Can AXIE Infinity be played without power?

Can AXIE Infinity be played without power?

Axie Infinity platform, works like a game lucrative that rewards its users for the work they do. The earnings and the time to be invested in it is completely defined by the user.

It basically consists of adopting and/or raising pets called Axies, which can be sold, exchanged or placed to play within the different areas of the video game. The Axies will belong to the user and it will be up to him/her to do what he/she wants to do with them, the platform will not be able to intervene on any action regarding them, as long as the user complies with the determined rules.

The Axies have different qualities depending on the function they perform, summarizing the different classes that are found, we can group them in two ways, the Axies defenders (also called tanks) and the Axies of attack.

The main difference between them derives from the great resistance presented by tanks, as attackers are easier to destroy. And the large amount of damage that attacking Axies can cause on the opposing team, while tanks do not greatly diminish the strength of the enemy.

All Axies accounts have a certain amount of energy, this will depend on the number of pets present in an account, including both adults and eggs. Users who contain in their 3 a 9 Axies, they will be able to store up to 20 energies. Where every 4 hours 5 energies will be recharged to the account.

In the case of users who have a certain number of Axies between 10 y 19may store up to 40 energies. These people will have a recharge of 5 energies every 3 hours.

If the player contains more than 20 Axies in your account, you can store a total of 60 energyrecovering 5 energies after 2 hours. This will give the user the possibility of reaching a higher number of SLP, among other advantages that are obtained depending on the zone in which the user chooses to play.

How to use energy correctly on the Axie platform

The correct use of this energy could bring the user remarkable advantages within the platform, in the case of new players, it is recommended that they first enter the adventure mode to better understand the game and develop their skills.

When a player reaches level 25, his Axies will have enough experience to enter the arena mode. This will be very beneficial since most of their games will end in victory for the user.

The energy of an account can be used either to play the adventure mode or to play the arena mode. In both levels you spend 1 energy per game, regardless of whether the player wins, loses or draws in the game. After the game has started, this energy will have been used without retribution.

Apart from this, in both modes you can play with or without energy, that is where the difference lies, the benefits that the player will get by having energy, are different from the ones he will get by not having energy.

Adventure Mode:

When the user enters the adventure mode having energy, the player will gain experience. (EXP) in addition to the SLP that are given to him. In case the player enters this mode without energy, he will only get experience for the Axies.

In each game the player will receive a total of 3 energies and 3 cards per roundHowever, this does not mean that it is completely negative for the user to play without energy, in case he wants to quickly raise the levels of his Axies to obtain more experience, he can do so without waiting for energy recharges.

Arena mode:

When the player wins or draws the game in the arena mode, he/she obtains SLP y trophiesWhen the user loses the game he can also lose trophies. In the case that the player does not have energy when entering a game, he will not win any SLP, but he can win or lose trophies depending on the result and the progress of the game.

The arena mode will only get 2 energies and 3 cards by rounds as opposed to the previous mode. Depending on the goals the player wishes to achieve, he can determine whether or not it is convenient to play without energy.

For those users who are completely dedicated to SLP farming, it is necessary to observe the amount of energy they have on a daily basis, since the amount of SLP they store will depend on it.

One of the main strategies used mostly by farm managers is to provide their grantees with three main Axies to play with and seven eggs, remembering that for the platform the eggs count as normal Axies.

This allows the grantee to generate a greater amount of SLP, which will mutually benefit both individuals.

Likewise, those users who start with their own accounts have been in charge of reproducing their Axies regardless of their genetics, in order to have a greater number of Axies, whether they are purebred or not.

Even these Axies can have a very low selling price in the market but, as this is not a highlight for the player since their purpose is not reproduction but SLP farming, they still support the reproduction of Axies at their convenience.

It should be noted that those players who dedicate themselves mainly to the reproduction and sale of Axies, cannot use this strategy in your account, as it does not support your purpose.

Axie's world is one of the best games to win money in a completely legal and safe way, with a stable and very easy to use wallet that values all the effort dedicated by the users. The platform is constantly monitored to present improvements to users, in addition to enforcing the established rules.

You just have to know the right way to play and make the most of the advantages depending on the purpose determined by the user.

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