How many body parts does an AXIE have?

How many body parts does an AXIE have?

Following a trend that is getting stronger and stronger, we can't stop playing and earning with Axie Infinity. The most propitious moment for any gamer who is also looking to trade. However, if we talk about getting started, the ideal is to know every aspect of this video game before taking a risk. One of the most common questions is How many body parts does an Axie have?

Well, yes, we consider why you should know them, since this video game focuses on details and the more information about them, the better the security of the game and winnings. Axies are like small creatures with peculiar designs that fulfill their respective functions. In fact, to be able to enter the video game, it will be necessary to acquire your first 3 Axies with cryptocurrency exchanges, especially Ethereum.

The parts of an Axie's body are related to the card gameThese creatures have unique traits that help them to perform in battle. The CLASSES are described in greater detail, and it is here where we will validate the cards that can be used in attack against another Axie or understand what happens when our people attack.

Axie classes to understand your body

There are a total of 9 types classAccording to each one, you can denote the functions and parts of the body to devise an attack or maintain a defense. In addition, good moves can help you with substantial bonuses according to your cards.

The Axies classes are: Aquatic, Beast, Bird, Critter, Dawn, Dark, Mechanical, Plant, Reptile. With these classes we will determine an analysis of their body parts. A curious fact is that when an Axie uses a card of its own class to attack, it will receive an extra bonus.

Damage can be higher or lower if Axies are played with ideal cards, as well as understanding the types of Axies we face.

Congratulations! Get to know the body parts of an Axie and start playing!

That's right, if you have to start with this lucrative video game, you must know the body parts of your number 1 ally "the Axies", these small but powerful protagonists will lead you to glory if you know how to incorporate them into the battles.

First of all, an Axie comprises 6 body parts. We find then Eyes, mouth, ears, back, horn, and tail. Of these parts, only two are not are aligned to an ability. It is important to know that this alignment will help you use the card for each battle.

Eyes and ears do not possess an ability connection.. Remember that an Axie's ability can be characterized by the play of one or several cards and the damage it can cause. The parts of an Axie's body then become a priority when attacking, these in a game variable according to the way it affects.

Body parts that receive letters and affect directly

As we have said, there are 4 parts of the body that receive letters and these are affected. Currently There are 22 skill cards according to each Axie class.. In this case only the body parts and skill cards are highlighted and distributed as follows:

  • 6 cards for glue
  • 6 back cards
  • 6 face cards
  • 6 cards for horns

The cards can be endorsed as genuine skills of each Axie according to the class and body part in function.

Once you have analyzed your game and positions of your Axies you will be able to consider the cards to play according to the body part and the attack strategy for the opponent. When choosing your Axies you have to know their cards as strengths and start playing.

Extra bonus for body parts and cards

The odds of winning are long, but when it comes to the body parts of an Axie, you can establish more forceful game strategies. For this reason we emphasize the use of cards that are of the same class as the Axie's body.

The bonuses in general are 15% of damage and a shield. It should be noted that the cards by Axies classes must be known, as they directly influence a counter attack.

Axie statistics and body parts

If you are familiar with the video game you will understand the function of its statistics in relation to body parts. While we know that statistics are Health, Morale, Ability and SpeedThese vary around the Axie class and body part. These statistics make Axies uniqueFor example: a fast Axie (speed) can give first attacks and its risk of being hit can become minimal.

Regarding stats and body parts we can note that an Axie can possess 4 potential cards for its battle, each of them according to its body parts (tail, back, horn and mouth) you can consider a powerful Axie in receiving and withstanding damage, that can have a high health stat, and maintain a double shield.

Everything varies in the gameplay and the battlefield, they are part of the actions that allow you to obtain great strategies with Axie Infinity. Remember that the body parts will help you choose the card that will help you in battle.

Special considerations:

Axies are not subject to only playing cards of their own kind, however, the best results are achieved by doing so. You can have an extra 10% bonus in attack and defense if you play with cards of the same class. than your Axie.

It is also necessary to understand that there are 3 secret classesHowever, the benefits are obtained from these with their advantages and disadvantages, however, are characterized by not possessing body parts own. For some they are a little weaker than the rest of the classes.

Well, we are ready to begin, enjoy a modern video game that will not only serve as fun, but will also accompany you with substantial earnings. The digital pets are back and they are ready for the best battles. Meet your Axies and get the best battles against your opponent.

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