How to form your first team in AXIE Infinity

How to form your first team in AXIE Infinity

For all those people who are interested in knowing which is the best combination for your first team sand at AXIE Infinitywe recommend you to read this. Opting for the best Axies on the market, with a good combination of cardsThe difference between winning and losing, purity, life, attack and so on, can be the difference between winning and losing.

In this article we are going to give you a complete guide with what may be the best combination for your first sand team at AXIE Infinity. There are thousands of combinations in the Marketplace and choosing the best one can make us a lot of money, let's start with the guide.

What is the best combination in terms of roles?

Today, to achieve 3 Axies that complement each other well and make an excellent team, leveraging the skills of their peers can be difficult. We would have to spend hours examining the cards, their abilities, advantages, disadvantagesetc. But that is what makes this game special, the strategy that you must have and how to take advantage of each of the skills of our Axie.

The best combination of roles that we can currently find is a DPS, Support and a tank. You may ask why? Basically we have to look for Support and Tank that will help our DPS to continue doing damage during the rounds, while they take the damage. We will review the reasons for this later.

We are familiar with the wide variety of Axies cards and their different combinations in all the roles that exist in the game. Let's take a look at the best ones for each one of these roles 3 roles and how you can search for it to find your Axie ideal within the battlefield. Let's start with the tank.

How to choose the best tank

In order to choose a good tank, it is necessary that its life is among the 58 and 61 points. Well, it must be the Axie that resist enemy DPS attacks. Each role plays its part in the team's success, so none of the roles should be neglected.

In this case, we have two options:

  • Let our tank be a tank that resist and hurtThere are multiple cards for plant type tanks that boost their damage. Cards that return damage, steal energy, regenerate life and increase defense are excellent for these tanks, if we want to use them with a more offensive profile.
  • Let our tank be a tank hyper-resistant in battle. Here we would leave aside the damage variant in our tank, we would be focusing more than anything on defense and that manages to protect our teammates. We will look for cards that enhance the abilities of our teammate, increase resistance, defense and life, steal energy, etc.

Depending on which game profile suits you best, and which one you see as the best combination, buy a tank with these characteristics. Now let's move on to the other 2 roles, the Support and the DPS.

How to choose a good Support

The Support is quite a versatile role, it can be used to perform damage and to steal energy the enemy, let's look at the best combinations of cards that can work for an enemy. Support.

A good Support must have attack and be able to perform some type of debuff at enemy. We can use letters of critical damage that steal energy from the enemy, full damage cards and cards that work to heal us according to the damage done.

In this aspect, it is quite customizable. card combinationand the one we can recommend the most are the Ronin, IMP and Rice. This combination of cards is undoubtedly fantastic. It greatly enhances the probability of critical hits, therefore, we will have a good energy theft to the enemy.

How to choose a good DPS

When choosing our Axie, who will be in charge of making sustained damagewe will opt for a Axie bird typewho are the best for this. As far as statistics are concerned, we have to look more than anything else at the speed and not so much in life, as we need it for harm.

In this role, we must focus on making it a super fast bird when attacking and has the ability to target opponents. This Axie should be the one that eliminates the enemy Axie DPS the fastest, so we will take a good advantage on the battlefield.

The cards should greatly enhance your attackthat is, an Axie with an attack higher than 400 is good, the more attack, the better. We can make a combination of cards such as Little owl that will attack the opponent faster, in order to take advantage from that point.

We must remember that this Axie must be the most protected by the Support and the tank, without a balanced defensive/offensive team, we will unfortunately lose the battle.

Recommendations for choosing good Axies in the Marketplace

Well, if we want our Axies for the battlefieldIf you are a player, you can spend a lot of time looking at all the statistics of the cards and analyzing which one would suit you best in the arena. Do not think it is unnecessary, it is one of the most important points, know the skills will give you an advantage over your opponent.

Another important point is that we will need buy virgin Axies in order to breed them and obtain an economic benefit or a new partner in the arena. It is not profitable to buy an Axie that has had offspring because it becomes more expensive and less profitable to breed them.

Also, we must look at the purity rangean Axie with a purity range from 5 y 6 is ideal. Although 5 would be fineThe purity 6 usually raise its cost a little more. The filter provided by the Marketplace is a great help, we can filter by life, damage, speed, etc. Every time you go to look for a role, modify these filters to make them stronger in their role.

Another recommendation we give you is to take a close look at the price and how adaptable it is to your budget, for an equipment such as the one mentioned above by minimum about 900$. A good tank, a Support and a high quality DPS can lead you to victory in the arena and return that investment.

There are Axies that break with everything within the Marketplace, which are the mysticsThe value is excessively high, and the 5 ETH price. The skills and physical qualities of these Axies are very good, but at an absurd price, that's why we put you a team that with 1000$ can guarantee you a good amount of victories.

With little more to add in this guide to your Axies' first teamWe bid you farewell and wish you the best of luck in the arena.


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