Best card combos for beasts

Best card combos for beasts

As time passes for the Axie Infinity game, a variety of Axies with different qualities and strategies are presented. Which, in turn, can be victorious in battle depending on the combination of each pet. Likewise, card combos for beasts are one of the main strategies to observe before entering the Axie world.

Axies are mainly made up of six body parts that are not modifiable. The eyes and ears of an Axie define its attributes, while the horns, mouth, back and tail define the cards and stats it will possess.

The statistics of an Axie are four, the vitalitywhich defines the amount of damage an Axie can receive. The speed determines the shifts and decreases the possibility of being hit. The habilidad increases the damage caused to the opponent when the player performs combos, and finally, the moralewhich increases the Axie's chance of entering the last battle mode.

The three best card combos for beasts.

For these card combos, Axies bestia and meca are mostly used due to their excellent abilities, in case the player's goal is to reproduce them, he must take into account other additional aspects. In this case, we will mention three of the best combinations provided in a video from Aromaz's channel.

First Axie Infinity Combo

The player who wishes to form this combo, must first choose the card called Ronin, which is very versatile, as it will usually be linked with the card called IMP to obtain the best results in the attacks.

The third card that the user can include in this combo, is the Godawith which the player destroys the enemy's energy. Finally, the fourth card will be Cottonttail, since this card has no energy cost for the player, but it does represent considerable improvements in attack points.

When the selected Axie has vest ears, the life percentage is higher. Although this detail may be seen by some players as something negative, it has the advantage of having more resistance and fulfills its main function, which is to obtain energy.

But the most important combo that can be used is Ronin and IMP, since by combining Ronin with two more cards, it makes the opponent always critical, adding also that IMP, when caused by a critical, always gets an energy point.

In case two Ronin cards can be selected together with two IMP cards, four energy points are obtained and saved for the next round.

Second Axie Infinity Combo

As in the previous combo, the first two selected cards are Ronin e IMPgiving the player the aforementioned advantages. The third card will be the Nut Cracker and the fourth on Nut Crocker.

It is necessary for the user to choose the quality of the Axie, depending on its qualities and not on its purity. There are Axies with great advantages to take advantage of in the game, which do not have a 100% of purity.

For example, the Axie meca with a reptile part, has the advantage of having a good amount of life points and speed, on the other hand, the one with the fish part has considerable speed and life. This means that this second Axie is faster than the reptiles, which makes it a destroyer.

The main advantage of this combo is the high VPS, but among its disadvantages is that it can not count on the bonus of using cards of the same class as it is mech and not beast, also lowers the critical chance, which is not important because, when combining Nut Cracker with Nut Crocker causes a 120% of damage to the opponent.

You can choose as an advantage more life or more speed, according to the user's taste, and it does not affect the other skills of the Axie.

Axie Infinity Third Combo

To form this combo, as in the two previous combos, use the card Roninthen the letter Dual Bladethird, the letter Confident and in fourth place Cottontail. In this case, the most economical Axie has great advantages and abilities, even if it is not completely pure.

This Axie mainly has a 58% of morale, which is compensated with the Cottontail card as it boosts morale for two turns. The Ronin guarantees the player to get a critical, and if the opportunity arises to make the combination with two Ronin cards, a greater advantage will be obtained.

In case the player can combine two Ronin cards with a Dual Blade card, it causes two critical plus a bonus of 250% of damage, which guarantees the user to have almost won the game, this also depends on the Axies he faces, especially if it is a reptile or a plant.

Among other advantages is that two of the selected cards have no energy cost, besides improving the following rounds without sacrificing DPS.

The player can put together the combo that suits him best, according to the style he prefers to fight. Defining the abilities of the Axies and the combos that he can put together to guarantee a sure victory.

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