What is the chain in AXIE Infinity?

One of the most important leaps that Axie Infinity has made since its creation was the implementation of a new fully proprietary Blockchain. This change of chain was a great help for all its players, now commissions will not be a recurring problem. In the following article we are going to detail everything about the new Axie Infinity chain.

Previously Axie Infinity was hosted at the Ethereum networkThis was a cost for each operation carried out within the game. But this is no longer the case, it was implemented Ronin and it is the best decision you can make. If you want to know what Ronin is, how it works, advantages and much more information, stay with us.

What is Ronin? The new Axie Infinity chain

Axie infinity chain

In the introduction we talked to you about what it is to be Roninthis is the new Blockchain on which the game will be hosted. Ronin is a proprietary network invented by the same creators of Axie InfinitySky Mavis, the first news of this chain was launched on December 24, 2020.

The new chain is prepared to accommodate all transactions that are related to Axie InfinityThe user is able to use Axie Infinity, from buying and selling, breeding, AXS and even Lands. This saves the user the tedious (and costly) process of depositing in Axie Infinity and making transactions within it.

The chain is backed by of large companies related to the world of cryptocurrencies and with authority in the field. Such is the case of Binance, Ubisoft, NonFungible.com, Animoca, Makes and Sparq. All the detailed information will be provided later in the article.

Created by the same creators of Axie Infinitythe chain was custom tailored to meet the needs of players. We find ourselves with effective block creation and validation, which are a thousand times cheaper than block trades made on the Ethereum network.

The Price Oracles update will be much more efficient and in real time. In the same way, all the assets that were in the Ethereum wallet can be transferred to Ronin without any problem. We can transfer our Axies, SLP, AXS and other tokens that we had in the game.

See implemented and removed certain block validatorsIn this decision we have almost no information, but no one knows better the operation of its chain than the creators themselves.

With all these changes that were implemented, Axie Infinity users are immensely grateful for the change. There is a chain that meets all expectations and does not make the Ethereum network strange, and above all, an economic benefit for each player.

Authorities supporting the project

The project of the Ronin wallet was supported by great authorities in the world of cryptocurrencies, so this project was not an odyssey. From the beginning, several companies that wanted to participate in what would become Axie Infinity were involved. As the game progressed, they were also involved in implementing its new blockchain "Ronin" and give the support they gave from the beginning.

Binance was one of the first to support this project, we know that from the beginning Binance enabled all the tokens of the game in its marketplace. This greatly favored the economy of the game and the ease with which more players were joining. Binance was one of the main bridges for exchanging currencies for in-game tokens or ETH for buy inside Axie Infinity.

The fact that NonFungible.com decided to support the project was also a great impact for the platform. For those who do not know this company, it is somewhat similar to CoinMarketCap, each in its own market, of course. The importance of this incorporation lies in the neutrality and impartiality they present when presenting any crypto project.

The partnership with Ubisoft was given since the beginning of the game, without the support of this company the game would have been very different. It is excellent news that Ubisoft is still standing behind the game and its new "Ronin" blockchain, a calming news without any doubt. And finally Sparq, a company that doesn't stand out much but was always a supporter of Axie Infinity.

With the support of these companies, the launch of Ronin was supported and with a much more prepared elaboration than if the company was walking alone. This type of gesture is appreciated by large companies supporting small entrepreneurial projects.

Support for the new world of non-fungible tokens is something that is revolutionizing the world, every day we begin to see more and more of these types of movements. And having the backing of major investors and authorities in the field is undoubtedly encouraging for all creators.

Benefits of the new Axie Infinity chain

If we make a small balance of all the information presented in this article, we will find a very big leap on the part of the company. They went from depending on the network of a third party for their transactions to to have one of its own of better quality and adapted to the videogame.

The benefit that stands out most at first glance will be the savings on commissions that were previously presented on the Ethereum network. As each Axie is a non-fungible token with the ERC-721 protocol it had to be processed by the Ethereum network for each transaction to be performed. The commissions were all over the place, from depositing into the game, raising an Axie, registering your wallet, etc.

The loss of money along the way was mainly due to the exchange between so many platforms, from MetaMask, Binance and the Axie Infinity Walletall went through the Ethereum network. At this point a good percentage of money was lostTherefore, your initial investment had to be higher in order for an acceptable amount of money to reach your Axie Infinity wallet.

In addition, the process is more efficient and cost effective within Axie Infinity. The following will be coming new updates to its portfolio that promise to further enhance the experience.

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