origin.

The Axies Origin are predicted to be one of the most valuable NFT tokens in the world, with in-game estimates that their value could rise by 1000% in the next few years. The rarer the Axie Origin in proportion to the common Axies that exist, the more expensive this type of Axies will be.

The Axies of origin were the first in the Axie Infinity ecosystem, starting what would be the next generations of Axie. Currently in the Marketplace it is very difficult to find an Axie of virgin origin, i.e. with 0 breeds, these have an excessively high cost. We know that of the Axies Origin mystical Axies can come out with a good probability, that's why they are also so quoted.

The Axie of more expensive origin that has been sold to date was the Axie "Angel 1046" with a total value (at that time) of 131.970$. Thus breaking all the taboos that were presented about this game and cryptocurrencies in general. It was a blow on the table to show the community's support for this NFT project in video games.

But that's not all, the cost of the Axies of origin are higher with the passage of timeLet's clarify that Angel was sold in November 2020. At this time the game was not as advanced and supported as it is today, so its value must have increased considerably since that day.

What other kinds of rare Axie are there?

Within the other classes of Rare Axie we can find Origin, Mystic, MEO I and II, with Christmas and Japanese skins. These Axies are the strangest in the game and what has the highest market value depending on the rarity of its parts.

The Mystic Axies are those that were the offspring of a cross between 2 Axies OriginThe probability that a mystic Axie would come out of this cross was 25%. It was only planned that one quarter of mystic Axies could be created in proportion to the total number of source Axies. This is another factor that makes it even rarer to get mystical parts.

Now, the 25% probability of getting a mystic Axie counts only for Axies with a single body part of this style. The probability is reduced to 1 in 33,00,000 for an Axie to have 6 mystical parts. If you get a pure mystic Axie, be prepared to own the most expensive Axie on the market.

So much is the fever for this video game that multiple investment funds have decided to invest in these NFTs. This supports the movement even more and helps the price increaseThe market in Axie Infinity is driven by supply and demand.

What is so special about mystical Axies?

We know that the breeding of mystic Axies is only possible with the crossing of 2 Axies Origin. In statistics we can see what is the probability depending on mystical body parts.

  • 1 mystical body part: 25,04%
  • 2 mystical body parts: 3,68%
  • 3 mystical body parts: 0,28%
  • 4 mystical body parts: 0,0127%
  • 5 mystical body parts: 0.000299%
  • 6 mystical body parts: 1 among 34,012,224

The more mystical parts the Axie has, the lower the percentage of obtaining them, hence the rarity and value of these Axies. The total number of mystical parts of the Axie will be a good factor to ratify its price. In addition, you should know that the mystical parts are not inheritable in any way, so you cannot get mystics by crossing normal with mystic.

Another detail to take into account is that its parts can be upgraded up to legendary level, compared to common Axies whose parts can reach rare or ultra rare. Another aesthetic benefit for this type of Axies.

How much does an Axie cost in origin?

For this question we can be guided by several factors, the first thing to consider is is its ID, the lower the number, the higher the value of. Axies with a number less than 100 are valued at amounts not less than 300 ETH.

Another point that defines the price of an Axie of origin is if it has any mystical partIf so, the value increases by insane amounts. Here the price will hardly drop below 400 ETH if the Axie turns out to be a good choice for combat.

Another factor affecting price is the number of offspring the Axie has hadIf it is a virgin Axie with 0 breeds, its cost will rise, as you will be able to breed it at 150 SLP. On the other hand, if an Axie Origin has 4 breeds or more, it will be difficult to buy it to raise hatchlings, because the cost will rise considerably, forcing you to reduce the price of the Axie. On average we have that an origin Axie can cost between 300 and 500 ETH.



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