The best equipment to get started in Axie Infinity

The best equipment to get started in Axie Infinity

One of the most difficult jobs that players have to perform in Axie Infinity, is to find a good equipment combination that is suitable for adventure and sand. There are thousands of combinations, know which one can serve you best according to your needs. Axies and the game mode is fundamental. In this article we are going to give you everything you need so that you can your equipment to perfection.

Many combinations have been tested by the best players, but few of them have been considered effective combinations. Throughout this article you are going to know that roles function better together and how you can implement them in your own team.

What roles make the best team at Axie Infinity?

As we mentioned in the introduction, there are combinations that result in a good percentage of victories within Axie Infinity. Knowing the type of Axie, what function his role fulfills and which cards get the most out of him is what distinguishes a good player from an average one.

The combination that is currently working best is a formation of DPS, Support and Tank. The combination of these 3 roles results in a fairly balanced team, a good bird with plenty of attack, and a rock-hard tank, can lead you to victory. In some cases, the Support is dispensable if you have experience and more arsenal.

And you may ask, what makes this combination so good, we are going to explain it to you soon. To give you an idea, these 3 can make disasters in arena mode and adventure mode, with this information you can evaluate well the purchase of your 3 first Axies.

Tank role, importance and important information

The tank role is essential if you want to form a good team, it will be the Axie that withstands the greatest amount of damage done by the enemy team. The best tanks are those that have between 58 and 61 of lifeFrom there on down, they can be considered weak. In addition, a good tank must have defense cards, damage return or energy theft so that the opposing team is harmed when attacking it.

The best tank types are the plant types, of course you can try other combinations, but this is the most profitable. You can count on cards such as stealing energy, returning damage if your shield is broken, healing yourself or your allies.

What is important for a good tank will depend on your style of play, you can opt for a tank full damage that collaborates to the damage done by the team or you can opt for a strong tank like stone. Only have cards defensive and with positive buffers for your allies, both are excellent choices.

Role of Support, importance and important information

The Role of Support is arguably the most versatile of this combo of 3, as he can do damage, defend and support his teammates. You can set up a Support beast type that has cards that complement well with your tank and its DPS.

A good Support must have attack and defense in balanced parts, this can be filtered in the Marketplace. Here it is quite dispensable whether or not to opt for a Supportcan be replaced by another bird, in order to have a team full damage.

DPS role, the damage that your team needs

Having a good bird that works for you as DPS is mandatory for any game mode, without one of these it is almost impossible to win. The bird is a super fast Axie which is responsible for destroying enemy equipment and inflicting a lot of damage, they usually exceed the 400 points of damage total.

The disadvantage of these Axies is its little life, but it is not such a disadvantage, since it must be protected by the tank. Your great damage capacity to balance his little life, the cards that he needs a DPS are those that allow debuffs to be removed, such as the Pigeon Post. Otherwise you can carry cards that are focused on damage.

Knowing well what type of DPS is also essential, there is also the option of using a Axie fish type and performs very well, but you should be a little more experienced. With this combination of equipment you will be able to keep a good level of sand no problems.

Recommendations for building your team

Remember that you have a limited amount of energy, which you can use if you wish. spend it in adventure mode to go testing your team. The most important thing is not to go all out and try them in arena mode because we can be disappointed, as we do not know them well and the combination of cards, the opponent can take an advantage.

If we carry our Axies in the manner adventure, we can level them up and improve them, which will be useful later in the arena mode. When you already know all your team, which cards work, at what point to drop each card, when to let an Axie die, etc., you will be able to win a lot in Arena.

If you are looking for your equipment purely to play Arena mode and not to play them, you can choose to look for Axies with about 5 offspring in the Marketplace. Having used up most of their reproductive processes, the owners of the lower the priceThis is a good option if you are just looking for fighters.

You won't need an excessively high budget, with a few 600-900$ and a bit of luck, you will be able to get good Axies in these roles to good price. This game is all about testing and seeing which combinations blend best with your gameplay.

To conclude, the best combinations that you can use in sand are "Tank-DPS-Support" y "Tank-DPS-DPS"if you want a super aggressive game. With good practice and familiarization, you will be able to take on any opponent that comes your way.

This would be all the information for today's article, we hope it will be of great help to achieve that perfect combination that can make us earn money. Thank you very much for reading and good luck in the arena.

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