How to have infinite offspring in Axie infinity (Infinite Tree)

Axie infinity belongs to a fully digital pet universe, This one is open-ended and has a close relationship with the Axie brand.

We are talking about a fun ecosystem that has become a direct alternative for many to increase income, in fact, it is due to the latter that has gained popularity in the network. If you want to know how to have a infinite axies brood tree, stay until the end.

Axie tree with a couple and one extra axie

How to have infinite offspring in Axie infinity

You should know that with only 3 axies you can have infinite offspring, if and only if you make the correct combinations. It is important to mention that you cannot breed axies with relatives (parents-siblings), having so:

  1. Axies1 + Axies2: Axies 12
  2. Axies3 + Axies 12: Axies 312
  3. Axies 312 + Axie1: Ax 3121
  4. Axies 3121 + Axies3: Axies 31213
  5. Axies31213 + Axies2: Axies312132

Axie 1 and Axie 2, will only have 2 offspring while Axie 3, must have 3 offspring, in this way the infinite tree will come to life. If you find the first option a little difficult to understand, don't worry! There is another valid option, this time with 4 cabs, and having 4 axies you will only need to have 2 offspring each.

You should know that axies with two broods have higher sales than axies with 3 or more broods.

You can only obtain a 3rd offspringWhat do we mean when we talk about mutation? In case of having pairs of birds, these will have as breeding birds and bird cards, but if any offspring comes out with a plant card or any other creature in the game, this is considered a mutation, which will allow you to have a new pair.

The objective is that the initial axies have a high purity (higher than 5) to start making the offspring. It is important that the cards have great similarity, since it will depend on them that the offspring have the correct and similar characteristics to the parents.

Infinite axie tree with two pairs

How does this tree work? Very easy! This time we will have A1, A2, A3 and A4, and what we will do is to have two offspring in each pair. A1 and A2 will have the offspring B1 and B2, the same will happen with the axies A3 and A4, and these will have the offspring B3 and B4. These offspring in turn can reproduce, but not so fast! There can only be offspring between B1 and B4, and offspring between B2 and B3, so you avoid the offspring having siblings.

When crossing you will have B1-B4 and B2-B3, whose crossings will result:

  • B1-B4: C1 and C2
  • B2-B3: C3 and C4

As you will notice there will be two more couples, and these will become grandchildren, so you can continue with the crossing between them, having this way:

  • C1-C4: C5, and
  • C2-C3: C6

This process can be done as long as there are no crosses between parents and siblings, in this way you will have your infinite axies tree Great, isn't it? But, because unfortunately there is always a but! To make these crosses you must have SLP and AXS, and you will find them in the arena as long as you have a deck of encouraging cards or by acquiring them in binance. You should know that at least 900 SLP will be spent for each couple.

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