How to choose cards in Axie Infinity

In axie infinity it is not enough just to choose any card or creature, in fact you must know your axie, know your combinations, pros and cons and much more. It should be noted that there are cards that are not usually visible in the combos or in the arena and these can give you very juicy results.

Let's not waste any more time, learn how to choose your letters in axie like a pro below.

Correct card selection in Axie Infinity

How to choose cards in Axie Infinity

To choose your cards in axie infinity it will be necessary to look at factors such as their class, the damage they can generate, the shield and the type of card, and for this you must go to cards explorer, by clicking on

In this website you will be able to know everything the axie can offer, from the bonuses to the movements it can perform, and what will you do? Very easy!

  1. Once on the website, go to the "Class type" option and choose the one you want, in this case we will go to the beast class.
  2. Choose the type of attack, we will select "higher attack".

In this space you can opt for a very successful combination, and this is: nut cracker Yes! Two cards since these generate more damage.

And there is still more because the above combination, to be honest, is a bit basic, but first you should know that this combination can be carried out with any axie whether you are just looking for a shield or attack.

There is special letters, capable of doing damage in a 200%, and this is ronin; and if it is combined with a card that does critical, the result will be even better, in fact, the damage level will increase in an incredible way, it will make you almost invincible.

The ideal is to combine cards with which you can group the characteristics of a creatureIn fact, some of them will allow you to make combos and win "a little at a time".

With the combination ready

Once you know the combination of cards:

  1. Go to the Marketplace
  2. Filter by beast, if desired.
  3. Go to the parts option
  4. Place the card that has most caught your attention
  5. Click on it, and view the available axies
  6. Also place the ronin, being this the most used when dealing with beasts, you can also click on cottontail (as long as it has ronin) and, finally, confident, as this will increase morale.

It is important to note that beasts are the creatures with the highest amount of morale.

  1. Once the ranks are grouped, click and you will get a complete list of available axies.
  2. You will be able to visualize its characteristics and market price.

You should know that you may not get a pure beast, but if you enter the axie you will see that its cards will be the same as the ones you have filtered, but you should still verify this data, since its genes will produce offspring that may or may not benefit your axie community.

It is important to clarify that, even if the axie does not give the expected results when it comes to breeding, you may be able to to use it to fight, and may become your ideal choice for advanced displays.

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