How to breed Axies in Axie Infinity

How to breed Axies in Axie Infinity

The game that is on everyone's lips because of its great mechanics, fun adventures, great combat and, most of all, because you can make money. AXIE Infinity is the trending game right now, and one of its main mechanics is the Axies breedingThis will allow you to generate income if you do it correctly and consistently.

In this article you are going to learn everything about Axies breedingas in real life, they can be raised as pets. Detailed information can be found here, how much it costs, how to see the breed, how many times I can mating Axiesamong other things. Continue reading.

Breeding in Axie Infinity - Important Data

As we have been detailing in the introduction, the Axies breeding is similar to breeding any pet in the real world. You can use two Axies adults to cross them and obtain offspring with similar characteristics, you can keep these offspring for your team or sell them in the market and get a profit. economic benefit.

With regard to the mating conditions that a mating Axieare limited, as in the real world. If they were not limited, we would have an overpopulation of Axies and, therefore, a devaluation.

The Axies adults a maximum of 7 timesand for each time it mates, the price of mating will go up. The price is calculated in SLP (Small Love Potions) and has a fixed fee of 0.002 ETH. This price varies depending on the number of matings, as the number of matings will increase. SLP. The cost of the network fee must also be taken into account. Ethereum

The Axies breeding costs 150 Small Love Potions / SLP in their first reproductive cycle, i.e. 300 SLP for the first breeding of both adults. This price increases depending on the number of matings of both.

If you wish to mate a Axie for the 6th time, it will cost you 1950 SLP, as it is a couple, the total is 3900SLP. A figure that at this point is insurmountable, because it is more expensive to mate Axies than any offspring can ever generate, but the first few matings are the most important.

The Axies Origin and MEO have the advantage that they do not require SLPThey can only mate 7 times, they are rare to get, but if you find them you have a gold mine.

Is it profitable to breed Axies?

It is definitely a good business if you know how to implement it and you keep the investment margin, because in the market we have Axies virgins with a price cap of 0.01 ETH. If you do the math, you will realize that it is 5 times more than the 0.002 required to breed an Axie, it is a profitable business in the long run. Similar to animal husbandry in real life, where if you know how to keep them breeding and sell them at a good price, profits pour in.

Now, a very important detail, the SLP or love potions, they are tokens, so you can exchange them in a decentralized Exchange such as Uniswap. This token can be exchanged for ETH whenever you want and without any special process. To exchange SLP the process is similar to any crypto exchange.

How genetics works in Axie Infinity

The genetics at Axie is quite complex if you do not have the necessary knowledge, the fun of this game is that it resembles reality. In each Axie we can find 6 parameters depending on their gene typewe find ourselves with the dominant, the recessive and the recessive minor. These are identified as D, R1 and R2 respectively.

The easiest way to identify the dominant gene which has a Axie is by looking at his body, the physical appearance is affected by his dominant gene. The chances of Axie's offspring receiving one of these genes has a certain percentage depending on which gene it is.

For the dominant gene we have a probability of 37,5% the offspring will receive it.

For the recessive gene the probability is 9,75% that the offspring receive it

For the recessive minor we have a 3,125% of probability that the gene will be passed to the offspring.

Calculators are available to see what type of Axie you can get if you mix the dominant gene of the two adult Axie. An incredible tool if you want to predict what is most likely to happen.

Classes at the Axies

The class system is really simple, it is a 50/50 chance that the offspring go out with one of their parents' classes. That is, if they come together Axies Aquatics and BeastsIf both Axies share the same class, the baby will not be an exception. In the event that both Axies share the class, the baby will be no exception.

Different types of breeding

There are different reasons for breeding Axiesand the purpose also varies. Players can breed Axies for use as fighters on their battlefield. They can be guided by some kind of Axie that is needed in your team to empower this hatchling with your type of skills, such as a tank.

Or they can also be bred Axies that are aesthetically pleasing and only looking for a quick sale. In any of the two cases, it is not bad, the breeding is up to the user to decide and to have a goal for this as well.

Final details you should know

In some events that performs Axie Infinity are often given as gifts mystical parts and parts of special events. These can be added to our Axies to give them added value, as they are unique objects, their value will increase.

But remember, you must be attentive to complete the missions and be active within the game whenever there are events of this style. Your Axies and, above all, your wallet will thank you.

The breeding process is really shortHere it is not like in real life. The maximum time that an Axie can last to reach its adult stage is 5 days, the first 3 days it is a larva, then it becomes a hatchling and finally an adult when it reaches the adult stage. 5th day.

As an adult you can sell it or use it in battle.

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