How to control how much a scholar plays in Axie Infinity

If you are in this article is because you are probably about to make a scholarship or you already have one and want to know how to better manage what your scholarship recipients have done. Then you are in the right article, you will see everything about the innovative Scholar Tracker tool.

This tool allows a wide variety of functions related to accounting in the scholarship system. It allows manage and know to keep track of all the information generated by your scholarship recipients, as well as to keep a record of payments, upcoming payments and more. If you find it interesting, stay with us because we have all the information here.

What is Scholar Tracker for Axie Infinity?

As we mentioned a little earlier in the introduction, this is one of the most important free tool for management and control of what is generated by scholarship recipients. This tool allows you to have control over all the data provided by a scholarship, from the SLP generated, how much corresponds to each party, when the next payment will be made and so on.

Without this tool, it is possible that keeping a scholarship could be hard work, because all the counting and recording of what is generated must be done manually. This is one of the great advantages of this system, that being automated allows you to manage your time in a better way. We will see its advantages and how it can help us further.

How to control how much a scholar plays in Axie Infinity

Scholar Tracker has gained a great reputation in the world of scholarships thanks to its effectiveness, the vast majority of managers are happy with what the tool offers. And well, we all know that good control is essential for improvement and subsequent analysis of the results.

By using this tool correctly we can have a better view of what is going on. In addition to this, it can save us from some human errors that we can make when it comes to carrying a registration of scholarships. Such as a failure in the calculation of the payment date, how much the grantee has accumulated, how much is due and other things that sometimes come out of our memory.

What we can do in Scholar Tracker

The tool will allow us to perform the following tasks:

  • To know the total average SLP earned by each grantee per day.
  • To know the total SLP generated by the grantee during the month.
  • Know the SLP remaining to be claimed within the game.
  • Know the SLP we have already claimed.
  • Know how much is due to both the manager and the grantee.

This will be indicated on the page as soon as we enter, in blue boxes. So it is easily accessible at a glance for users.

This data can be seen below in a automatically generated table This will allow us to know the information in a more organized way. In addition to this, we have the great advantage that can be exported to Excel for easy reading at any time.

We can see a list of all the scholarship recipients we currently have in our program, so we can easily access their information. To add a scholarship holder We must enter in the form above the Ronin address of the scholarship account, as well as the name of the Scholar (preferably the same as the one you have in the accounts).

You can add as many scholarship holders as you wish and delete them if you wish with the option on the right with the trash can icon.

Benefits of Scholar Tracker

The tool par excellence for the scholarship managementIt does not have this name by chance, its system and the way it is used make it special. Let's see the multiple benefits that we can opt for if we use it. Scholar Tracker:

  • Time savingsWe do not need to add the data manually, the tool will take care of the registration and calculation of everything automatically.
  • Management of paymentsThe page tells you when to claim SLPs from X scholarship account and how much is left to claim. This can be tedious if you manage many scholarship accounts.
  • Downloadable to ExcelIf you do not want to access the website and you want to download the Excel with the current status, you can do it. Just click on the "export Excel" button at the top of the table and the download will start.
  • Date management: Find out how many days are left and how many days have passed since the last SLP claim.
  • Automated accountingYou will not fall into human errors that you may make after adding up wrongly, or making a mistake in the scholarship recipient at the moment of keeping the data. The great utility of this tool is for the management of multiple scholarship accounts.

In short, the many benefits are based on the automation and recording of all activity. Thanks to this, it is possible to advance faster in the project and invest the time saved in other activities.

What is an Axie Infinity Scholarship?

The Axie Infinity scholarships work like the vast majority of scholarships you know. It is basically a rental or loan of Axies for a person to work them and generate income without having to invest. Of course, all income generated will be divided equally between the parties involved.

The Axie scholarships Infinity have the advantage that they help many players who have a good knowledge of the game, but do not have the necessary resources to play it. This is where people with capital but no time get together and decide to make a fair exchange where both parties are winners.

In the vast majority of scholarships a set of 3 Axies is usually delivered that the manager was in charge of breeding or buying on his own. The most important thing in a scholarship is to have competitive equipment that can be of great help to us for successfully farm in adventure mode. It is unfair for a manager to give a scholarship holder a mediocre team and ask for quotas that clearly cannot be met due to the quality of the team.

Earnings in the Axie Infinity scholarship system are usually divided in 3 ways in most cases. Commissions range from 40% for the grantee up to 60%. if the scholarship has progressed successfully and has yielded good results for the manager. It all depends of course on whether your performance has been profitable for the manager.

A scholarship holder is required to consistently farm SLP in adventure mode, complete arena battles with a good profit margin and, in addition to this, claim the additional SLP given in the Task. In this way, the more the scholarship holder farms, the higher the earnings. and more likely to continue in the scholarship.

How much is earned on an Axie Infinity scholarship?

One of the reasons why most people are interested in opting for one of these opportunities. We know that the economic situation in Latin America does not allow living comfortably on a minimum wage in most countries. For this reason, most of the scholarship holders are from this region, with the game you can generate more than one salary in your country by playing about 4 hours a day.

This offer is irresistible for Latin Americans, who want to give their maximum effort to generate a new source of income. And no wonder, in Axie Infinity you can get to win more than 500$ if you are a scholar with a good level of farming and victories in arena mode. Let's see how this number progresses with the new update in SLP gains in adventure mode.

The number average amount of SLP you can earn per day is 100counting that you win 50% from your battles in arena mode. Because you are guaranteed 75 if you complete the adventure mode and the daily tasks.

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