How much does it cost to breed an AXIE Infinity?

Axie Infinity has grown too much in recent times, the new incorporation of a large number of players has resulted in a price increase in many areas. In the case of Axies breedingThe price has also gone up, and we are going to explain everything in detail in this article.

The best time of the game is being seen right now, with an exponential increase of players and turnover, more and more investors are joining every day. If you want to know how much it costs to raise an Axie as of today, if it's a good time to get in and how much a complete kit costs you, read on.

What influences the price of raising an Axie?

How much does it cost to breed an AXIE Infinity?

First of all, we need to know how the increase in players and turnover of the game affects the price increase. Basically, every time you win AXS and SLP for the breeding of the AxiesThe cryptocurrency is being burned, i.e., it is taken out of circulation. This generates a conditional scarcity effect and causes less and less of it to exist, the less supply and the greater demand, the more price increases.

And it is amazing that the game in the month of July can generate up to 500,000,000$ in Marketplace revenue. This means that every day, a huge number of products are purchased and sold AxiesThis means that the demand for Axies hatchlings is quite high. Comparing that in 2 years of its existence 1 million Axies were bred, and that in the last few weeks another million have been bred, we see an exponential increase in this number.

Now, if we perform a small calculation we can realize that the AXS and SLP burning is being massively increased by the number of Axies bred. This directly affects the breeding pricein addition to a change implemented by Axie Infinity itself, of raising the breeding price at 4 AXS compared to the old 2 AXS.

Knowing what affects the price and how it can be altered by player growth and the amount of Axies bred, we can start making calculations.

How much does it cost to raise an Axie?

For the breeding process we will need several elements, with their respective price, let's detail them one by one and at the end we will make a balance. Let's start with the most basic, the parents of that Axie.

In the event that the Axie's parents have never bred and are virgin, the process will be much more economical than if they have already had them. Currently, the cheapest Axies with a normal degree of purity can cost you about minimum 400$ and around 550$, so that a pair of Axies can easily reach the 800$. This is an initial expense, now let's go to the SLP and AXS to be spent for the breeding process.

Once we have our two Axies ready to breed, we will need to SLP (Smooth Love Poison) in particular we will need 150 SLP for each parent, i.e. 300SLP in total. If we take into account the current SLP value of 0,28991$ and multiply it by 300, we will have a total of 86,97$. That would be the amount for a couple of virgin Axies.

Now, let's go to the AXS that must be spent for the breeding process, in particular, we will need 4 of these. AXS has a current value of 26,89$, if we multiply by 4 we will have a total of 107,56$. This is the average that will be spent on the first breeding of virgin Axies, now let's go with the average balance and a small list for other cases.

Taking the 86,97$ average cost per SLP and the 107,56$ average cost of AXS for Axie breeding, we will have as cost total about 190$ for the first of two adult Axies. This number will increase depending on the number of times that Axie has reproduced.

The price for each offspring that an adult Axie has is higher than 20% on average from the previous breeding process, i.e., if the first cost 190$ the next one will cost approximately 230$. This number will be updated depending on the fluctuation with both the SLP and AXS. Okay, now for the million dollar question.Is it profitable to breed Axies in Axie Infinity??

Is it profitable to breed Axies in Axie Infinity?

Completely, let's know that our investment will be of about 800$ for the first pair of Axies, from which we will be able to to raise up to 4 offspring and still be profitable. From this number it becomes unsustainable if your Axie does not have attributes or a special race, let's use the calculator a little.

Knowing that an average Axie sells between 400$ and 500$ and we can get up to 4 Axies. We can obtain between 1600$ and 2000$ with the total sale of these Axies, and in total we will have spent about 1400$, This is for the most basic case, where an Axie cannot go above the 500$ price.

If you have a pair of Axies with good market valueThe cost of breeding them will be more expensive and the price of reproducing them will be the same, this means a higher profit margin. If you have Axies parents valued at 1000$, you will be able to sell the offspring for that same average price, now if they come out with nice numbers, right?

The entire breeding process it is profitable as long as we do not exceed 4 offspring per pair, from then on the price rises a lot and it can be a bad investment. Now, take into account that the price for the 2 parent Axies will not be lost, because you will be able to continue using them in adventure and arena mode, at the end of the breeding period you will have about 6 Axies for the purpose you want.

We recommend that you invest in the game as soon as possible before prices rise any higher than they are, the sooner you get into the market, the better. more profit margin you will have in the future. For the next year, it is estimated that approximately 10,000,000 Axies will be bred in total, which would mean a terrible increase in price.

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