How do I get the SLP in AXIE Infinity?

How do I get the SLP in AXIE Infinity?

When it comes to playing Axie Infinity we need get SLP or yes SLPThere are many methods and strategies to achieve it. In the following article we will detail which is the best strategy you can apply to get the SLP efficiently in a few hours.

We will teach you what is the SLP, what can the SLP be useful for, best ways to farm SLP and other information that can be of great help to you. If you want to know all the information in detail continue reading the article.

What is the SLP?

The SLP is a token which is part of Axie Infinity and is the token that will make us earn money if we play the game consistently, between 3 and 4 hours a day. SLP stands for Smooth Love Poison and has different uses within the game, one of them is to farm it to later sell it and exchange it for ETH, which can be exchanged for the currency of our preference.

Inside the game we are going to need the SLP if we want to mate our Axies, each reproduction process requires a specific amount of SLP. Depending on the level of breeding, you will need from 150 to 1500 SLPwhich you can obtained free of charge by playing the adventure and arena mode.

To collect SLP and soak it in our account, we can wait for its price to be high and exchange it for Ethereum to upgrade our equipment, buy new Axies and so on. It turns out to be a kind of investment to achieve to achieve these SLP with increasing speed day by day.

After this brief introduction to the SLP, let's move on to explain how to earn SLP daily in Axie Infinity and the best strategies to achieve it.

How to earn SLP in Axie Infinity?

We can earn SLP in 2 ways within Axie InfinityYou can play through the adventure mode or compete in the arena mode in PVP battles against other players. Both ways are quite profitable and you can make a good profit if you implement both in your game routine. We must define well at what point we should get SLP in adventure mode and at what time to get SLP in sand mode.

In Axie Infinity we have something that is super important on a daily basis, energy, the amount of energy that is given to us varies depending on the number of Axies we have. Initially there will be 20, so we must manage it well to get the maximum benefit when playing. The best thing to do at the beginning is expending our energy in adventure modelet's see the explanation.

Win SLP in adventure mode

Within the adventure mode we will have to pass levels against a group of Axies managed by the computer, in a kind of route. Each level will give us both EXP and SLPThe higher the level, which is what matters to us at this point, the higher the level, the more SLP we will earn by completing the level. An important detail when it comes to farming, you can play any level of the adventure mode infinite times and continue to win SLP (In a reduced quantity, of course).

Knowing that we can win SLP in adventure mode if we manage to pass the levels, we must know that we need our Axies at a high level to make it faster and easier. For this is energy, if we win the level and we have energy, we will be given an additional bonus in EXP, which will level up our Axies, thus boosting their skills and stats.

The best strategy to farm SLP in adventure mode is reach level 20, Up to this point we must always spend the 20 energy in adventure mode. Once we pass level 20 very comfortably, without losing once and without complication, we can stop spending energy here. Level 20 is the best source of SLP, it will give us between 6 and 10 SLP each time we win, no matter how many times we have passed it..

Within the adventure mode we have a daily limit of SLP that we can earn, the limit is 100If you reach this limit, you must stop playing every time you reach it.

Win SLP in Arena mode

Well, once we reach the goal, which is level 20, we will move on to expend our energy in arena mode. The benefit of playing arena mode with energy is that it will give us a bonus gain in SLP depending on our ranking. The higher we are in the ranking, greater number of SLP. It is best to be located between 1100 and 1799, which is the average number of players and where we will earn from between 7 to 9 SLP for each victory.

If we stay at that point, assuming that we win half of the games, we can get to gain an additional 70 to 90 SLP to those obtained in adventure mode. After dedicating a few hours to the game, we get a pretty good profit that we will see in numbers later.

One super useful thing about playing the dedicated adventure mode is that it will allow us to get to know our Axies team well. Thanks to this, our performance in the arena will be better, we will know which cards to throw, when to let an Axie die, better strategies and so on. Without this previous "training", you will find yourself at a very big competitive disadvantage.

How much SLP can be earned daily and how much is in dollars?

Applying strategies well to get the most out of our time and resources. farm SLP we can start to make calculations. Let's remember that inside Axie Infinity we have the section of Task or Taskswhere we have to complete some tasks and we will receive a daily bonus of 50 SLP.

Those 50 SLP will be obtained after confirming the check in of the game, winning 10 levels of the adventure mode and 5 fights in the arena. It is something fixed that you must do to get the most SLP, if we add those 50 SLP, to the 100 obtained in the adventure mode and the 70-90 of the arena mode, we can earn up to 240 SLP per day.

To better understand this figure, we will assume that the SLP is worth 0.25$ today, multiplied by the 240 per day, would give us a of approximately 50$. This number in dollars usually varies depending on the market price, since on many days the SLP price and there are others in which it is exaggeratedly high.

If we apply this strategy on a daily basis, without missing a single day, for the entire month we would be generating earnings in excess of 1000$ of only farm SLP. It is a really incredible number and it is the main reason why you should keep the constancy at the moment of playing. But pay attention to the detail, that is the base amount for an average player, for more advanced players the number will be higher, how much higher? Let's see it.

Additional details when farming SLP in Axie Infinity


Within the adventure mode, we will have certain levels that will be of great help to us at the time of to win SLP quickly and steadily. As previously mentioned, level 20 is the best level to play repeatedly and earn SLP, as you will earn between 6 and 10 SLP for each victory. But, if you win level 21 you will get a bonus of 200 SLP the first time you complete it. The level 36 will provide you with 300 SLP when you get over it for the first time.

These two levels are a turning point, are 500 SLP you will earn for completing the level for the first time, about 100$ in bonuses. A very juicy number.

In arena mode, if you are a good player and manage to climb the leaderboard, from 1800 you will be able to start earning between 10 and 12 SLP for each victory.. If we earn half with all the energy we have, we can earn between 100 and 120 SLP. If we have more Axies, our energy increases, so we can earn even more SLP if we play arena mode at a high ranking.

Follow the strategies that we provide and you will see in a short time the fruits, play for a month or about 20 days the adventure mode to reach level 20. spending your energy in the sandis the best strategy today to farm like a pro.

The winnings depend on how much you dedicate to the game and your ability in the arena, between the more victories the more SLPs you will earn. Stay consistent and enjoy the benefits for your business. play Axie Infinity and get SLP.

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