Can AXIE Infinity be played on multiple devices?

Can AXIE Infinity be played on multiple devices?

The rules given by the developers of the Axie Infinity game are not completely clear when translated into Spanish, therefore, the administrators are responsible every day to resolve doubts and / or questions corresponding to what the game is about. is allowed and to what is not allowed within the platform.

The most recommended way to really get to know the correct use The best way to find the real meaning of the account within the platform is to look for its true meaning in English with the help of a professional in the field of languages. Common translators are usually very unspecific in certain aspects, which will tend to confuse the user.

When a person creates an Axie Infinity account, he/she has access to the chats on the platform and can therefore be informed at any time he/she wishes. A detailed explanation was recently given regarding the rules to be followed and the reason for the banning of certain accounts.

Four main rules about Axies Infinity accounts that every player should know

First rule of Axie Infinity:

Yes two people have access to a same network and both are equipped with different devicesYou can play on both Axie Infinity accounts without breaking any laws or running the risk of being banned.

These devices can be either computers or telephones, depending on the user's case. The IP connection will in no way hinder users from logging into their personal accounts nor will it restrict the time they wish to connect.

Mainly this case can be applied to those places that are used as residences, where all tenants are connected to the same server. Therefore, each one can have a completely different and personal Axie account.

Second rule of Axie Infinity:

This is the rule that no one within the Axie universe should break for any reason, as it is the main cause of bans mass mailings that have been made in the previous days to a large number of Axies accounts.

A player can play only, solely and exclusively on one account, cannot maintain two accounts even if they are connected from different devices or even different Wi-Fi networks.

Users who are caught playing from two or more different accounts at the same time will have all their accounts banned, which currently lasts for five years. This rule can be modified over time, and it has even been announced on the platform that it can be extended completely, meaning that the user will never again have access to Axies or the account.

There are cases where players have started on the Axie Infinity platform with a "scholarship account", because for some reason they did not have the base capital, or simply did not wish to invest the required amount of money.

When the player determines to create a personal account and work it, he/she must release the "scholarship account", handing it back to its original owner, and waiting 24 hours before accessing your personal account from the device.

If the player continues to use both accounts, the developers will detect them and ban them, which will have negative consequences for both the owner of the "scholarship account" and the user who has invested in the new account.

In the event that the "scholarship account" is successfully delivered, but the user does not wait 24 hours to access their new account, the platform will identify this action as a breach of the rule and they will be banned.

If the "scholarship account" is not returned to the original owner, because the player wished to transfer it to a third party, this can have serious consequences, as the platform may identify the actions as suspicious and at some point the player may be banned.

When a user is banned, is expelled immediately by issuing an alert in the community about the incorrect actions being performed, the trust of the platform and its users is lost, in addition to losing the benefits that were offered.

For those people who believe they cannot be detected, the game as such measures every action of the user, the time given to think about each move, the way the buttons are used, the time it takes to move from one round to another, among other metrics used to know the user in depth. All this through artificial intelligence.

This should be observed primarily by people who are accustomed to use botswhich is not allowed within the Axie Infinity game, as the platform will detect repeated actions in the same way for a very long period of time generating a ban.

There are many users caught in this series of acts, whose accounts have been banned, the information has been transmitted by the platform to be an example to other users. Even up to 70 accounts belonging to the same user, which were managed through bots, have been seized.

Third rule of Axie Infinity:

A player can have an account of Axie Infinity in two devices different regardless of the reason for which he/she wants to perform this action. For example, the user opens the account on the computer, and for easier access to it, opens it on the phone.

This is completely legal and you would not be doing anything that would require a ban. You are also allowed to have both devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Fourth rule of Axie Infinity:

It is completely allowed that two people share a common Axie Infinity account, as long as they play only from that account. This will not be altered by the location or distance between these two individuals.

Both can belong to completely different regions or countries and access the account that is being shared without inflicting any rules.

The user of this platform must be careful when handling it, it is not right to abuse the benefits it offers but on the contrary, thank you, enjoy the game and win the right thing. This is the duty of a responsible citizen with rules and values.

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