Can MetaMask be hacked?

Can MetaMask be hacked?

The fear of many people who have their own MetaMask with funds is that of get hackedis a fear that abounds in all areas. It does not only happen with cryptocurrencies, it happens with bank accounts, social networks and much more, but in this article we will focus on the wallet.

The MetaMask wallet has been a must-have for everyone who decided to start playing Axie Infinity. MetaMask has been innovating in its security system since it was released as the best alternative to store Ethereum. But this doesn't make it invulnerable to the possible hacking attemptsif you want learn how to prevent MetaMask hack stay with us.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a wallet for storing Ethereum. decentralized application which innovated in the world of ETH Wallets. It is positioned as the best option to store ETH for free from browser, besides being a requirement when playing Axie Infinity.

This is a browser extension favorite, it is available on major browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The registration process within MetaMask is quite simple and does not require a large amount of personal data. This has also fueled its growth, for people hobbyists in the crypto world who needed a wallet that was simple to use.

This coin purse was first launched on the market in 2016 and since then it has positioned itself as one of the best. Knowing a little more about what MetaMask is and its history. we proceed to explain the hacks that will jeopardize your MetaMask account.

MetaMask Bans - Are they possible?

It is common that in the era where cryptocurrencies dominate, hackers are focusing on these weak spots. So it comes as no surprise that they are trying to hack into accounts of MetaMask and other wallets used by ordinary people. Let's find out what kind of hacks there have been and how you can prevent them.

The best thing to do when using a cryptocurrency wallet is to access it only through your computer and not to use it in shared sites. Another detail you should keep in mind is that you should never trust links that arrive in your email or in the form of a message. Access in the safest possible way and from your own computer, Let's get to know the most common hacks.

Pishing Techniques

This is usually of the hacking techniques The most common in all areas, from bank accounts, wallets and social networks. Pishing techniques seek to capture your data through fake websites or forms that appear to be real.. This type of technique has been seen since practically the beginning of the Internet.

The pishing are usually presented in the form of emails sent by a supposed support or MetaMask company. The emails ask you to access your account because your security is at risk, money has arrived and you must accept it, the wallet is being updated, you will lose your money or other reasons of quite a high impact.

The common thing in these cases is to quickly access the link presented out of fear or haste, without realizing if the email is an official one. Enter the link and you will see everything as your original account, there is nothing to be suspicious about, until you enter your data and... It doesn't get you anywhere, you have been a victim of pishing.

After you have entered your data, the hackers on the other side will enter your account as soon as possible and limit your access to it. In MetaMask you are looking to steal is the phrase seed or seed.which is the way you can register from another device.

How can we prevent pishing hacks? Simple, let's look at the message given by MetaMask on Twitter, clarifying that do not have any email support. If you receive a support message via social networks or other means asking you to enter the seed phrase, close the window immediately.

Platform attack or code vulnerability

This point depends solely on the company, as the hackers will be looking for vulnerability within your code to gain illicit access. The company is working every day to prevent this kind of attacks, we can trust them and we can trust that they are doing the best job.

This type of attack was a recent one, more specifically the February 20, 2021. Where it was presented a attack on 50 homeowners of a MetaMask account with a virtual contract. This hack was made possible by breaching Hardhat's code, thus allowing malicious hackers to gain access.

It is curious the way in which the hacking took place, since it used a typo in the code. The command was "@nomiclabs/hardhat-waffle", after entering this, the original code was unaware of the situation and did not execute anything. Within Ethereum, the term waffle refers to a test environment, a command that was exploited by hackers.

All the victims had to do was run a program with this command and the hacker would have access to the wallet. Most often, normal icons and names were used to execute this code without the user's suspicion.

Tips to protect your MetaMask account

We know how sensitive it can be for you to lose access to your MetaMask account, mainly because you have capital in there. Protecting your cryptocurrency wallets is as important as protecting your bank account. That's why we Let's take a look at some recommendations that will be of great help to prevent hacks.

  • Do not enter from a cyber or public wifi site.The vulnerability that you will present in these sites is very high, they are a perfect environment for hackers. Log in only from your home and with a private network.
  • Do not rely on links that arrive in your mailboxIf it is really that urgent, you will be able to log in to your account by the conventional method and without using third party links.
  • Watch your words seedWrite them down on a piece of paper or in a safe place and keep them where no one has access to them, nor give the words to an acquaintance, friend or website.

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