How to play Axie Infinity for free

How to play Axie Infinity for free

If you don't currently have an adequate budget to start playing Axie Infinity, then let us tell you that it's not the end for you to enter this amazing world, which is generating big profits to all its users, so pay attention as we will even talk about many things that are on the way.

The first option is to get a scholarship, you can get them with a person who is investing in the game as such by buying some Axies (creating an account), this person must know very well how volatile are the cryptocurrency markets, because even the SLP and AXS may be adversely affected by some news items.

The upside of Axie Infinity is that you can raise axies (they are also cryptocurrencies) and as the game gains more value the axies also cost more, so while investors don't want or can't use the axies, they can lend them to other people so they can generate money with them and both parties acquire a benefit that we will explain in detail.

Many people nowadays decide to give grants because they understand the potential of the game, and also because they want to help various people whether they are known or not to earn a good income to cope with their economic situation, no matter where they are located or their age.

Currently, there is talk that it will be possible to enter the game and play it without the need to investThe function of this update would be for those people who wish to know the game and know how much profit they will get if they invest in it.

Scholarships at Axie Infinity

This topic is very popular in Youtube videos, telegram and discord, as several groups are created where gather people interested in providing scholarships and others to work. The advantage of gambling scholarships is that more people get into the game and it adds value to the game, which benefits everyone who is in the game.

The earnings usually vary if you are a scholarship holder because it is according to the criteria that the investors manage, commonly people work with a 50% of earnings for the investor and 50% for the scholarship holder, this usually increases depending on the performance of the scholarship holder, but we repeat that it is at the discretion of the person who gave you the scholarship.

At the time of to acquire a scholarship it is essential that you take good care of it and do not get it banned because you are working with someone else's money, remember that an axie equipment is currently not at all cheap, and that the person who is providing you with the scholarship does not want to lose his money.

How to obtain a scholarship?

Now we come to what everyone wants to know, if you want to have a scholarship you must start by study the game as soon as possible to show the grantee that you can perform well once you are already playing, remember to stand out from the thousands of other people who are looking for scholarships all over the place.

There are investors who raffle scholarships through social networks, while others take this issue very seriously, and ask you to fill out forms and then interview you via zoom calls, in order to confirm that you are an honest person and that you will not give them a hard time and end up banning their account.

To stand out from other people and thus end up getting a scholarship is a good idea. participate in discord or telegram channels This helps them to know that you have the availability of time, interest and above all the general knowledge to start playing as soon as possible.

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