How to activate the Ronin Wallet to recharge Axie Infinity

How to activate the Ronin Wallet to recharge Axie Infinity

One of the most important steps taken by Axie Infinity for the benefit of its users and the established economy, was to opt for a wallet of its own. In this opportunity Ronin is the wallet which allows you to make in-game transactions without paying Ethereum network fees. Let's learn all about this wallet and how to activate the Ronin Wallet to recharge Axie Infinity.

The transition process between Ethereum and Ronin in your Axie Infinity can be complex if we do not know all the details. Let's find out what is the Ronin Wallet and how to affiliate it to our Axie Infinity account.

What is the Ronin Wallet?

It is the wallet that allows you to enjoy games with a digital and decentralized economy such as Axie Infinity as long as they are hosted within the network. Ronin. In particular, for Axie Infinity allows us to store our Axies and other fungible and non-fungible tokens within the game. Previously this was done through the Ethereum network, but the commissions were too high and did not allow us to get the maximum economic potential of the game.

Specifically, it is a browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Etc.) that we must have active when logging into our Axie Infinity account. The extension is free and the installation process is quite simple, we will see this later.

Along with the MetaMask is one of the requirements when playing Axie Infinity, will be the wallet in charge of storing AXS, Axies, SLP and other tokens. in-game. This project was developed by the same creators of Axie Infinity and launched in May 2021 with upcoming features available in-game soon.

How to download and install Ronin Wallet in our browser?

As we have been explaining before, the extension results in easy to install and you can do it in a matter of minutes. Let's learn the step-by-step method to install it and start using it.

  • The first thing to do is to enter the browser of your choice, in this case it will be Google Chrome.
  • Then click on the following link which will redirect you to the Google Chrome extensions store. 5:33
  • Click on the button at the top right " ".Install"and wait for it to download.
  • Once downloaded, you will be able to see the portfolio at the top of your browser and access it quickly. 5:39

By completing these steps, you will already have the extension of Ronin Wallet in your browser and access it quickly when you are inside Axie Infinity. As you can see, the process is quite simple and fast. Now let's see how to create a Ronin Wallet account for free.

Create Ronin Wallet account

The Ronin wallet will allow us to have multi-accountsThese can be used to create scholarships/scholarships or different accounts of our own. To create your Ronin account easily follow the steps below:

  • Enter the browser where you have installed the extension and click on it. 6:00
  • You will get a menu with all the options available in the Ronin Wallet (We will give details later) you must locate the person icon at the top right. 6:59
  • When we click on it, it will ask us to enter a name for the account in the field that appears, we can choose any one and click on create. 7:02

Ready, after you have completed these steps, you will be able to have your Ronin accountAs we mentioned, you can create up to 20 accounts for free. A very useful extension and a great feature that offers Ronin to all users, because many times, the creation of the account is limiting to create scholarships.

How to activate Ronin Wallet on the Axie Infinity website?

Once you have your account created, it will be a matter of a short process to register it within our Axie Infinity account (if you already have an account on the Ethereum network). The steps presented below will help you to activate your Ronin Wallet and transfer the Axies you already have in your Ethereum wallet.

  • Log in to your Axie Infinity and log in to the Ronin wallet with the account you wish to affiliate.
  • The Axie Infinity home page will show us the option to migrate all the Axies we have in the ETH wallet to our ETH wallet. Ronin Wallet. Click on the blue button next to the message. 8:19
  • In the MetaMask wallet, we will be asked to sign a digital contract confirming the transfer of the Axies to Ronin. 8:30
  • When you click on confirm, the transfer process will start, it may take some time depending on the network conditions and the number of Axies and tokens to be transferred.

Now if we want to make the Bridge process in our account we must follow the steps below:

  • At the top of the page, you will see the "Bridge"You must click on it. 8:50
  • It will take us to another tab where we will be shown a pop-up menu of our Ronin Wallet, asking if we want to connect our account with MetaMask, click next. 8:55
  • We confirm the operation and our Ronin account is now connected. Now we can do different operations inside Axie Infinity with our Ronin Wallet, such as deposit, withdraw and update the old SLP/AXS to the recent version. 9:00

Something mandatory is to upgrade the old SLP/AXSThis has a fee of approximately 10$, the process is similar to the one presented above. We will be presented with a pop-up menu of the extension asking us to confirm the operation and ready, you can now deposit from your account. Ronin to Axie Infinity. 9:35

With all these steps you would already have the Ronin Wallet account affiliated and activated correctly in your Axie Infinity account. You will be able to use all the features that exist in Ronin Wallet such as Swapping Tokens, Depositing and Sending money. New features are coming soon to further enhance the user's financial experience, allowing them to save on third party commissions.

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