How to create scholarships in Axie Infinity

How to create scholarships in Axie Infinity

How to create scholarships in Axie InfinityOne of the most beautiful parts that exist in the Axie Infinity is when influencers, youtubers, and streamers decide to scholarship to one of its supporters. These scholarships work in a very simple, win-win manner, making it possible for people who do not have the financial capacity to play Axie Infinity.

In this article you will learn all about how to create scholarships in Axie InfinityWhat is needed and other helpful information. Stay with us and discover this method of investment a win-win situation for both parties.

What is a scolarship in Axie Infinity?


The scholarship is a scholarship in which the grantee is provided with an account with at least 3 Axies, so that you can form a team and compete in the arena. The scholarships are usually awarded with a team of Axies valued between 900 and 1200$ to have a good competitive level and to be able to see the fruits of the investment.

These scholarships work just like any other scholarship in real life, the scholarship recipient only needs to prove that his or her skills are good enough to be at the helm of a team of Axies and achieve a good return on investment. The people who give the grants are people with a higher economic potential, and who decide to create accounts to be "worked" by other people.

With this methodology the two people involved in the scholarship winIf you have enough money to fund a team, the person receiving the grant earns a percentage of the profits generated, and the rest goes to the account owner. If you have enough money to finance a team of 3 Axies competitive for someone else and generate profits from their time, you can create a scholarship or scholarship.

How do I create a scholarship in Axie Infinity?


The process is simpler than you might think, we are going to introduce you to a complete guide for you to create a scholarship as of today. It does not require an additional expense, only the transfer of the Axies to the other account.

The first thing you will need is create an account at MetaMask account to be used for the scholarship, this account will be the one with which we log in to the Axie Infinity. To create an account you can follow these simple steps:

  • Log out of your main account within the Google Chrome browser
  • At the top right, in the MetaMask extension, you are going to log out as well.
  • The extension will give you the option to log in or create a new account, select the latter.
  • You choose the name of the account as you see fit, it can be something that identifies it as a scholarship and continue.

With these steps your account will have been created. MetaMaskYou will have it with a balance of 0.00ETH as expected. Now, you will need a Ronin account in order to start using the Axie Infinity account.

To create the Ronin wallet, the process is similar.

  • We go to the top right of our browser in the Ronin extension, log out of our current account.
  • We will get the option to create an account, click there and choose the name we want for the account. It can be the same one you used for MetaMask, this way you can easily identify which is the pair of each one.
  • The account will be created and you can close the pop-up menu of the extension.

With these two accounts already created, we will proceed to create our Axie Infinity account. To create the account you must follow the steps below, it is just as easy as creating the two wallets.

  • Log in to the official Axie Infinity website and log out of your account.
  • In the login option, it will show us the option to log in with our MetaMask account.

Important, for this point we must have both the account of MetaMask as that of Ronin active in our browserto be linked to those. With this point clarified, we proceed.

  • The account will be created and you will be prompted to create an email and password to use the account and locate it in the Marketplace.

With all these steps, you have already created the account for your intern, now, how do you give him the Axies to work on?

How to set up the scholarship holder's account


Once we have created the intern's account, we must log out of everything, but not before copy the address of your Ronin portfolioThis is where the Axies will be transferred. We close everything and log back into our main account or the account where we have the Axies. Axies to be delivered to the grantee.

These are the steps to follow:

  • In the Inventory we can see the Axies that we have available, click on one of the Axies that we want to send to the grantee's account.
  • When we enter the Axie we can see its characteristics, cards and so on, at the top left we will have the option of "Gift"Click on this button.
  • It will ask us to enter the address of Ronin to which that Axie, paste the address you previously copied and send the Axie.

If you get a message at this point that says something like "This account does not appear in the Marketplace, you may lose your Axie" is because you have not linked any email to the account to appear in the Marketplace.

  • Repeat the process with the 3 Axies you want to send to the beneficiary's account and that's it, you will have sent the first 3 Axies to work the account.

In order for the intern to play and our account to be protected, we proceed to give him/her a QR code which can be generated in the same inventory section. With this code, the grantee will be able to play from your phone mobile and spend more time on it comfortably than from a computer.

And that's it, you will have create your own scholarship as it is known in some cases, we hope we have helped you.

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