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How to earn AXS in Axie Infinity

Many of us are being consumed by the fever of start playing Axie Infinitythis fantastic NFT game that has revolutionized the gaming industry. It is a creation of Sky Mavies, as an ambitious project, but little was estimated that it would reach what it is today. The first successful NFT game so far and leading in its niche.

If you wish to create an Axie Infinity accountIn this article we will give you a complete guide on how to create your Axie Infinity account to start playing and generating, we will give you everything you need to know if you are just starting out. In this article we are going to give you a complete guide on how to create your Axie Infinity account to start playing and generating, we will give you everything you need to know if you are just starting out.

How do I get started in Axie Infinity?

This question consists of a rather long answer and with a process of account creation, transferring real money to tokens, etc. In short, tand we will list step by step everything you need to do if you want to create your Axie Infinity account from scratch. Let's start with the basics, creating your MetaMask account.

Create MetaMask account

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet, specialized in decentralized ETH that works as a browser extension. It has been the ETH wallet with the best support from the community and that has best taken advantage of Ethereum's potential.

You will need this wallet because it will be the place where you will deposit the Ethereum to transfer it later to your Ronin account. In addition, you can create your Axie Infinity account linking your MetaMask wallet to the game. For create a MetaMask accountThe process is relatively easy and does not take a lot of time, let's see the steps:

  • You have to go to your favorite browser and go to the extensions store.
  • Within the store, you search for "MetaMask"In the search bar of the store, you must choose the first option that comes up.
  • Click on Install and the browser will automatically start to download and install it.
  • Once you have the extension installed, click on the fox logo and click on Create a new account, follow all the steps and that's it. You now have your MetaMask account.

What else is needed to create your Axie Infinity account? Now let's go to the Ronin wallet.

Create Ronin Wallet account

The Ronin wallet is the brainchild of the same developers of the game, Sky Mavies. This wallet was launched as the solution for all Axie Infinity players, replacing the conventional Ethereum network used for in-game transactions. It was undoubtedly an innovation in this field, but well, let's see how to install Ronin Wallet.

  • Log in to your browser (the same one where you downloaded MetaMask) and search in the extensions store for "Ronin wallet".
  • Click on the verified option and click on Install.
  • It will automatically download and install as an extension in your browser. After confirming the installation, proceed to open it.
  • Create a new account, it won't ask for much, just a name for it and that's it. You will have your Ronin wallet active.

These are the two main portfolios that you must have at the moment of play Axie Infinity. See how to create your Axie Infinity account.

A very important detail that is worth highlighting in the creation of these two wallets is to save the seed words that will be given to us. This will allow us to log in on other devices if we change computers and lose access to our current computer. Keep it in a safe place and do not share it with anyone.

Now, with this very clear, let's see how create our account within the official Axie Infinity website step by step.

Create your account on Axie Infinity website

This step is just as important as the previous ones and you will notice why we first mentioned the creation of these two wallets. Now we must enter the official website Axie Infinity video game to proceed with the account creation.

  • We enter and click on the blue "Login" button at the top right.
  • We will be shown the option of logging in with MetaMask or with an email and password. Select MetaMask.
  • When we click here, the extension in our browser will flag a notification. This is where we must open it and accept the linking of the wallet with the video game. A pop-up window will open in which we must click on "Sign" 2 times and continue.
  • Now we will be asked to enter the name of the account. This is up to you and it will be the visible name you have for the whole community.
  • At the top, we will see the option to complete the configuration of our account by linking an email and password. We must click on "Set up email & password".
  • Here we must enter an email to which we have access, because we will be asked to enter a code that has been sent to it. We also enter the password we want 2 times. Here we recommend you to make it complex, do not use any you have in your social networks or other accounts, because you will be storing a good amount of money in your Axie Infinity account.

Enter the code that we received in the e-mail and that's it, we have already configured our e-mail and password to log in. Now we must link the Ronin wallet with our Axie Infinity account, let's see how to do it.

  • In the Wallets section, we will see a form with options, we must click on the one that says "Wallets".Attach Ronin to account"to link our Ronin account to Axie Infinity.
  • We accept the linking from the same extension and that's it, we have successfully configured everything.

The only thing left to do now is to buy your first 3 Axies to get started with Axie Infinity expertise.

How to buy my first 3 Axies?

First of all, you have to go through a rather long process of sending your money to Binance, to exchange it for ETH, transfer it to MetaMask and then to Ronin wallet to have balance in your Axie Infinity account. We have a complete guide on how to recharge your Axie Infinity account. on our website, you can check it out.

After we have at least 0.6ETH in our account, we can start to see the Marketplace looking for the best options for our Axies team. Transactions are made from the Ronin Wallet and we have 100 free transactions every day. In addition, the wallet is optimized to store all in-game tokens and allow fast transactions between users.

We enter where we can start to see the Axies that are for sale. Our first team should be formed as a base by a tank, DPS and Support. This is the basic equipment configuration that beginners have, if you have a little more knowledge you can try other roles and types of Axie.

To buy your first AxiesIf you click on the one that most catches your attention, after seeing its price and confirming that you can buy it, you will see a window where you can see all the information about the Axie, from its qualities, cards, parents and much more. A window will open where you will be able to see all the information about the Axie, from its qualities, cards, parents and much more. At the top you will see the Buy" option, click there, confirm the transaction from your Ronin Wallet and you're done. The Axie will appear in your inventory in just a matter of seconds.

When buying an Axie, we recommend that you get your bearings if you are just starting out. Buying good quality equipment can make the difference between success or an unpleasant experience in the game. If you like you can go through our guide to choose the best equipment in Axie Infinity. With all this you should have enough to start playing Axie Infinity once and for all.

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