How to buy AXS on Binance?

How to buy AXS on Binance?

The video game AXIE Infinity requires that you make a deposit so that you can purchase your first AxiesThis process can be complex if you do not know how to use the step by step. That is why in this article we are going to provide you with all the information corresponding to how to buy AXS at Binance.

One of the new investments that are being seen is in AXIE Infinityis a fun game that combines the fun based on the Blockchain and that allows its users to earn money. In this article we will explain you how to make a deposit at Binance y buy AXS.

Buy Bitcoin from Coinbase

To purchase our AXS we cannot do it directly with dollars or other currencies, it has to be by cryptocurrencies o USDT. Here, we are going to introduce you to a step-by-step guide to buy your Bitcoin at CoinBase and then transfer them to Binance and buy from that exchanger.

The great advantage offered by Coinbase to its users, is that it works in a large number of countries and supports a variety of payment methods. These can be bank transfer, credit card and debit card in some cases.

Remember that when you create your account you must do it with a true identityall requested data must be yours. After registration you will be asked to verify your identity in order to maintain security on the platform. You must also enter an email and phone number that you can use, you will receive codes and you must have access to them.

  • After registration, we proceed to register our payment method on the platform. Here we can choose between debit or credit card, both of which are instantaneous. You can also opt for bank transfer, which usually takes a few days, but with a lower commission percentage.
  • After affiliating our method of payment, we will locate the Buy and sell" option at the top of the website. We select the option to buy and we must add the amount, the crypto to buy (BTC in this case) and the method of payment.
  • Click on purchase preview and confirm it if all the data is correct, and that's it, in a few seconds you will have your cryptocurrencies in your wallet.

With the BTC in our account of Coinbase we will be able to send them to BinanceThe process to follow is simple, let's see it.

You can skip the previous step

In Binance you will also be able to deposit through a SEPA transfer, so if you want the process to be faster and with less commissions, you will be able to use the following methods sign up for Binance and do everything from there.

Send BTC from Coinbase to Binance to buy AXS

With the steps that we have previously presented, we will already have our BTC for exchange by AXS at Binance. But first, we must transfer them to the famous Exchange, follow the steps below and you will be able to make the process easy and fast.

  • You must register with BinanceThis process is similar to the one mentioned in CoinBase, with all its security measures and data request. Here you will also have to provide real information, then you will be asked for a photo of an identity document such as your ID card.

When you are asked for your email and phone number, you must provide valid email and phone numbers, as you will receive codes. If you wish to activate two-step authentication, you must also have access to these means of contact.

  • After registration, login to Binance and we can continue with the process.
  • We go to the Binance home page, enter in the menu "Wallet" and later in "Spot Wallet".
  • Now, it will show a balance of your wallet with all your balance in cryptocurrencies, we locate the search bar and write "bitcoin".
  • A list of all the cryptos available by that name will be displayed, click on the button deposit which is located right next to Bitcoin.
  • When you click on deposit, a tab will open with all the data and instructions to deposit in BTC. Copy the address The wallet button is located on the right side just below a QR code and we continue.

You must verify that the wallet is a BTC wallet, if you choose another cryptocurrency the money will be lost, so make sure you are well insured. With our address from BTC at Binance copied, we return to Coinbase.

  • On the Coinbase page we will see the section "Portfolio"We enter it. Click on Bitcoin to display a menu of options.
  • Select "Send to"and a menu will be displayed with a remittance form to transfer our money to Binance.
  • In the first field we must specify the amount at BTC we want to transfer, we can also transfer everything with the "Send all" button.
  • In the following field copies the address of BTC of your Binance account and then in the other field you add a note, which is optional. Finally, you select the wallet from which you are going to transfer, in this case it will be BTC wallet.
  • We click on continue and go through the identification process of Coinbase to continue with the transaction. After confirming the shipment, we wait a few minutes for it to clear in our wallet. Binance.

Now with the money in Binancewe can now purchase our AXSLet's take a look at the steps to follow to purchase AXS from Binance.

Buy AXS from Binance with Bitcoin

With the money already reflected in our Binance account, we can start exchanging it for AXSwhich is the official currency of AXIE Infinity. Follow the steps below to successfully exchange your BTC by AXS.

  • Enter the main page and look for the option ".Trading"and select "Classic"in the submenu that is generated.
  • In the menu that appears, click the option of BTC and search in the search bar "AXS"to generate a pair to be exchanged.
  • When looking at the pair AXS/BTC click on it and an exchange page will open.
  • In the following section, you select the amount of BTC you want to change to AXS. Binance will show you the current exchange rate and you will be able to execute the order.
  • By clicking on Buy AXS the order will be fulfilled and you will have your AXS in a few seconds in your Binance account.

For check your AXS balancego to the home page, portfolio section and click on "Spot Wallet"you search for the cryptocurrency AXS and the balance will be shown. If you have not yet reflected what you traded, wait a couple of minutes.

And ready, after performing this process you will have purchased AXS from BinanceYou can store them there or move them to another wallet with greater security. We hope this information has been of great help to you and that you have been able to successfully exchange your BTC for AXS.

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