How much SPL is earned in Arena in Axie Infinity (Updated August 2021)

How much SPL is earned in Arena in Axie Infinity (Updated August 2021)

The video game of Axie Infinity continues its exponential growth, and that is thanks to the large number of players that join it either through the purchase of new Axies to create their own accounts or through the scholarship modality.

Thus, the large number of new players has led to a big difference between the amount of SLP produced with the amount of SLP burned, in such a way the SLP video game cryptocurrency has presented a decrease in value to 0.17$.

For this reason, the creators of the game have decided to make different modifications or adjustments in their new update corresponding to session 18 launched during the month of August 2021. These modifications in the update considerably affect the game, so here we explain in detail everything you need to know about the new version of Axie Infinity.

New features and adjustments in Axie Infinity - August 2021

In a reduced form we present for your consideration the most important or critical points regarding the August 2021 update of Axie Infinitywhich is:

  • Reduction of SLP earnings in adventure mode a 50%, where previously 100 SLP were earned and now it will be only 50 SLP.
  • Reduction of SLP earnings through the daily quest a 50%, being previously 50 SLP the gain and now it will be 25%.
  • Promotion of competitiveness in the arena game mode, where PvP is encouraged.
  • Decreased time spent in the game, especially in adventure mode where half the time is required.
  • Adjustment and modifications of the SLP cattle per victory in arena mode according to the player's ranking score.
  • Significant increase of 0.05 $ in the value of the game currency of the SLP in less than 24 hours of the update submission.

Updated SLP table in Arena mode

As mentioned above SLP's earnings were modified in the arena mode, that is to say in the PvP mode, this is due to the adjustments of gain per victory in the arena mode ranking. Where there is an increase of 1 SLP for every 50 points in the ranking, following the relationship presented below:

  • Between 1200-1249 score you get 6 SLP per victory.
  • Between 1250-1299 score you get 7 SLP per victory.
  • Between 1300-1349 score you get 8 SLP per victory.
  • Between 1350-1399 score you get 9 SLP per victory.
  • Between 1400-1449 score you get 10 SLP per victory.
  • Between 1450-1499 score you get 11 SLP per victory.
  • Between 1500-1549 score you get 12 SLP per victory.
  • Between 1550-1599 score you get 13 SLP per victory.
  • Between 1600-1649 score you get 14 SLP per victory.
  • Between 1650-1699 score you get 15 SLP per victory.
  • Between 1700-1749 score you get 16 SLP per victory.
  • Between 1750-1799 of score you get 17 SLP per victory.
  • Between 1800-1849 score you get 18 SLP per victory.
  • Between 1850-1899, 19 SLPs are obtained per victory.
  • Between 1900-1949 scoring is 20 SLP per victory.

Comparison of SLP earnings before and after August 2021 update

When comparing the SLP gains produced in both adventure mode and arena mode, there was a reduction in the amount of SLP produced. Where it varied from 150 SLP produced previously to 75 SLP produced now on a daily basis.

Also, in arena mode due to the adjustment of the SLP earned per win table, the following comparison of the earnings before and after the upgrade can be made.

Earnings before restatement:

In general, a total of at least 150 SLP were earned daily by earning 100 SLP through the adventure mode and a total of 50 SLP through the daily quest. However, additional SLP were earned through PvP matches according to the following ratio:

  • For 1200 points 7 SLP, being 70 + 150= 220 SLP.
  • For 1300 points 8 SLP, being 80 + 150= 230 SLP.
  • For 1400 points 8 SLP, being 80 + 150= 230 SLP.
  • For 1500 points 9 SLP, being 90 + 150= 240 SLP.
  • For 1600 points 9 SLP, being 90 + 150= 240 SLP.
  • For 1700 points 9 SLP, being 90 + 150= 240 SLP.
  • For 1800 points 10 SLP, being 100 + 150= 250 SLP.
  • For 1900 points 710SLP, where 100 + 150= 250 SLP.

Earnings after upgrade:

As noted above, the update halved the traditional SLP gain, where a total of 75 SLP is now earned daily as a minimum, by earning 50 SLP through adventure mode and a total of 25 SLP through the daily quest. Likewise, there are some modifications or adjustments to the SLP gains for victories in arena mode or PvP, being the following:

  • For 1200 points 6 SLP, being 60 + 75= 135 SLP.
  • For 1300 points 8 SLP, being 80 + 75= 155 SLP.
  • For 1400 points 10 SLP, being 100 + 75= 175 SLP.
  • For 1500 points 12 SLP, being 120 + 75= 195 SLP.
  • For 1600 points 14 SLP, being 140 + 75= 215 SLP.
  • For 1700 points 16 SLP, being 160 + 75= 235 SLP.
  • For 1800 points 18 SLP, being 180 + 75= 255 SLP.
  • For 1900 points 20 SLP, being 200 + 75= 275 SLP.

In this way there is a great variation in the amount of SLP produced or earned before in contrast to the current one, where now due to the update it is required to be in a high level of the score ranking to earn more SLP.

What is the purpose of the proposed changes or adjustments?

It was previously pointed out that the purpose of the update of the Axie Infinity is to maintain or improve the economy of the game, avoiding the fall of its cryptocurrency the SLP. In this way, the purpose of the changes raised in the update seeks:

  • Promote the arena mode, so that more and more players become interested in studying and practicing in this game mode.
  • Increased demand for the most competitive Axies, since producing more SLP requires a higher Ranking score, so Axies with better attacks and statistics will be more in demand.
  • Rewarding the highest scoring players, since rewarding the highest scoring players with higher SLP earnings a competition will be generated in the PvP mode to climb to score ranks that generate higher earnings.
  • Prevent players from losing points in arena mode in order to win easily. Previously, the strategy of intentionally losing in arena mode was used in order to lower the score and face only new and inexperienced players, in order to achieve easy victories.
  • It seeks to reduce the use of BOT in adventure mode, since the amount of SLP earned is less than that previously available.
  • Achieving an exponential increase of the in-game cryptocurrency, the SLP. Which just 24 hours after the update presented an increase of 0.05$.
  • To balance the competitiveness in each score range, where players with similar difficulty teams meet and not make the game so difficult for new and inexperienced players.

Tips for the new Axie Infinity update

In view of the new game update, here are a series of tips to help you cope with the changes and keep your game running smoothly. earnings in SLP previously produced.

  • Practice daily in arena mode, in order to understand and develop a better performance in PvP mode you must invest time and effort. It is recommended to spend at least two or three hours a day in this game mode.
  • Study the diversity of cards, it is essential to know the more than one hundred cards found in the game in order to foresee the attack and strategies proposed by other players in the PvP mode.
  • One way to study strategies in PvP mode and gain experience without losing ranking score is to watch live from experienced or known players, in this way you will gain experience without affecting your account.
  • Study the teams of the top players in the ranking, on different platforms you can visualize the team and the strategies carried out by each of the top players in the ranking.
  • If you are new to the game, it is recommended, especially with the new update, to design and buy a highly competitive team. Where you can count on Axies with good attacks and high stats.
  • Finally, when playing the arena mode and the different PvP modes, you must play until you find opposing teams with the same difficulty that you have. In such a way that you reach 50% victories comfortably, that is to say a total of 10 victories in the PvP mode.
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