How to have a good PVP team in Axie Infinity

How to have a good PVP team in Axie Infinity

The Axie Infinity platform is growing considerably despite the short time it has been on the market. The game is made up of Axies, which are fantastic and mythical creatures, containing special characteristics according to the combination used for their creation.

Each Axie possesses four specific qualities that are indispensable at the moment of any battle, which are:

  • SpeedThe faster Axies have the advantage of attacking first.
  • Moralitydetermines the possible critical damage hits and the level of the Axie.
  • Abilitydepends on the type of Axie and the combination of cards.
  • HealthAxie's life according to breed and functions.

Axies are created in a circular shape and their body is divided into six parts which determine the cards they can use in a PVP. An Axie is made up of: ears, horns, mouth, back, tail and eyes.

Win a PVP depends on each of the player's choices, both when choosing the Axies and when playing the cards, they usually use one Axie to defend and two Axies to attack.

Defending Axies are called tanks, and are usually placed in the front row to protect their two fellow Axies. They have some advantages such as, for example, they have a higher capacity to withstand critical damage, more high health points (depending on the type of tank) and have at least two shield cards.

Usually they usually choose plant cards to be used as tanks because of their high resistance indexes, and for attack Axies those of bird, bug, beast and mecha types. But the combinations are endless.

On the other hand, the Axies that are in charge of the attack in the team, have different characteristics such as, for example, a higher speed and a higher morale, the combination of these two aspects works in a very optimal way against enemy tanks.

Best PVP equipment

Being a good player depends not only on how many battles you play, but also on how many you win. Therefore, you are more likely to win depending on the quality of the chosen team.

The equipment most used by the best Axie Infinity player is composed of a plant and two fish, which is very curious, since these tanks do not usually heal. Taking into consideration the Axies team of the best player in the community, we can analyze which would be the best options to create your own team.

As the first Axie is DD Kill Plant - Draw Cardwhich contains five purity and a meta ten, works mainly for deleting tanks. This Axie guarantees the player to have a more cards in the deck, with which combos can be made, among other advantages.

The first card has a zero energy cost, with a sixty damage and the player draws a card from the opponent when attacking an aquatic, bird or dawn. The second card has one hundred and twenty damage and if the player attacks at the beginning of the round, he draws a card.

The third card allows the player to kill the opponent's Axie, who enters the final state directly, regardless of morale. The fourth and last card raises the attack when fighting a plant, a reptile or a Dusk.

This first Axie works primarily to kill plants and get cards to continue playing. The second Axie is a tankwhich is not used for healing, but for the purpose of energy theft.

Depending on the cards the tank has, it allows him to disable the enemy he attacks in the next round. Perform one hundred and ten percent damage if he attacks last. Having the toughest shield on the market and also steals energy, which is needed in this type of case.

This team is in third place with one Axie fish which has forty-five health and has a speed bonus. It can inflict thirty percent more damage and in case the opponent is a reptile, dusk or plants, it has greater attack power. And finally, it gains energy by making a combo with its last card.

This combo takes care of provide energy, get cards to continue playing and a tank which is also DPS. Evaluating the function of the Axies as a whole is critical to making a good team.

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