How to buy an inexpensive piece of equipment at Axie Infinity

How to buy an inexpensive piece of equipment at Axie Infinity

If you want to play as soon as possible, you may be wondering how to buy an inexpensive equipment at Axie InfinityIf you are asking yourself these kinds of questions, you may be thinking about competing in a PVP or having your own account, where all the profits will be yours.

Many people are entering this exciting world of Axie Infinity so the prices and the creatures you get in the Marketplace vary at every moment, so looking for the best prices is a difficult task, but not impossible, it is worth mentioning that when we say good price is referring to the current market of axies.

If you are new and enter the Marketplace the first recommendation is that you do not fall for the misleading offers on the first pages, as they are commonly front pages have axies already sold or whose auctions have already ended saying "this auction is not available", so you will lose time and here every moment counts without a doubt when getting a very good price.

Personally, we believe that the first pages are a kind of deception for those people who do not yet have a team and are thinking of forming one, because when they see these prices, they feel they have the ability to buy, but when you open the axie ad you find that the price is false, so you have to be very careful with this detail.

Next, we'll talk about the right ways to get good prices through the Marketplace page filter, as well as learn a bit about buying and selling eggs as they are one of the "cheapest" ways to start your business. play Axie Infinity.

How to buy eggs?

For buy an egg first you must know how to select the one that brings the most benefit to your team, because just by looking at it you can know what class is the mother and what class is the father specifically, for this you must know that the shape of the egg is the class of the mother and the color is the class of the father in question. Here is a small table with this information.

The great advantage of using the table above is that you are more likely to obtain a pure axie as in the following image, although as we mentioned at the beginning this practice does not guarantee anything to 100%, so it can be beneficial and at the same time not, so think very well before buying any egg.

Even if the axie is pure, it is important that you look at the genes of the parents so that you can have an idea of the possible letters your axie will get, here the key to success is to look at the characteristics of the parents to make a well informed decision at all times and thus obtain SLP as quickly as possible.

The advantage of buying eggs is that the axie that comes out of it will have zero hatchlings so it will end up being worth more than what the egg you bought cost, and if this axie has good characteristics it is a good candidate to get the first two hatchlings at a price you can afford. is profitable.

How to get good axies at a good price?

If you feel that "getting lucky" is not your thing, and you don't want to leave your investment with that level of risk, then definitely purchase a axie adult is a good option for you. To buy an adult axie go to the Marketplace and in the right area check the box that says "Adult", with this you avoid the eggs available.

If you are looking for a specific class, for example a beast type, then near the same area where you marked adult the different types that exist, by selecting the beast type you will already be filtering the axie of this class currently being sold in the market.

It is also important to mention that, from the upper right area of the Marketplace, you can check the option "Lowest Price"With this you will get the market offers in ascending order and it is important that you keep updating due to the strong buying that is taking place in Axie Infinity.

The enormous advantage of buying the Axies already in his adult form, is that you know exactly what you are buying and thus form a strategy immediately, we have as an example this plant type axie, it is good against the plant tank of the opposing team thanks to the beast type card and can also go poisoning whoever attacks it.

With this way of acquiring the axies can allow you to get some variables in the status of the same, because at the time of purchase the most optimal possible strategy that you can think of, for example, this type bird is very good to choose which enemy axie will be attacked regardless of their location in the lineup.

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