Energy in Axie Infinity: how to use it well

Within Axie Infinity we must attach vital importance to the energyThis system is essential when you start playing. It must be used intelligently so that you can get the most out of your hours of play. If you wish to know how to use energy well in Axie Infinity stay with us.

In this article we will explain what energy is, how much energy you can have, where to spend it, when to spend it and tips on how to earn more money.. All this and much more information throughout this article, do not miss one of the most important factors when earning money in Axie Infinity.

What is energy in Axie Infinity?

Energy in Axie Infinity: how to use it well

Most likely you have heard of this concept of energy within many other games. Basically it is the amount of opportunities we have to play certain levels or perform certain actions. Within Axie Infinity, this energy will dictate that we can win SLP/EXP within the adventure mode or arena mode.

It is important to know how to manage it within our first few days to generate the best possible income from it. In adventure mode, having energy guarantees an additional EXP bonus for our Axies. This is quite striking, because the more energy, the higher the level of our Axies and therefore the more EXP we will have.the faster the farming process will be.

In Axie Infinity we have parameters that dictate the amount of energy we will have available. If you have less than 9 Axies, your energy will be 20 on a daily basis.. The more Axies you have, the higher the number of Axies will increase. But as we know that most of you are just starting and do not have more than 9 Axies, we will give examples with that amount.

Within the sand modeenergy will be of great help to us to win SLP in case of every win. But, at the start of the game we should not focus on arena mode victories, our main focus should be on playing the adventure mode. Ideally, we should have our Axies at a good level in the adventure mode to the point that we no longer require EXP to continue advancing.

How to use energy during the first days in Axie Infinity

To start our adventure inside Axie Infinity we must be very clear about our level and what we must do when we start. We can not start in Axie Infinity and at once go to the arena mode and expect to be dominant. Because unfortunately it will not be like that, there are players of great level and with experience in the arena.

The first thing you should do when you start Axie Infinity is to make good use of your 20 daily energies to achieve EXP in adventure mode. The best thing to do is to advance level by level in the adventure mode without too much haste, remember that you have to take the time to get to know your Axies well. Don't worry if you lose, it's part of the process and any defeat can help your growth process.

In adventure mode we have to reach at least level 20 spending all our daily energies. We must do it until we can pass that level without much complication and in a short time, when you earn enough, you will be ready. If you wish you can complete the entire adventure mode to achieve the maximum level of your Axies and farm faster.

Once we manage to pass this level without problems, we proceed to spend our 20 daily energies within the arena mode. This way you can earn a good amount of SLP for each victory you get in this mode. From then on, it is recommended to first spend your 20 energy in the arena mode and then move on to the adventure mode.

How much can we earn in Axie Infinity by using energy well?

Before giving any figures on the amount of money that can be earned if we manage to use our energy correctly, we must understand that this goes in steps. When you enter the game we must go step by step with the issue of pharma and earnings.The result is that everything will be more efficient afterwards.

When you start with your Axies, it is possible that the gleaning process within the adventure mode will take you between 3 and 5 hours to achieve the 100 SLP per day. This will increase in efficiency thanks to the EXP gained for our Axies, being more powerful we will finish the levels faster. With the passage of time, after 1 month and a little more, we can farm that amount in a half or full hour.

The important thing here is to know how to optimize the whole process of in-game farming in order to be able to go achieving SLPs faster. In Arena mode it depends solely on you and the rank you have in the leaderboard. The average daily SLP that you can earn if you spend your 20 energy in arena mode will be about 60 SLP.

In adventure mode the limit is 100 SLP per day and you can add the 50 you will make in the tasks section if you complete 10 levels in adventure and 5 battles won in arena. To get this efficiently you must use your energy well at the beginning of the game and the process will be much more enjoyable than if you try to win all your battles at once in arena mode or by spending energy intermittently.

This translates to a monthly profit of about 6,000 SLP if you manage to do it correctly. You should check the cost of the SLP at the time to calculate specifically how much it is in US dollars, currently it is about 1.200$.

The importance of playing adventure mode with energy

One of the main requirements to stand out as an Axie Infinity player in the arena mode is to have the patience to play the adventure mode constantly. We know that this mode is not as exciting as a PVP battle against another player with his own equipment and strategy. But, you will go down a lot in rank if you dedicate yourself only to PVP, this translates to less SLP earned.

Within the adventure mode we will have many battles with our team of Axies, we can experiment with formations of the team. The recommended formation in Axie Infinity and in other strategy games will always be tank in front, Support in the middle and DPS in the back. This would be the right formation to win a battle, but as you know, it is strategy and can be varied.

Another thing you will learn in the adventure mode will be the card combos you have with your Axies. You can learn which cards go best in your hand, when to cast them, when to let your Axie die, when to pass the turn and other aspects of this strategy game. You can also learn which cards to use to complement and improve quality of the equipment.

With all the knowledge acquired through experience in adventure mode, you can improve your PVP battles and be prepared for different situations. An important detail, when you play adventure, your Axies have a certain level, the higher they go the stronger they become. This does not apply to arena mode, all Axies have the same level and this makes everything more balanced, so do not confuse both game modes.

There are many strategies Depending on the levels you pass in the adventure mode, you will learn which levels will give you EXP and SLP. Depending on what you require first, farm one or the other, we recommend you to farm EXP at the beginning to improve the level of your Axies.

This would be all the information you need to know about the energy in Axie Infinity and how to use it Remember to be patient during the first days and spend it all in the adventure mode, which will bring you good economic benefits.

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