How are rare Axies bred?

How are rare Axies bred

In the world of Axie Infinity we can find many functions within the vast ecosystem, one of them being the breeding of Rare Axies. Axies can be reproduced using SLP, AXS and having 2 adult Axies, this process is quite simple and can lead you to generate money. If you want to know everything about this process, stay with us.

Next, we are going to know what is the breeding of rare AxiesWe will show you how they reproduce and what we need to perform the procedure. We will present you the step by step of this process so that you can carry it out without problems.

What is the breeding of rare Axies?

The process of breeding inside Axie Infinity is carried out when two adult Axies procreate to give rise to an egg that carries the genes of both. For the process we will need certain tokens such as the SLP and the AXS to be able to cancel all the expense that this requires. For the process we will need 2 adult Axies, 300 SLP minimum and 4 AXS.

The breeding of these Axies will come out as an egg, it will spend a period of time where it turns into a larva and then becomes an adult. The time the Axie needs to become an adult is 5 days, after this period you can use it for your team in adventure mode, arena or sell it in the Marketplace.

Rare Axies are Axies with different qualities and physical appearance. to that of a common Axie, the most outstanding ones are the Mystic Axie. These Axies are the most sought after in the market and it is not for less, because the probability of obtaining it is quite minimal, considering that we also need to use 2 Axies Origin.

To obtain a Axie rare it is essential to have 2 Axies Origin and lots and lots of luck. The process of breeding is identical to that of any common Axie, we will explain it below.

What is needed to breed Axies in Axie Infinity?

Previously we were detailing that the requirements are 3, adult Axies, SLP and AXS. Let's detail each one of these points and see how they can vary during the breeding process.

The two parents we will need must be adult Axies, at this point it does not matter what kind it is or what attributes it has. Any type of Axie can be bred with a totally different one, but it is not recommended, as both its characteristics and cards will probably be of little value. The Axies breeding is a process that requires a good preparation and a previous study of these, to know what combination can give birth to an Axie with potential.

The best thing to do in these cases is to try cross Axies that have the same class, with a good level of purity and similar cards in each one. These characteristics will make our Axie quite competitive on the battlefield and can be sold at a good price. If the combination turns out to be good, you can sell the Axie at virtually the same price as the parents.

The other thing we will need is SLPThe Smooth Love Poison is a token that you get in the game for free, or you can buy it on Binance. In each breeding process we will need a minimum of 150 SLP for each parent, this is if it is the first time you are going to breeding with that Axie. In the case of a virgin couple, you will need 300 SLP to start the process, the more offspring they have had, the higher the cost. The most you can pay is after the 7th offspring, the price rises up to 1500 SLP for each parent.

We will also need AXSIn particular, we will need 4 AXS, which are a fundamental and fixed requirement for each breeding process. Depending on the value of the AXS we can spend between 80$, currently each AXS is around 20$. This is the simplest requirement, as we only need to have AXS in our portfolio and that's it.

How do you raise a rare Axie?

The breeding process of a rare Axie is the following, the only requirement that varies is to have 2 Axies Origin. This way we will be able to obtain a Mystic Axie with certain probability.

  • The first thing to do is to go to the inventory and select one of the Axies that we want to reproduce, this option will appear at the top as "Breed".
  • A small window will open with all the details of the breeding process, the next step will be to select the other parent.
  • Click on the gray field on the right and select the other Axie you want to breed with, make sure it is of the same class and characteristics.
  • You will be shown how many SLP are needed for the transaction, in the case of 2 virgin Axies the price will be 300 SLP.
  • Click on continue and a small pop-up window will open from our wallet requesting confirmation of the transaction. Here is where we will be asked for the 4 AXS in order to complete the breeding process.

After following these steps, the animation will show the Axies falling in love and giving birth to their love. If we are lucky, we can get a rare Axie.This type of Axies is sold at a very high price in the market, the most expensive Axies ever sold was sold by 369 ETH.

How much does it cost to breed a Rare Axie?

At this point it varies a lot depending on the cost of the parents, assuming you want a rare Axie, you must have parents that cost a lot more than any Axie. That will be the basis of your investment. breeding can cost as much as a parent.

The other thing we will need is SLPIn the first case it is 300 SLP, if we take the current value of 0.30$, each breeding process would cost us 90$. And adding the price of each AXS (20$) would be about 80$ added to the previous 90$. Now this is not counting the amount of commissions to be paid on the Ethereum network and so on.

But beware that economic output in the first breeding processThereafter, the cost per hatchling can increase by up to 30% and become profitable up to 4 hatchlings. Thereafter, the expense can be much more than the return on investment.

If we were to make a small balance, we would realize that they would be about 200$ the first thing we must cancel. After that, the price will go up, if they are rare Axies, the breeding process will be profitable, as the cost of the Axie will replace everything spent.

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