What is the Bloodmoon Curse in Axie Infinity?

What is the Bloodmoon Curse in Axie Infinity?

The most fun way of all Axie Infinity is undoubtedly the sand modebrings a lot of emotion and teaches us to become better fighters within the battlefield. But when the fights become so rough that they reach the 10 rounds something special happens, the Bloodmoon curse or the curse of the blood moon.

If you wish to know what is this and how it can affect to our Axies in the battle, stay in this article, we will teach you all about this condition. In case you have never lived the blood moon, we tell you everything in detail.

What is the Bloodmoon Curse and when does it occur?

When we fight in the sandWe faced all types of opponents, some easier than others and others with a very good combination of Axies that can push us to the limit. Every fight is different, we can face it in different ways. offensive or defensive depending on how the opponent is doing, become a master of the Sand will make us make a lot of money and move up in the rankings.

If from the outset you have the feeling that the battle will go on for a long time by the combination of enemy Axies, you may have to face the Bloodmoon Curse.. After a long battle, in the round 10 something special happensthe scenario becomes something dark and will display a clear warning that the Bloodmoon Curse has just begun.

In this condition, the Axies that are within the field of play will receive a specific amount of damageregardless of whether you have a shield. You start with a damage of 50 and it will increasing as the rounds go by, with this condition you can make several decisions, let's explain them.

If you see that the fight is in your favor and you can finish off your opponent Do it fast! Maybe the bloody moon will end his life and you will declare yourself the winner. This strategy is only for when we have the sufficient energy and attack cards to give a blow on the table, and force our opponent to practically give up his life in his turn.

This strategy can be used when there are DPS vs DPS or Support vs DPS and you can see that the enemy can be easily eliminated. If you are a tank against a DPS, this strategy is not sustainable.

In the meantime, if we encounter a good amount of life and low damageThe only thing we have to do is to make a plant style tank. What we should do is hold the opponent if we see him with a lower amount of HP than our own.In the long run, by healing ourselves and gaining shields, we will be more resistant in the course of the Bloodmoon Curse.

This strategy can be used if you are a tank and you find yourself up against a DPS type fish or birdYou can use them with attack cards, but with nothing to increase their life, so you can take advantage of it. You just have to resist and the BLOOD MOON will be your best ally.

Knowing that it is the Bloodmoon Curse we can now be prepared for when we are presented with the arena of Axie Infinity.

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