What is debuff in AXIE?

What is debuff in AXIEs

Definitely the Axie status modifiers show us the state of the Axie after being attacked. It consists of the perception that we have of small icons that appear on the head of our Axies or the Axies of the attacker. In general terms they are negative and positive effects that tend to appear in battles better known as buff and debuff in Axie.

Currently there are about 16 state modifiers of which 3 affect positively and 13 negatively. On this occasion we will emphasize the 13 debuffs that negatively affect your digital pet in Axie InfinityWhy do you need to know them? They are necessary to be attentive in each battle to the different modifications that our Axies may have during the attack.

You have a possible alert on your Axie and you must trigger it, this is the best way to see the state modifications. The debuffs give you visibility of the state of your Axie according to different effects.

Negative effects change the behavior of AxiesFor example: a card with a fear effect can be applied and prevent the affected Axie from attacking for a limited time. On the other hand, a scent effect attracts all attacks towards the Axie that presents it. You can see how the negative effects or better called debuff, significantly alter every detail and decrease attacks by up to 20%.

Debuffs: negative status effects

Highlighting that there are 13 effects or modifications of negative states, we will show you the names and their effect in Axies:

Icon Name Description
Aroma Effect that consists of attracting all attacks to a given Axie, all in a period of time.
Attack Down Special to lower the opponent's attack to 20%. In addition to them, it can pile on the next turn.
Fear This negative effect leaves the affected Axie without attack. Only for a period of time.
Chill This effect prevents the Axie from entering Last Stand for a specific time.
Fragile Effect that allows the affected Axie's shield to receive double the damage.
Lethal It can be considered a powerful blow against the Axie that is already affected.
Jinx Disables the affected Axie without allowing him to hit with powerful blows.
Poison An effect that can accumulate is that the affected Axie will lose 2 Hp for each action it performs.
Sleep In the next attack this effect will allow the shields to be ignored.
Morale Down Helps lower the enemy Axie's morale, can be up to 20% and can be accumulated.
Speed Down Ideal for slowing your opponent down to 20%. It can also accumulate.
Stench This effect allows the Axie to be ignored, there must be two or more targets. It only lasts for a certain time.
Stun This effect consists in that the next attack misses and then the next attack ignores the shields. It can last until the Axie uses another card.

Importance of debuffs for defense or offense

Considering that they can work to counter attack or boost defense, their importance is very relevant. The moves can change once you are in the battle, but certainly these debuffs will bring a lot when you want to attack the opponent..

Know each status change will allow you to be more agile in making decisions during battles.The debuffs are essential to save or protect your Axies from powerful attacks and to improve the quality of the game. Debuffs are indispensable for winning strategies to be more accurate. Getting them is part of the journey and knowing how to use them is the winning option.

Remember that there are many considerations to take into account before playing Axie Infinity. While we have 13 debuffs necessary to know before playing, it is also important to remember buffs, energy levels or speed.. Considering also its 4 attributes that will accompany you to take care and fight with your Axies during the whole journey.

Knowing our Axies and playing cards well will allow us to respond quickly and concisely to possible negative status modifiers.

Main objective of debuffs

We certainly want to do everything we can to weaken the offense and maintain the defense, maximizes the possibility of eliminating the opposing team's Axies by counteracting their attacks and responding in a more lethal way. Each effect is suitable for agile plays, take care of your Axies in front of your opponent's attacks.

Each game has a time duration of about 60 seconds, keeping an eye on the details will help you, remember to always watch the icons that appear over the heads of your Axies and be prepared for a possible response.

Debuffs as the game's finishing touch

If you do not pay attention you will be facing a total elimination of your Axies, we have left the most interesting aspects of each negative effect next to the essential icon of each one. Remember that in some cases the effects only last for an exact period of time.while in others such effects may be cumulative.

The percentages are also important, be attentive when we subtract percentages of attributes that can weaken us even more in battle. Otherwise it is time to play and win with Axie Infinity.

You have at your disposal a wide variety of Axies to choose 3 and start playing. If you have a cryptocurrency portfolio you can start by investing a small amount of Ethereum in Axies, even without playing you have a digital asset stored.


Like any other video game, you can determine to start the game adventure mode to increase your income and, at the same time, get to know the tools you have at your disposal. Once familiarized you can start with the PvP mode and use the best debuffs..

Remember that your Axies will always be an investment and will grow with each play.. Some dedicate between 4 to 5 hours a day for 5 days and their monthly results are substantial.

In the not too distant future you will enter the world of owning Axies worth hundreds of dollars, although it is certainly not a game for everyone, many focus their trading ideas with Axie Infinity achieving extraordinary results.

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