Can Axie Infinity be played on IPhone?

Surely you have already known the game of the moment, Axie Infinity. The wonderful NFT game that allows you to generate income from your home playing with mechanics similar to Pokemon, combining strategy with cards. But have you ever wondered if can you play it from your iPhone? The answer is yes, and we will explain how to do it in this article.

All the information presented in this article is intended for all those people who want to start playing Axie Infinity from iPhoneAs we know, some applications are often restricted in this operating system.

What is so special about Axie Infinity on iPhone?

Can Axie Infinity be played on IPhone?

This game has undoubtedly been a before and after in the history of video games, having a source of income from your cell phone or computer has never been so easy.. Play Axie Infinity from your iPhone can lead you to earn more than an average salary in Latin America.

The methodology of pharmeo inside Axie Infinity on iPhone is based on obtaining SLP in the adventure mode. This way you complete levels, overcome enemies and earn both EXP and SLP for your Axie Infinity account. On iPhone, you can play from almost anywhere if you have a stable internet connection.

The other way to generate money within Axie Infinity on your Apple device is by playing the arena mode. In this mode you will compete against other real players in a PvP battle to show who is better. The more battles you win, the more SLP you will accumulate in your account.

So yes, you will be able to download Axie Infinity from your iPhone and generate the same way as an Android or a computer. Below, you are going to see how to download, install and start playing. Axie Infinity on iPhone.

How to download and install Axie Infinity on iPhone?


This video game has earned its place as the first application that works with Blockchain to be officialized for iPhone and other devices. The process is very simple, since downloading the video game has become so popular that it does not require much complication. There is a small detail in iOS and it is that users must receive an invitation to download the app, while in Android it is downloaded directly.

But don't worry downloading the application from the official website you can do this process quickly and without any limitations. Follow the step-by-step below and you will be able to download Axie Infinity for your Apple mobile.

  • Log into the browser of your iPhone device and go to the official Axie Infinity website.
  • You must request the download of the game and wait a few minutes to be allowed access to the APK file.
  • After this process, click on "download and install" and the page will automatically detect your operating system and download the APK according to your mobile.

Once the file is downloaded, you proceed with the installation like any other mobile application you have downloaded. For the moment it remains to wait for an official version to be released in the app stores for both Android and iOS.

Once you have finished installing the application, you will be able to enjoy the Axie Infinity experience on your iPhone. The gaming experience is the same and has no difference with Android users.

Advantages and disadvantages of downloading the APK


Although it is not very common that applications as famous and with as much impact as Axie Infinity do not have an application within the PlayStore or app store, this does not limit the ability to download it safely. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of downloading the Axie Infinity APK file.


  • The file can be downloaded from almost any website, although it is recommended to download it from the Axie Infinity website.
  • The download is done quickly and does not ask for any additional space, plus it can be downloaded to your internal and external memory. This is ideal for people who do not have much storage, because they will not need that annoying extra space requested by the app store.
  • You can have the installer file on your mobile device at any time, if you decide to uninstall it there is no need to download it again. In addition, you can pass it to another friend who has the same iOS device as yours.
  • Despite being an APK the process is legitimate, it is not downloaded from pages of dubious veracity.


  • If you download it from a page other than the official Axie Infinity website, you may download a virus. That's why we recommend you to download it from the original site.
  • You may need to download the application again if it does not update.

As we can see, does not present much of a problem if we know how to download it from a safe website and not falling into the fake files that can be found out there.

What can be done in Axie Infinity from iPhone?


With the application already installed, you will be able to do all the activities that can be done from Android or your Windows device. You will not have any kind of limitation, this is a point in favor of Sky Mavies that has been able to adapt its game to all types of devices.

The modes are the same, you can play from adventure mode, arena, raising Axies, etc. and take a look at the Marketplace and other features. Although the recommended way to breed and purchase Axies is to do it from the browser, the process is more intuitive.

Adventure mode

This is the most popular among Axie Infinity players to generate income in a "safe" way as the difficulty of this game mode is not as high as the arena mode. In addition to this, you can generate up to 50 SLP per daywith the new August update and opt for much more within the Task or arena mode.

In the adventure mode, you can earn both SLP and EXP, which you will need to level up your Axies and make them stronger on the battlefield. It is important to know your equipment well, and this is something that the adventure mode allows you to do, where you will be able to gain experience for your PVP battles.

The types of monsters and teams of enemy Axies that you can encounter in adventure mode vary greatly. This will allow you to try several strategies depending on the composition of the enemy team to know which one performs better. Each level has different rewards, as well as its difficulty, so it is common to have to replay levels in order to gain more EXP and tackle difficult levels in a better way.

Sand mode

The most exciting of all, but also the most difficult and in which we will test our skills against other players. In arena mode we will enter with our team of Axies to face rivals from all over the world. The games are 3v3 and the players exchange turns to apply their turns.

This game mode will provide you with different recompensas depending on what rank you are in, Axie Infinity has a ranking system. As a curious fact, you will be able to obtain rewards in AXS at the end of the season among the first 1,000 positions.

Axies breeding

Another way to generate income within the video game is with the breeding of AxiesIn this process you join 2 Axies to have a breeding and you can sell it or keep it in your team. Generally, until the 4th breeding process this becomes profitable, thereafter it may be a better option to buy an Axie directly from the store.

This methodology is widely used for people who give out grants, they give out kits with offspring they produced themselves and it is more economical. The only bad thing about this process is that you can't be 100% sure that Axie, with letters, body parts and characteristics will come out.

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