Mystical Axies (rare) in Axie Infinity

In the world of Axie Infinity there are a wide variety of Axieseach with its different physical characteristics and qualities. But there is a type of Axie that is so rare and extravagant that everyone would like to have them, but there are very few on sale right now that meet competent characteristics, we are talking about the Mystic Axies.

These Axies are characterized by having distinguished physical appearance of others Axiesonly affects the esthetics. In terms of power, life, attack, etc., they are the same as any other. Axie. In this article you will find out everything you need to know about the Mystic Axies.

What is a Mystic Axie?

Mystical Axies (rare) in Axie Infinity

It is a kind of Axie, the rarest and very few of them with a purity grade higher than 4. physical aspects that you can't find elsewhere Axiewould be like a kind of skin in any other game, a quite particular physical aspect that you can't find in a common Axie.

The Mystic Axies are obtained after breed 2 Axies Originthe possibility that you get a Axie Mystic is a casualtyreally low. In no other way can they be obtained, or, if you want to buy one in the Marketplace it can go for the least in about 50.000$.

This type of Axie is the most expensive in the game. currently, the highest purity ones have an approximate value of between 300 to 3000 ETH. This would be equivalent to about 1,000,000$ to 10,000,000$, a somewhat exaggerated price for a video game. To date, the most expensive Axie ever sold has been in 1.000.000$, was a Mystic guy as you might imagine.

What advantage does a mystic Axie have over a normal Axie?


As we have been explaining in its concept, does not have a competitive advantage on the sand or in adventure mode, its particularity is purely aesthetic. Being a type of Axie so expensive, they would not be able to afford to increase its attack, shield and so on, because the game would be considered Pay to Win.

For those of you who are not familiar with this term, it is when a video game offers items for sale that you competitive advantage. They can be skins that increase the attack, defense, etc. of a character, special items that do more damage than a free weapon, etc. Axie Infinity wants to keep everything in balance as far as possible.

There was talk that in the near future, when the Landsthe Mystic Axies would have a slight advantage in this type of fields. This is not something that directly affects other players, since in the Arena they will be a Ordinary Axiewith unique physical appearance, but common letters.

If you are interested in buying a Axie Mysticyou need to take a good look at your budget, your 20 ETH for the most economical. As an alarming detail, there is no pure Axie Mystic 100% for sale.

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