How to get scholarships at Axie Infinity

How to get scholarships at Axie Infinity

Getting a scholarship at Axie Infinity may be one of the best opportunities today for you to start generating income without investing. The addictive and popular NFT game with which you can make money is becoming increasingly popular, and so is its scholarship system. Many want to get a scholarship for Axie Infinitybut do you know how to get it?

We bring you one of the best surprises from our Axie Win websitewe will be offering scholarships in this article by a form that you must fill in to apply for the same. If you want to know all the details do not hesitate to stay reading until the end, let's get started.

What is a scholarship at Axie Infinity?

The Axie Infinity scholarship system is similar to any other scholarship that is presented in different areas of life. People with skills and knowledge for a certain job, who unfortunately do not have the necessary resources to perform it. In this case, people who demonstrate a good knowledge of the game and good skills, may be selected as one of the scholarship recipients, where you are given a team of Axies to farm with.

Axie Infinity scholarship accounts are created by an investor, influencer or youtubers in most cases. In these scholarships a team of 3 or more Axies is given so that the scholarship holder can start playing and generate SLP that can be exchanged for real money. The scholarship recipient does not have to invest a single dollar, only his or her time. to farm what is required by the investor.

This is a great advantage considering that to get started in the world of Axie Infinity you will need more than 1,500$, a very large sum. This is where people with capital and the desire to generate income with other people's time come in, which is a great advantage. benefits both parties. This is an excellent way to conduct business and investmentsBoth parties are excited about what can happen.

Earnings on an Axie Infinity grant are the turning point in every person who is thinking about applying for one or not. Because after a month may be in the region of 500$ if you work hard enough, about 4 hours a day would be fine. Earnings are split 50/50 in the vast majority of scholarships, this percentage can go up or down depending on performance.

How much do you earn on an Axie Infinity scholarship?

The data presented below is based on the current prices of SLP and Axies in the market. Let's remember that the token that will make us generate money is the SLPthis we can to get it by farming in adventure mode and winning battles in arena mode. Depending on your level on the leaderboard, you can earn more or less SLP, reaching an average of 6 for each victory in the 1400 ranking.

Before giving figures in dollars and all that stuff, we must know what we can farm daily in Axie Infinity and how this translates into real money. Let's start with the adventure modewhich daily allows us to farm a maximum of 100 SLP completing levels. There is no problem in completing the same level several times, in fact, it is the most common way to complete a level. farm SLP.

In arena modeIf we have a team with less than 9 Axies, we will have 20 chances to play to win SLP. If you have an average winrate of 50% and you are on the leaderboard where for every win you get 6 SLP, you would be earning 60 SLP per day. This may increase or decrease depending on your playing ability and the equipment you have on scholarship.

And last but not least, the Task area where you can claiming a total of 50 SLPs per day. Here you must complete certain missions that the game itself is responsible for leaving you, such as completing a number of levels in adventure, winning certain battles in arena and so on. In total, would leave us with an average of 200 SLP per day.

If we manage to generate 200 SLP per day for an entire month, we could have an estimated profit of 6000 SLP which may vary depending on the rate. By dividing the profit into a 50% for each party, we find a net profit for you of 3000 SLP. This translated to the cost of the SLP currently (average of 0.20$) would be 600$ on a monthly basis.

How can you get an Axie Infinity scholarship with us?

It is very simple, in this article we will be leaving a form for you to complete with the requested information.. Our selection process in Axie Win will take into account several important aspects, what you must do is to maintain sincerity and not want to cheat the system, because the opportunity may be desired by someone else.

Apply for the scholarship if you really know about the game. and you have enough time to dedicate to the game the time required by our scholarship system. Remember that perseverance and responsibility is one of the first parameters to be measured. Take advantage of the opportunity if you get one of our scholarships, because many people want to make money without investing in Axie Infinity.

The requirements will be your smartphone or computer with internet access so that you can farm throughout the day in Axie Infinity. You must have enough free time to farm as much SLP as possibleThis is also, if you wish to obtain a good monetary balance on a monthly basis.

What is delivered in an Axie Infinity grant?

Within the scholarships from Axie Infinity and ours in Axie WinThe user is given an Axie Infinity account which can be accessed through their phone by scanning a QR code. Within the account you can find 3 Axies or more depending on the investor, these Axies must have a competitive level to farm the maximum amount of SLP possible without complication.

The basic equipment configurations The grant is usually delivered in teams made up of:

  • Axie plant typeThis role works excellent as a tank, it comes with good cards and a good amount of HP to resist in battle. Cards like the vegetable byte are common, they steal energy from the opponent and do not allow a normal development of his play style.
  • Axie type bird or fish: These are the DPS that are used within the best scholarship teams, they are Axie types that with a combo can easily take down any opponent. Their cards should average 400 damage and a good attack speed to guarantee attacking first.
  • Axie beast typeThese are used as a support or damage complement. Their cards are quite versatile and can support the entire team or cause damage to the opposing team constantly. The great feature of the beast type is its high level of morale, which brings with it an excellent ability to connect critical hits.

This would be the basic training for any scholarship team within Axie Infinity. The value of these Axies is usually in the range of 1000$ - 1200$. In some cases, more expensive Axies are chosen to ensure better performance and farming speed in adventure mode.

As we have been highlighting throughout the article, the grantee will not need to invest not a dollar in tokens or additional add-ons.

We look forward to seeing you in our scholarship

If you are reading this article, we hope with all our heart that you opt for our scholarship system at Axie Win following our Twitter account and asking for a scholarship. Try your luck and get to work with us to generate income from your phone playing Axie Infinity. The opportunity will be available from the publication of this article and we will be distributing grants depending on how the project progresses.

For all the people who love this game and wish to generate an income.We are waiting for you in our scholarship system, join us!

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