How can I sell my AXIE?

How can I sell my AXIE?

The Axies world was created to be a marketplace for fun and digital commerce, where players count on the cryptocurrencies that are used to buy and sell these digital pets.

In this way, players will be able to farm with objects from the world of Axies such as positions, the sale of coins and others. On the other hand, Axies can also be used for reproduction, since when they reach adulthood they are sold on the market depending on the qualities they possess.

The market for Axies is constantly changing, one of the main examples being the first Axies, which, due to their high purity index, have an extremely high current value. However, we must remember that in the beginning they were given to the first players free of charge to increase reproduction.

After the user has an adult Axie with lucrative purposes, he only has to follow a few simple steps to place it on the market and a moment later it will be sold. We must remember that the player must observe the profit margins and whether it is convenient to sell it or leave it for reproduction.

Steps to know if selling an Axie is profitable

  • Step 1: The player must log in to the Axie platform, where he/she will log in to the Axie account to begin the process.

  • Step 2: After the user is inside the platform, on the left side there is a menu, click on the second option, which says "inventory".

All the Axies that this account has available for sale will appear there.

  • Step 3: At this point the player must know whether to use them, sell them or lease them. To find out which is the best decision to make, you can obtain more information about the selling price of your Axie by accessing the AxieZone page.

  • Step 4: Once inside the page you will find several options, you must enter the first one, which will say "Axies search engine", which will direct the player directly to a large list of Axies in the market.

  • Step 5: So that the user does not spend too much time selecting Axies at random, before starting the boxes with the names and specifications of each of the Axies, there is the option "filter", in which the player must enter to display the various filters depending on the Axie's skills.

  • Step 6: The user must select one of the Axies he/she wishes to place for sale in order to fill in the specifications required in the filters.

  • Step 7: The player will go back to the AxieZone page and enter the number of the Axie he/she wants to know in the "Axie Owner or Axie ID" section in the center of the screen.

After typing it, the selected Axie will be displayed directly.

The information on the Axie's chart also shows the category to which it belongs, information that is important when making the sale. Once this information is confirmed, the Axies in the market are classified according to the data displayed by the platform.

  • Step 8: On the top bar of the screen are the statistics, which must be filled with the information provided by the Axie. In these bars will be filtered the health, speed, skill and morale, data that can be easily found in the Axie's main chart.
  • Step 9: The next option will ask the user to place the number of offspring that have been obtained with this Axie, number that should be placed in the "Maximum breed count" box. Remember that the fewer the number of offspring, the higher the value at the time of sale.
  • Step 10: When the user places all these filters, the Axies that have these characteristics will be updated at the bottom of the screen. There the user will have to compare his Axie with one of the same category.

At the bottom of the card, in blue, is the price that each Axie has on the market, where the player can see the minimum price he can ask for the Axie that belongs to him.

If the player wishes to find out more information, he must select one of the Axies that appear and compare the cards of the selected Axie with the cards of the Axie he wishes to put up for sale. They may have many things in common, or their cards may be completely different.

  • Step 11: The user must know how much was invested in the Axie during its breeding, to be able to analyze how much is the percentage of profit or percentage of loss, if the second case occurs, it is not profitable to place it for sale.

Axie sales calculations.

To calculate the breeding investment of an Axie, the user must add up all the expenses incurred. Example: Spent on 300 SLP; $6.91. Investment in breeding; $6.79. Investment to change from larva to small Axie; $3.42. Investment to grow to adult; 3.73 dollars. This gives a total investment of $20.85.

Once the investment costs have been obtained, the price that the platform demands for placing an Axie for sale must be added. As an example, this price can be 8 dollars, since it is usually a high price.

Example 1:

In the event that the Axie sells for $90, subtracting the $20.85 investment plus the $8 platform fee, the player will make a profit of $61.15, giving a 212% profit on the invested capital.

Example 2:

If the user wishes to sell on Axie for a relatively low price, for example, he can sell for 40 dollars, subtract the investment, which would be 20.85 dollars, and the platform's contribution, which was set as an example of 8 dollars.

At $40, $28.85 would be subtracted, which would give a margin of $11.15 profit. Which in this case would mean a 38.6% return on capital.

Now that the user knows whether or not it is feasible to place the Axie for sale, and the percentage of profit he/she will obtain, he/she can carry out the process indicated by the platform.

Axie sales process.

  • Step 1: The user must select the Axie to be offered for sale.
  • Step 2: At the top is a box with the word "sell".  When the user selects this option, a menu will be displayed informing that the Axie will be put up for auction.
  • Step 3: the player must set both the minimum and maximum price he/she wishes to obtain for the Axie, as well as the number of days he/she wishes the auction to last and accept the option that, at the moment the Axie is placed for sale, he/she will return to level 1.
  • Step 4: The Metamask wallet will open on the screen, where the payment will be made to the platform in order to sell the Axie. The user will only have to select the confirm option, and the transaction will start on the network, where it will soon be sold to another user.

With this knowledge, the player can make the best use of the platform and decide which is the best option to choose with his Axies. Depending on the degree of purity and skills that the Axies have, a higher profit margin will be obtained.

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