How to buy Axies in Axie Infinity

How to buy Axies in Axie Infinity

One of the first steps that every player in AXIE Infinity should do is the purchase of its first Axies to form a team. But, getting to buy the Axies can be complicated if you don't know how to turn your real money into money in your wallet. Ronin. For this process, there used to be the possibility of buy ETH at Binanceto MetaMask and of MetaMask to Ronin.

All well and good with this, but, the commissions were exaggerated and you ended up losing a good part of what you initially bought. But here came a piece of news that comes in handy for all the players of AXIE Infinitynow you will be able to buy ETH without paying commissions like the ones presented above. Interested? Read on.

RAMP's collaboration with Ronin - How does it benefit us?

The best news that we, the players of AXIE Infinity in recent months, the RAMP collaboration with Ronin. Now you can buy ETH without the need to use third-party services and, therefore, having to pay commissions for each transaction.

It was common that every time we purchased a quantity of ETH at Coinbase o BinanceAs a result, our money was gradually disappearing between commissions. The usual thing is that they were 3 commissionsthe purchase fee, the shipping fee, the Binance to MetaMask and of MetaMask a Ronin. In this process lost a good amount of money, which in the long run could see you involved in losses.

But not anymore, now we can buy ETH Tradeable directly to our Ronin walletwith an absurdly low commission compared to the ones we used to cancel before. Well, you may ask, where and how do I buy? We will see that below.

How and where to buy ETH now that it is realized directly

If you're as excited as I am about this news, you'll want to go see where the new ETH shopping portal to our wallet of Ronin. We are going to present you the step-by-step guide so that you can buy ETH and have it available for buy your Axies inside AXIE Infinity.

How and where to buy ETH for AXIE Infinity

The official website for buy ETH to our portfolio of Ronin is interface is quite simple and intuitive, but we are going to give you the complete guide.

  • When you enter the page you will see that you have 3 options "WETH" "AXS" y "SLP"The latter two are not yet available. But they will be available soon.
  • Click on the blue button below Ronin WETH which stands for ETH Tradeable, this crypto has the same value as the common ETH, you can verify it.
  • We will be shown a order formHere we must select the amount in USD or the currency of your choice. When placing the amount in USD you will be shown the equivalent of WETH.
  • Below in the form you can see the commissions you have to pay depending on the Ethereum network and so on. As we mentioned, they are low compared to what you had to pay previously.
  • We confirm that everything is correct and click on the blue button that says ".Proceed"We enter our payment method and continue with the purchase.

In a few minutes you will be able to see your payment in ETH inside your wallet Roninwhich you can then change to AXS for buy your Axies inside AXIE Infinity. It's a relief to read this, isn't it? No more cumbersome processes with Binance, Coinbase and MetaMaska single site with a single destination.

Sell your WETHs directly on Ronin

With this new partnership, there is also the possibility of sell your WETH at the best price and without additional shipping fees to exchanges such as Binance, etc.

The process is similar to the purchase process, we enter the following page and click on "PurchaseUnder the ETH logo and select at the top right the option "...".Sell". It should be noted that this option will be available soonThe sale process is similar to the purchase process, you select the quantity in WETH you want to sell and it will show you how much it is in your currency. Select the currency destination and that's it, just wait for it to be enabled.

Advantages of this new partnership between RAMP and Ronin

First of all, it is worth mentioning that we will be saving good money every time we want to deposit Ronin. So in the whole process of purchase, deposit to Binance, send to MetaMask and deposit in RoninIn the case of a transaction of 800-1000$, the commissions on a transaction of 800-1000$ were about 60-80$, which was unacceptable.

But now, we can have extremely low commissions and the money will be paid into our wallet Ronin much faster than we expect. This is the main advantage we have with the purchase of ETH.

And yet they do not yet incorporate the best of the best, the possibility of buy and sell AXS and SLP directly on the page. I think that this detail is the one that the community of players is waiting for the most. AXIE InfinityWe can enjoy virtually all of our money by not having to leave them behind. AXS and SLP on the way to sell.

It is only a matter of time before this new function is enabled and we can enjoy it. Our pockets will be the first to be grateful, and we will also save a lot of time that we used to spend on the whole process of deposit up to Ronin.

This partnership opens up a world of possibilities and a new better earnings and investment margins for people who are starting out or already have experience with AXIE. It is a detail that the whole community is appreciating from Ronin and that will be noticed soon with the addition of these two functions.

That's all for today's article, we covered everything you should know about buy ETH for AXIE Infinity in the best way, with a process short and without excessive commissions. We hope it has been of great help and we only have to wait for the incorporation of the other functions.

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