How many Axies of origin are there?

How many Axies of origin are there?

Within the world of Axie Infinity the relic of the game exist, these are the Axies of originare the first Axies of the game. Being such a unique species, it is highly valued and appreciated by the community, who would pay thousands of dollars for one of them.

They are mostly collectible tokens, and since they are unrepeatable, having them is a privilege, as well as an indication of your seniority in the game. But if you wish to know how many Axies of origin are thereWhat they are, how much they cost and much more information, stay with us.

What is an Axie of origin?

The Axie of origin was Sky's first creation. Mavis when launching the game, were the first NFT that were put on sale. These Axies have no parents and were in charge of creating the following generations of Axies, the more than 2,000,000 that we currently have in the game.

It is impossible for you to have a Axie of origin without having been one of the first people in the game to buy an Axie or having paid an excessive amount of money. Axies of origin has its ID below #4088This number indicates the order in which they were created. Currently the Axie #1 is not available in the Marketplace.

A quick calculation shows how unlikely it is to have one of these, taking into account that there are currently more than 2 million Axies in existence. There are only 4088 Axies of origin and have an extremely high cost. Like any other token or collectible, they appreciate according to their rarity, and the more Axies there are, the more expensive it will be to acquire a genuine one.

If we take some kind of reference, it could be reflected in buying the first 2 specimens of a panda bear, a tiger, a lion, etc. Having the first specimens that gave life to such a large ecosystem would be something very special. This is the sense they have Origin's Axies preserve part of the game's history.

How many Axies of origin are there?

The total number of Axies of origin that currently exist is up to 4088.From then on, all Axies were the offspring of these originals. If you want to buy one in the Marketplace it will be quite difficult to find one that is for sale or that has a reasonable price, because as we have been saying, they are treated as relics.

The lower the Axie number, the higher its value.It is quite special to have an Axie with the ID below #100. There are even Axies with a special number that has meaning to people, such as 10, which was the first two-digit Axie. The 23 with Jordan's legendary number and similar meanings.

Rather than worrying about how expensive they might be, view them with pride as the origin of the game and the first release of the Sky Mavies project. Without a doubt, having one of these can be very special and bring you a good amount of money if you sell it.

How much does an Axie cost in origin?

Here we will go into a subject that is difficult to assimilate, costs are extremely high and you will find it difficult to understand why they are so expensive. We will see that the price is not falls below 300 ETH for the first Axies on the market.

If we start to analyze, the #5 has an approximate cost of 500 ETH as of today, as you can see, they are approximately 1.150.000$. Now I'm sure you were left with your mouth open to the floor, it's normal, this type of Axies are collectible and their value in the market is appreciating more and more.

If we go to the Axie #7 we can see its price, it is 777.77 ETH. to this day. It is a virgin Axie and has a mystical side to it, you can imagine how much value all this adds, which "backs up" the more than $1.5 million it is worth. These numbers are exorbitant considering the initial investment made by the people who owned these Axies, which by far was 20$.

In the case of the Axie #10, it is the first double digit Axie and this is how its owner calls it, this Axie is of aquatic type and has a cost of 413 ETH. which would be just under a million dollars. It is incredible the amount of money that can be paid for an Axie, it is estimated that the more time passes, in about 10 years it can cost 1000% more.

With this Axie #10 we had a curious case, because during the first months when the game migrated from the Ethereum wallet to Ronin Wallet, nobody owned the Axie. This problem occurred because the person who owned that Axie had not migrated the token to Ronin and we were all asking for that Axie. This case is not isolated to Axies, in the world of cryptocurrencies there are thousands of cases of people who have bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in wallets to which they do not have access. Too bad.

And well, prices are just as exorbitant among the early Axies, if you want to invest in a highly expensive NFT, this may be your opportunity. Remember that the return on investment is not guaranteed and that the investing in cryptocurrencies carries a very high risk.

What is the advantage of the Axie origin?

On the battlefield, they have no advantageThe #1, like any other Axie on the market, will be able to battle just like the #2000001. In the economic field, it does bring a great advantage, and that is the sale price, from which you can get a good profit margin. But beyond this, your Axie will not have any special abilities or cards.

Moreover, being the first Axies to be created, the level of purity, the type of card and body parts do not result in an Axie with excellent goal or good combat capability.. If you breed two Axies of origin you will obtain with a probability of 1 in 18 a Mystic Axie.

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