How do you get a mystical AXIE?

How do you get a mystical AXIE

One of the relics of this game is undoubtedly the Mystic AxiesThe Axie class, that kind of Axie that can be obtained with very little probability and that make up 0.07% of the Axies in existence. This class of Axies is the most desired by all players, but also the most expensive.

If you want to know how to obtain this type of AxiesWhat exactly they are and what makes them so expensive, keep reading this article. We will give you the detailed information and a complete guide to know everything about these Axies.

What is a Mystic Axie?

Before understanding what kind of Axie we are talking about and what generates a value in this kind of Axies, we must know what they are. A Mystic Axie is the result of the cross between 2 Axies OriginThe probability that after the crossing the offspring will result in a mystic Axie is really low.

A mystical Axie is an Axie that has at least one mystical partduring the breeding of the latter, the probability of the emergence of a mystical part is 1 in 18. Now, that an Axie comes out with 2 or more parts is much more improbable, because the probability is multiplied by each part that can come out.

So low is the chance of having a mystic Axie 100% that there is no Axie with more than 5 mystic parts. Currently we have 3 Axies with 4 mystic parts, and one of them was sold for +300 ETH, you can imagine the value and improbability of this Axie. They come as a kind of relic or jewel within the ecosystem.

How do you get a Mystic Axie?

There are two ways to get a mystic AxieOne is by buying it and the other is by raising two adult Axies that are Origin. The simple fact of having two Origin Axies is already something unlikely, because its value is very high and there are very few in the game.

If you have two Axies Origin and you put them to procreate, the probability that you will get a Axie with mystical part is only 0.556%. If you get a Axie MysticDepending on the type of cards you get and how good the attributes are for the competitive environment, your market value will be above 50,000$ depending on the type of cards you get and how good the attributes are for the competitive environment.

For the breeding process of two Axies Origin is no different from that performed on two common Axies. You will need the same amount of SLP and AXS, depending on how many times they have had offspring, the cost of SLP will be higher. But we will not need anything additional, the breeding cost is the same as any other Axie. The only difference is that their parents will be Origin, a very expensive type of Axie.

In case you want to buy a Mystic Axie in the MarketplaceYou will be able to select the Axies filter with mystical parts, you can choose from one to six parts. As we have been warning you, the price of these Axies does not go down from the 50.000$ and do not present an advantage in the arena or adventure mode, they are Axies like any other.

The purchase process is the same as with any other Axie, the only requirement is to have a fat wallet and the courage to buy one of these Axies.

What is the point of having a Mystic Axie?

The Mystic Axies are considered as collectible tokens due to their rarity, it is the least abundant type of Axie in the game. In addition, its unique appearance makes it stand out from all the common Axies on the market and in battle mode.

If you purchase or own a Axie Mystic, you should know that you will not win every game because this Axie is the most powerful of all. On the contrary, depending on the Axie's class, it will share the same characteristics as any other Axie of that class. The Mystic Axies The only visual aspect of the game is that when you win a battle, you will have a different victory animation.

Now, if you want to buy a Mystic Axie to invest, you should know that it is a very good option and can bring you good profit in the long term. You can perform what is known as Axie Trading, which is to buy an Axie at a price hoping that its price will go up and you will be able to to sell it more expensively than what you bought it for.

This type of Axies as the game goes on, rarer The number of mystical Axies will become smaller and smaller as the number of common Axies increases, because if we take into account the 2,000,000 Axies that exist, compared to the 1500 mystical Axies, this number will become smaller and smaller in percentage as the number of common Axies increases. There will come a point where it will be 0.01% to have a mystic Axie in our inventory.

Now, you can buy a Mystic Axie to breed it with another Axie.When you take out the offspring, you can sell it at a good price knowing that one of its parents is mystic. The opportunities that open up to you when you have one of these are quite large.

And in case you were wondering, noThere is no free way to get one of these Axies. or a magic trick that makes you get one. Nothing in this game is free, least of all mystical Axies.

How much does a Mystic Axie cost?

A mystic Axie within the Axie Infinity Marketplace does not go below 25-30 ETH, which is an exorbitantly high sum for an NFT of this style. There are currently Axies on the market that are offered for sale for up to 3000 ETH, a number that is even more exaggerated.

If you are lucky enough to have a Axie MysticYou practically have a jewel that will increase in value over time. This type of Axies is highly liquid if you sell it at a good price, because nobody is going to go so far as to pay 10.000.000$ for a NFT, are they?

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