Best bird card combos

Best bird card combos

Axies were initially created and given to players for free, in order to encourage their procreation. After a period of time, a large number of combinations with different qualities and abilities were formed.

The more time passed, the more expensive the original Axies became due to their high percentage of purity, nowadays very few are present in the market and very expensive. Among so many of these combinations are the bird card combos.

For the user who wishes to see how they work or what are the abilities that each card grants, you can look at the Axie World page, where you can find all the detailed information of each of the abilities and qualities of each card.

Best bird card combos

These combos are the most widely used in the market due to their high skill and high winning percentage per game.

First Bird Card Combo:

The first card to be selected by the player is Little Owl in the mouth part to card the enemy Axies, secondly, the card Eggshellin third place, Pigeon Past and fourthly the player can select The Last One.

For this particular combo, the user can use the filter for five or six of purity, where the Axies will only vary in eyes or ears that have inherited from another class, Axies such as bugs or beasts.

Among his best abilities, the player will have 61% of speed and 28% of life, we must emphasize that this is a high percentage since birds generally have only 27% of life.

On the other hand, for the player to be able to perform the best combos with these cards, it is necessary that one of the other Axies has a high percentage of generating energy (preferably the tank Axie) or else the enemy will eliminate the player's Axie before it can be used correctly.

In case the player selects an Axie with the reptile eyes, he will get 30% of life, so the player will not have to worry about whether the enemy will attack later or not. On the other hand, the combo has only 10% of shield, so the player has very little defense.

Second Bird Card Combo:

The following charts will be used: The Last One, Peace Maker, Kingfisher and Kestrel. This Axie gives the player a 30% of life and causes the opponent a 560% of damage, being the bird with the highest DPS of all, so the player will be able to considerably reduce the opponent's team in very few moves.

Although it is necessary for the player to note that this combo needs a lot of energy that is not provided by the same, so it must be obtained with another of the Axies that make up the team.

Third Bird Card Combo:

As in the previous combo, it is made up of the following cards Peace Maker, Kestrel and Kingsfisher. For the last card, the following will be chosen Past Fight.

The main advantage that this combo offers to the player is the high percentage of damage it causes to the opponent, besides the fact that the Past Fight card has zero energy cost and has 61% of speed.

It is necessary to keep in mind that, if the player does not use the Past Fight card in the first or second round, he may move to attack second, which would give him a significant disadvantage against the opponent.

The player must know well his playing technique and the correct way to apply the cards so that they are advantageous to him, calculating well the percentages in terms of the other Axes of the team and observing mainly the way to improve the weak points.

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