Best plant card combos

Best plant card combos

The Axie Infinity platform has grown and continues to grow every day thanks to the users, at the beginning there were around 7 thousand Axies in sales, and currently there are more than 38 thousand Axies available. With incredible card combos such as, for example, plant combos.

An Axie team is generally composed of three members with different roles, so it is essential that each player balances and complements his team to ensure victory in each game.

Roles of the Axies

Tank: The main function of this Axie, consists in protect to their companions by resisting as many attacks as possible, the most suitable Axie class to fulfill this task are the Axies. Plant.

Support: The player who uses this kind of Axies, has a lot of advantages at the expense of the enemy such as, acquire action points that will be used in the next shift, draw cards extra that allow you to perform a greater number of combos with ease, among others.

Class axies bug, reptile or plantcan perform these functions.

Fulminator: The axies designated by the player to fulfill this role, must have a high percentage of speed and of damage caused to the opponent, you can choose to survive until the end of the game and give the last blows.

If the user employs these Axies correctly, he will have a considerable advantage over his opponent. To do so, he can choose the birds or water.

Combos/critical: In this case, the player's cunning will be in charge of waiting and taking advantage of the opportunities that arise to make combos with strong cards, which can even defeat a tank with a single attack.

The user will have in his hands an Axie with a power superior to his abilities, which can give a total turn to the game. The beasts have this potential on their cards.

Tracker: With this axie, the player will be able to attack directly to your opponent's harmless Axies, regardless of their location, before they can be threatened by them. Generally the ones in charge of fulfilling this role are the Axies of the class ave.

Tanks are usually the easiest Axies to choose, but if the player does not properly identify their functions and take advantage of their abilities, it can lead to a great disadvantage against the enemy.

Combos de cartas para plantas

These particular Axies are chosen depending on the style of the player, and the functions that the user wants his Axie to perform, since there is a great variety in the abilities that the Axie possesses.

Card combo number one:

Generally, players prefer to choose the card Pumckingdue to the high percentage of shield strength, and the card CarrotThe player gets one energy point for each time his shield is broken by the enemy.

The user can choose as a third card a Seriousand the fourth card would be Leof BugThis is the best combination in almost all combos because the enemy's energy progressively becomes the player's energy, in addition to the great energy that the cards chosen at the beginning will already be generating.

With this kind of tanks, the user does not need to choose attack Axies that generate energy, instead, he can focus on other highlights such as speed, attack strength, among others.

Card combo number two:

For the second combo, the following cards will be used Pumcking in the first place, in the second place, Hatsunewhich gives the player an additional 80% of shield and when used disables all ranged damage cards of the enemy, who will not be able to hit the Axies behind the tank.

And finally, Strowberry Shortcake will allow the player to heal his Axies by 270 health in exchange for only two energy points. This combo is mainly focused on energy, when well combined with your other Axies companions, you can have a guaranteed victory.

When choosing the tank, the player must know what he wants to achieve with it, it can be a tank with a high shield percentage, a tank with a high rate of life healing or a tank that stops the main attacks of the enemy.

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