Axies Type Guide

Axies Type Guide

Within the ecosystem of Axie Infinity we can find a great variety of Axies, each one with its own different qualities and characteristics. It is important to know each of these to have a competitive advantage over our rivals. If you are interested in learning all about Axie types, stay with us.

There are currently 9 types of Axies in Axie Infinity6 of these are common breeds and the other 3 are rare. Throughout this article, we will be detailing all of them, their characteristics and aspects you should be aware of. Read on to learn more the complete guide to Axies types.

What types of Axies are there?

There are currently 9 types of Axies within the NFT video game, each one has strengths and weaknesses against the other. That is to say, there are certain types that are strong against another class and vice versa, getting to make a 15% of additional damage or by receiving it. That is why it is important to know them, to know how to play according to your opponent.

Let's take a look at all the existing classes in Axie Infinity.

Aquatic type:

This type of Axies are also known as fish, their great strength is their speed and attack. They are used as DPSas well as the birds.

The great advantage of this class is its speed and that it has a HP somewhat higher than the bird classes. For each card the Axie has of the same class, it will gain 3 points of speed and 1 of HP, a good advantage for an Axie with a good percentage of purity.

If you have an Axie of aquatic type, you will be strong against beasts, bugs and mechanics. On the other side you will be weak to plant, reptiles and dusk. It is important to know this in order to apply a more daring or conservative strategy against an opponent with one of these Axies.

Among its features, we find a base of 39 HP, 39 speed, 35 skill, 27 morale. This statistic is average and will depend on the level of purity and its parents.

This type of Axies due to its balanced characteristics can be used as off-tank if it is carried with defense and regeneration cards, as it has good HP. Although the most common way to use him is as a DPSbeing a great attacker capable of taking down teams from backdoor. Depending on his cards and attributes he will perform better in one position or another.

Beast type:

This type of Axie is one of the most versatile in the game, in its role of Support or DPS can perform well. The great strength of these Axies is their morale level, which allows them to cause high critical damage.

Since your cards can be very varied, it can work as a Support to boost your DPS and Tank. Also, you can have cards that have a great offensive potential and exceed 300 damage, to function as a DPS. In addition to this, you must take into account the ability to put in critics that it has, which is undoubtedly its hallmark.

For each card of the same type that this Axie has, he/she will be raised by 3 points of morale and 1 of speed. If you are going to choose a beast type for your team, make sure that it has a good percentage of purity, this will guarantee a good chance of critical round after round.

Among its features we find 31 HP, 35 speed, 31 skill, 43 morale. These statistics can increase or decrease depending on the purity and their parents, they are the basis of each beast type.

The beast types are strong against dusk, plant and reptile types. On the other hand, they are weak to aquatics, birds and dawn. Carrying them can be a risk if the opposing team has a good DPS bird or fish.

Bird type:

The most widely used type of DPS in the game due to its strong attacking power and the cards that it can possess. Its great strength lies in its speed and its attack, which makes it one of the best classes for DPS in the game.

For each bird type card that the Axie has, it will raise 3 points of speed and 1 of morale. It can be a great advantage to start attacking first and strike the first blow with authority in any PVP duel.

The basic attributes of this type of bird are 27 HP, 43 speed, 35 skill, 35 morale. Depending on the purity of your Axie, this may increase or decrease, the important thing is that you can increase the speed points as much as possible.

The best way to carry the bird type is as a DPSis an Axie with a good potential to be an attacker. If you have good cards, you can get to add up to 400 damage to the enemy team, you should always analyze this before buying a bird type. Don't focus so much on the HP, as they are Axies focused on attackThe tank will be in charge of the defense.

The bird type has a strength against beast types, bugs and mechanics. They are weak against reptiles, plants and dusk. Be careful with the enemy team's plant-like tanks.

Bug/insect type:

This type of Axies is being used very little in the game, it is not an Axie that is among the best. His cards are more of a smart to playdue to the debuffs applicable to the opposing team.

Each bug type card you have will grant you 3 points of morale and 1 of HP. But you should not look so much at their level of attack or defense, but rather at their ability to directly harm the opponent.

The basic characteristics of this type of Axies are as follows 35 HP, 31 speed, 35 skill, 39 morale. An Axie with good levels in each of the points, but undoubtedly its strength should be in the cards that it has.

Your strength is against reptiles, plants and dusk.. While the following are found weak against aquatic, bird and dawn types. Including a bug type in your Axies team must be well planned, it is not so conventional.

Plant type:

One of the best Axies that work as tank of good endurance and playability. It is distinguished by its high level of HP no matter the cards, besides, having good cards can cause a headache to the enemy if he wants to knock you down.

For each plant type card that this Axie presents, it will be raised by 3 points of HP and 1 of morale. The first is the most important, it must be a tank capable of resisting a good number of rounds being attacked. The best thing to do is to play regeneration cards, energy steal and buffs to your teammates.

Among its basic characteristics we have 61 HP, 31 speed, 31 skill and 41 morale. Good HP and Morale levels, although his strength is defense, don't focus on having a full damage tank because it will be useless. Focus on his cards to help himself and the team.

This type of Axies is strong against dawn, bird and aquatic classesThis translates into a good endurance against the most common DPS. It is weak against beast, insect and mechanical types.

Reptilian type:

This is another type of Axie similar to the bug/insect type, not as widely used within the game due to its complexity in terms of cards. When used, for the most part it is like a good off-tank.

It has good speed and HP levels, which allows it to resist in battle as long as possible. For each reptile type card it has, the following will be added to it 3 points of HP and 1 of speed additional. Always look for cards that strengthen your defense and serve as an obstacle or interruption to enemy play.

In its average characteristics we have 39 HP, 35 speed, 31 skill and 35 morale. A balanced Axie in every sense of the word, but it performs much better as an off-tank. Find a good space in your Axies team and look for it to complement the rest, as it is not a very used Axie, it is not considered a meta Axie.

Reptilian Axies are strong against bird, aquatic and dawn types. A good counter against the main DPS. It is weak against beast types, bugs and mechanics.

Special Axies classes

There are 3 special classes within Axie Infinity, these are known as mech (mechanical) dawn (sunrise) dusk (twilight). They are relatively easy to obtain and their main characteristic is to enhance some aspect of the type of Axie they come from.

To obtain a special kind of Axie, you must breed 2 Axies in specific. The merger of these 2 can have a 33% probability of giving rise to an Axie of a special typeHowever, they have a great disadvantage in the competitive field. As we have been explaining throughout the guide, each card of the same type that the Axies have increased some additional points to their stats, but, there are no cards of these 3 types.

This is a weakness against Axies that do have cards of the same type. There is really no great advantage or difference on the battlefield. with this type of Axies, only that they are aesthetically different and a little bit enhanced in one aspect.

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