How are Axies sent in Axie Infinity?

If we want to send an Axie in Axie Infinity for another Ronin wallet, either our own or a third party's, we can do it for free. This process is quite simple and you can learn all the steps in this article, from how to send them and other details you should know.

Yes you want to send an Axie you should know that you can to send adult Axies or Axie eggsThere is no problem and no extra cost. The vast majority of Axie shipments are made for scholarship accounts or scholarships awarded by the Axie Infinity community.

How are Axies sent in Axie Infinity?

What do we need to send Axies?

The requirements for send an Axie from your wallet to another Ronin wallet are a short list and most of them are recommendations and points to keep in mind. The first thing we must have is clearly an Axie that we want to send, this can be in egg form or already adult. Remember to always keep a minimum of 3 Axies when sending the gift, so you can continue playing without problems.

We need the address of the Ronin wallet to which we will send the AxieThis can be easily requested from the third party, just access the extension and copy the address. Or if you have the Ronin account yourself, as in the case of the scholarship award, copy the Ronin address from that account.

One mistake you should watch out for is trying to circumventing the Axie Infinity energy systemMany people have wanted to send Axies when they run out of energy to continue playing on another account. This is reason for banning and should not be done, sending/gifting Axies should be done only when the Axie will remain a good period of time on the other account. So be very careful with this and don't lose your account and the money you have invested because you want to play live.

Steps to follow to send an Axie in Axie Infinity

Now that this is clear, we can begin with the procedure of how to send an Axie in Axie Infinityfollow the steps below.

  • The first thing to do is to log in to your Axie Infinity account via the browser page. Log in with MetaMask or your Ronin Wallet, either of the two options.
  • When we log in we will be directed to the Axie Infinity home page, here we can see our available tokens and other information. The section we are interested in is the "Inventory" section located on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the "Axies" section and click on the Axie you wish to send, this can be an adult or an egg.
  • By clicking on the Axie we will be taken to a page containing all its information. Here we can see its statistics, characteristics, cards, genes, etc. At the top we can see the "Gift"right next to "Sell". Click there.
  • Now it will show us a form where we must enter the Ronin address to which the Axie will be sent. Copy the recipient's Ronin address and paste it there.
  • When we have pasted the address, we wait a few seconds and the address will appear next to the user name of the owner. This way we confirm that we are sending it to the correct person.
  • Check the box that appears just below and click on Gift to continue with the process.
  • A pop-up menu will be opened by Ronin Wallet, where we can see the details of the transaction and the commission to be paid. In this case, the commission is 0, since it is one of the free processes thanks to the implementation of Ronin Wallet.
  • After verifying the shipment details, click on confirm and you are done. The Axie has been sent successfully.

If you followed the steps correctly, the Axie should disappear from your inventory in a couple of seconds and appear on the other account. As you could see, the steps are very simple and can be performed by anyone. If you wish to send more AxiesThe process is the same, you will only need the recipient's Ronin address, a positive point is that there is no commission.

Why are Axies given away or shipped?

Knowing the simple process of sending an Axie, we can begin to break down this topic and learn about its functionality. For many people it is strange to think of giving away such an expensive token as an Axie, but at least you will be giving away 500$. The reason is very simple, the majority of the cases are scholarships.

These scholarships are accounts created by a person with a good level of capital who wishes to invest in the game for multiple accounts. For each account will send an Axies team or those he sees necessary for another person (the grantee) to work with the account and generate profits. This method is very famous nowadays and is what is driving the game the most.

The benefits of giving a scholarship at Axie Infinity are shared between the two parties.In all senses of the word, the first example is earnings. The daily winnings generated in the game by a person who is on scholarship can be up to 200 SLP per day on average. In most scholarships the winnings are split 50/50 between both parties.

Another benefit is the possibility that a person without capital, but with knowledge of the game, can play and experience Axie Infinity. In addition to this, the grantor will be able to generate more earnings in the same amount of time. Most commonly, this person will generate income in his or her main account and over time, receive benefits from your scholarship accounts.

Axies are given away or sent this way because it is much cheaper in every way. Remember that the process of depositing ETH to an Axie Infinity account can charge a lot in fees. With this method you can send Axies without having to go through that whole process.

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