How to terminate a scholarship recipient in Axie Infinity

The intern is a figure that has become very popular in recent times and has been the cause of much confusion.

In some companies, the boundaries between employee and trainee are not at all clear. This is mainly due to the fact that there is little legislation on scholarships.

Internships may be curricular, if they are part of the curriculum and are part of university agreements with companies, or extracurricular, if they are performed voluntarily by the student throughout his or her training period.

To clarify the nature of the figure of the intern and avoid being subjected to labor abuses, the intern must know his or her labor rights perfectly.

The intern is not a trainee or a substitute worker and its purpose is training, not production.

In contrast to the employment contract, the economic remuneration that the scholarship holder may receive is intended for training purposes, it is not a salary.

In addition to this, the activity carried out by the scholarship holder must be related to his or her degree and to the profession he or she wishes to pursue in the future.

The internships carried out by interns do not have to be paid by the companies. If there is no financial remuneration, the intern should not be registered with the Social Security.

How to terminate a scholarship recipient in Axie Infinity

Rules to be complied with

  1. Good behavior.
  2. Do not commit any misconduct while on scholarship, if so, have a reason with great weight of justification.
  3. Performance must exceed a certain established score, otherwise the scholarship may be withdrawn immediately.
  4. Achieve each of the objectives that are established by the grantee, otherwise you will be required to do so or the scholarship will be withdrawn.

Everything you need to know about Axie Infinity Scholarships

We begin by mentioning that it is a system in which an established player gives his creatures to someone new. In this way, the person saves the expense of getting started.

Generally, those who do this are people who have a extensive compilation of Axies, I have made it easy for them to "borrow" them.

In order to achieve one of these Axie Infinity ScholarshipsYou only have to locate one of these sets that facilitate this and comply with the conditions they establish.

Normally, whoever gives the creatures keeps a percentage of the money generated by the player. Despite this, it is still a good alternative option to get money in cryptocurrencies.

With more than two hundred and fifty active users, this cosmos is gradually having more and more impact. The most expensive monster to date has been worth three hundred ETH, equivalent to hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

Ways to lose your scholarship at Axie Infinity

1.- Do not play with multiple accounts; This means that the same person should not play with multiple accounts to win double or more SLP.

2-. Do not make people wait continuously in PVP; this is seen as bad sportsmanship and is not favored by the authors of the game.

3-. Not entering a game and leaving the game running alone (AFK); As pointed out in section two and three can make the game slow and listless for the rest of the players. The Axie Infinity equipment warned its users about this.

4-. Do not perform any kind of automated abuse of the system; such as the use of scripts to send comments or messages, the use of any data mining tools, robots or similar data collection and extraction tools to favor you and harm other players.

5-. Do not change the clock of your device to restore the daily mission for an instant and play the game; even if the system is under maintenance. This will be detected instantly by Axie Infinity since they use a global time tracker.

Saying goodbye to a scholarship recipient at Axie

At the time of dismissing an Axie scholarship recipient or retire, the best thing you can do is to split your current earnings, ask not to be paid any more dues and become independent.

In some cases, scholarships end because the established time has expired, however, they can be reapplied for, or you may already have enough to invest to start on your own.

Keep in mind that once you become independent, profits will no longer be shared, and goals will be set solely by you.

How to continue earning money?

You earn SLP by playing the game (PvP or PvE battles, whichever you like) and selling your coins on the cryptocurrency market (we recommend Binance).

You can also use SLP to farm Axies and sell their offspring on the official Axies Infinity marketplace. For this, you need to know a lot about the possibilities and the value of farming - you can learn more on the Discord of Axies Infinity.

The third way is to launch "land" in exactly the same market. The land is not yet operational (perhaps in the summer of two thousand twenty-one), so its value is purely speculative at the moment. What is known is that the land will produce some passive income for the owners, while other players either spend or use the free content on each and every land.

Types of Axies to play:

  • Beast: you can get the maximum of ethics. The ethics determines your critical damage and your final state or else of urgency, plus you receive extra damage and at the same time causes, but damage.
  • Aquatic: Balanced between life and speed of the best classes. Their main disadvantage is that they have low ethics.
  • Plant: The favorite tanks of the game. Their functions vary and they are one of the most used classes.
  • Bird: Killers, but fast. Their biggest disadvantage is their low life.
  • Bug: It is one of the most difficult classes or types at the moment, it should be played by people who have more experience or specialists.
  • Reptile: Very similar to the aquatic ones, but more ethical.
  • Mech: This class has a higher than normal Skill. This causes your powers to cause but damage or your protective abilities to give but shield.
  • Dawn: Similar to Mechs but with more life.
  • Dusk: This class lacks ethics, but in exchange they have a lot of life and speed.
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