How many accounts per IP can I use in Axie Infinity?

There is a great deal of uncertainty within the Axie Infinity community regarding the use of multiple devices on the same IP. Failure to understand the terms and conditions set by Sky Mavies for playing Axie Infinity may result in a ban for your account. If you want to know everything about how many accounts per IP you can use in Axie Infinitycontinue reading.

The information we will give you below is given taking into account everything clarified by Sky Mavies and his support team in multiple channels. One of them and the most frequented is Discord. Let's get to know all the details.

What do the terms and conditions say about accounts on the same IP?

How many accounts per IP can I use in Axie Infinity?

This is one of the most common fears of users who play Axie Infinity, we can put a scenario quite common in most players. This situation is that you find yourself playing on your mobile device, and a member of your household wants to play on another device, with their own account, but on the same Wi-Fi. Is there any risk in this case?

In the terms and conditions we find that Sky Mavies mentions ".you can only play one account on the same device in 24 hours". This is quite free of interpretation, as it does not mention anything related to the player's IP. What is quite clear is that you cannot use multiple accounts on one device without a 24-hour gap between the two uses.

The problem of multi-accounts on the same device is a sensitive issue for Sky Mavies, it is one of the main reasons for banning. Do not try to circumvent the system using VPN or any other program that pretends to alter your device's IP address. Any strange behavior seen by Sky Mavies will be analyzed to evaluate what to do in that case. These terms are very open to interpretation so you could suffer a ban if Sky Mavies so desires.

Answering the question of how many devices can play over the same IPThe game could be played by up to 100 devices connected to the same internet network. According to rumors of an administrator who mentioned this information in a discord channel, although its veracity is unknown, it is quite supported. We could take this as the legal limit within Axie Infinity, since there have been no problems with bans for a lower amount of connected devices.

Can several people play in my home connected to the same internet?

If you are afraid that you might be banned because several people are connected to the same network, let us calm you down and tell you that there is no problem with this situation. The creators of the game understand the circumstances in which the internet may be going through in multiple countries and how common it is to share it. This prevents "free" bans because several people with different behaviors are on the same network.

You can safely use your computer, mobile device and other devices you own to play Axie Infinity. As long as no more than one account is used during a 24-hour period on these devices. If you have all these devices shared, make sure no one logs in to any of their extra accounts on the device you are playing with. This topic would already be a reason to talk about in the house, first of all.

This information can also be of great help to you if you are planning to play Axie Infinity at home and at the office during the course of the day. But beware, that using your same account in a different excessive number of IPs in a short period of time may be considered as anomalous behavior and would be analyzed by the support team.

Beware of interpretation in the terms

This issue is not exclusive to Axie Infinity, the vast majority of companies and sites that are dedicated to work in cryptocurrency investments tend to include terms that remain open to the interpretation. This may be the case in paragraph (8) in section #2, where it states that "You can only play one account per device in 24 hours".

In the event of any legal problem or possible banning of an account, be assured that the company will watch its back and use the interpretation to its advantage. You will be able to change the meaning of your terms to use them to your advantage in case an IP or device is behaving abnormally.

The best thing to do in this type of case is to read in detail all terms and conditions that are presented to us in case of any doubt. If you want to perform a certain activity, but you are afraid that it may be considered dangerous, you can check in the official Discord community if someone has done it or has had problems doing it. This is usually a good way to get rid of doubts.

One detail we may be missing is that perhaps the creators of Axie Infinity refer to "IP" as referring to the IP address of the device, not the internet. This makes a lot of sense, since we are not allowed to use the same device to play with 2 accounts within 24 hours.

The recommendations presented in this section are intended for Axie Infinity, but also for other companies working with cryptocurrencies that you are going to work with. Remember that to protect your interests you should be attentive to all the details provided by the company.

Is using VPN forbidden in Axie Infinity?

This is another issue that is somewhat left to subjectivity; the company never makes it clear that using the VPN is an illegal activity. But is also not something that a user requires The game is available to everyone, with the same benefits and functions. Therefore, using a VPN is merely "decorative" in these cases.

There is a special scenario, which is CubaThe use of VPN is mandatory, but if you are not in Cuba you will not need to use VPN.

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