How can I choose the best AXIE?

How can I choose the best AXIE?

Choosing the best Axie can make the difference between being able to compete in a tough environment like Axie Infinity. But many times this decision can be difficult if we don't have the necessary knowledge or don't know what to look for. That's why we decided to create this article, so that it can serve you as a practical guide when choosing your Axie.

If you wish to know how to choose the best Axie for the battlefield you can continue reading. We will explain the most important points such as cards, characteristics, genetics and others that can help you in making this decision. Let's start.

How to choose the best Axie for your equipment

The first thing we should analyze before buying any Axie for our equipment is define the team composition we are going to have. The most common is usually tank, Support and DPSWe know that each of these roles is best performed by a specific type of Axie. If your composition will be that, you should look for Axies of beast, bird and plant type, they are the recommended classes for those roles.

Choosing the best DPS

So, the first thing to do is go to the Marketplace and select in the filter the first class we want. In this example we will use a bird that will function as DPS in our team.

In order for it to give us a good return on investment competing in the battlefield, adventure mode and to be able to take offspring, we need it to have a breed 0. The Axie will be virgin (which is a little more expensive) but we can make a profit later on. In terms of purity, it is recommended for a Axie competitive is greater than 5With 5 purity you are fine, 6 can already be luxury and a little more expensive.

After filtering the Axies, we will proceed to enter the presentation letter of this one, we will see the genetics, first of all. A higher purity than 80% is very good.As for genes outside their class, it would be best to place them in the first two rows, as this way they will not affect the cards. It would be best if all cards were of the same type. (in this case bird) so that it can perform the role better.

In the case of birds, it would be best for our cards to have a high attack capacity. Adding all the cards together, the total damage you can apply is greater than 400, this way you can easily knock down any member of the enemy team. There is a very peculiar card called Eggshell, it causes great damage, but its debuff will make you receive all subsequent attacks.

IF you have a bird with this card, it is recommended that you have the Pigeon Post so that you can transfer the debuff to an enemy. Don't focus too much on HP or shield, what should be high in this role will be his attack and speed.

Choosing the best tank

This role is practically indispensable if we want to have a balanced team with a good resistance. The best thing to do for this role is to equip ourselves with a Axie of plant typewhich usually has the best cards for this role. Now, as with the DPS, we will search in the "plant type" filter and with breed 0 to be able to get hatchlings later on.

It is best to choose a plant with a purity level greater than or equal to 5, in this way its cards will be according to the type and it will perform much better on the battlefield. We must pay close attention to the genes that the Axie has, the more plant-type genes it possesses, the better and purer its offspring will be.

Avoid in any way to acquire Axies that possess in their last 4 lines some dominant gene or recessive of a completely different type. This can devalue it in the future and the offspring could come out with a relatively low competitive level. Now we must choose tanks whose cards help us to regenerate, increase shield and protect the team. Another card that can be of great help is the energy stealer, the vegetable bite.

The qualities of this type of Axies should be focused on the HP and defenseDo not get carried away by those "tanks with damage" that are a simple fallacy.

Choosing the best Support

In the case of Support is much more flexible The only thing that remains unchanged is the user's choice of features. The only thing that remains the same is the purity and genesDepending on the type of Axie, it is recommended that it be of the beast type. To choose an Axie with these characteristics we will use the Marketplace filter.

Within the characteristics of a Support we can find several aspects, this can serve to support us in the attack, defend our team or sabotage the opponent. So this role depends a lot on you and your future style of play, in the case of the Support it is almost essential to see Axies we will have in our equipment to adapt it to them.

We will choose supports with good dominant genes and recessive, as well as with a 0 breed to be able to reproduce them at low cost later on. In the same way with the 2 previous roles, try to match the last 4 lines in each gene with the type of Axie. In this way your offspring will have a good level of purity and letters accordingly.

Here if you do not have an obligation to perform your role, for example, in the DPS will be to exert enough damage to bring down the enemy team. In Support we can choose any type of cardsWe must, however, have a level of high morale and an average speed at 40.

By presenting everything you need to know about the types of Axie that exist within the game to form your best first team, you will be able to venture to buy one in an optimal way. Know your game plan first and what you are looking for from each role so that the search is objective.

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