How to create scholarships in Axie Infinity

How to create scholarships in Axie Infinity

One of the booming movements within Axie Infinity is the creation of scholarshipsThis system benefits both parties involved in a good way. By being able to give an Axies equipment to another person, he/she can work the account and generate income. If you want to create a scholarship, but don't know how, stay with us.

Here is a step-by-step guide to follow in order to create scholarship account. Everything you need to create and do to make your scholarship account work properly, let's get started.

What is a scholarship at Axie Infinity?

One of the biggest problems with Axie Infinity is to get the initial investment to buy your first Axies equipment. Every day the sum goes up and up, reaching around 2000$ to buy a good quality first equipment. This is one of the great impediments for people who know about the game and have good skills, money.

Meanwhile, there are people with great capital potential who decide to delegate part of their money to a person to work for them. This is a good form of investment, since the funds are diversified and additional income is obtained for the time of another person. In the particular case of Axie Infinity, both parties benefit greatly from these grants.let's find out why.

In Axie Infinity you can earn up to 400$ per week. if the dedication is adequate, to achieve this income without investing a single dollar is incredible. Considering that the earnings are split 50/50 in the vast majority of cases, we would be talking about 200 $ per week. A sum that in Latin America is exorbitant.

The people who give the scholarships may also reinvest the proceeds in other Axies equipment to give it to another grantee. In this way multiple sources of constant income are obtained with an initial investment of 2000$, being able to multiply in profits exponentially.

What do I need to create a grant in Axie Infinity?

To create a scholarship we don't need to create a special account or pay any fees for this type of accounts. On the contrary, everything is done normally and without special permissions, you will need MetaMask, Ronin and Axie Infinity accounts. Let's learn how to create each of them.

Create MetaMask account

To create our scholarship we need a new MetaMask accountOne of the great advantages offered by this DApp is the ability to create multiple accounts. From our browser we will do the following process:

  • Click on the MetaMask extension (marked with a fox icon) and the extension menu will be displayed.
  • Click on the upper right corner where our name appears.
  • We will get an option to create a new account, this will be the one we will use in the scholarship/scholarship.
  • We put a name that allows us to easily identify what the account is for, such as "Scholarship number 1" and click on create account. In this section you should keep a good record if you are going to have several scholarships, you can use the name of the scholarship holder, for example.

We will have our MetaMask account created, now we proceed to create the Ronin Wallet.

Create Ronin account

The process is similar to creating a MetaMask account, let's go through it step by step.

  • Enter your browser and click on the extension, where the extension menu will open.
  • Click on the top right corner, taking you to a menu where you can create a new account.
  • Click on the button and create the name of the account, it can be the same as the MetaMask name so that it is easily identifiable.
  • Click on create account and that's it, you will have your new Ronin Wallet account.

These two wallets are essential to be able to have any Axie Infinity account, now we proceed with the creation of our Axie Infinity account.

Create Axie Infinity account

This may be the simplest requirement so far, all we have to do is log on to the official Axie Infinity website and log in with MetaMask. When we log in, the account will be completely zero.

A very important detail is create an email and password for this scholarship accountwill be the way to access the Marketplace from there. This way you will be able to enable all the functions, it does not cost anything and you can create it in any domain.

I already have the accounts, what's next?

Now you will have to equip that account so that the intern can work on it. and generate income for both of you. This process is relatively simple, follow the indications that we will give you below so that everything goes perfectly.

Once you are logged in to your scholarship account, proceed as follows copy the address of Ronin Wallet inside the extension. This is done by clicking on it and at the top you will see the wallet address. Click on it and that's it, it will be copied to the clipboard. After this, log out of the Axie Infinity account and all the wallets created.

What we must do is login to our main account with all MetaMask and Ronin wallets logged in. From our main account we must access the inventory where we have the Axies that we will deliver to the scholarship account, it can be in the form of eggs or adults. You will select one of the Axies you want to send and click on it.

You will open a menu specifying everything related to that Axie, at the top will be the option ".Gift"which will be used to send this Axie. When pressing there, a small form will open where we will be asked for the address of Ronin to which the Axie will go. Here is where we must paste the address of the scholarship account we copied previouslyWe glue and ship.

In this case, if you get a warning message that this Ronin address is not linked to the Marketplace, it is because you have not created an email and password for the scholarship account. You can still send it regardless of the message, just confirms that the address is correct and that's it.

We will repeat this process with the 3 or more Axies we wish to send. to the scholarship account, after equipping the other account with the Axies, we can now give it to the scholarship holder. Now, from our computer, we enter the scholarship account, verify that everything is correct and proceed to deliver it to the scholarship holder, but be careful, he must only scan a QR code that allows him to play from his phone.

How to give the account to the grantee

You're going to contact the intern via WhatsApp messages, Telegram, Discord, etc. And you will tell him/her to have his/her phone at hand for scan QR code that allows you to access the account from your phone.

For get the QR code we must log in to that account from our browser, with all wallets open and look in the upper left corner the option to generate the QR code. This way we will synchronize the computer account with the intern's smartphone. The general recommendation is to always play from a mobile device, it is more comfortable and you can farm from anywhere if you have internet connection.

With all these steps completed, you will have your scholarship ready to workIt is up to you to monitor the intern and guide him/her according to your requirements. To follow creating scholarships you can do this without the need for another computer, browser or VPN, as both MetaMask and Ronin allow you to create multiple accounts.

And there is little more to add to this guide on how to create grants in Axie InfinityWe hope it has been of great help to you and that you will start generating income with your interns' time.

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