How to pay with MetaMask?

One of the decentralized applications that is proposing an innovative change and that has been able to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by Ethereum is MetaMask. This DApp was the most successful project of a decentralized applicationThe new system allows you to have all the necessary security and can be easily adaptable to other DApps.

The main characteristic that identifies MetaMask is the possibility of functioning as a Wallet for your cryptocurrencies. It also works to unlock additional functions on other DApps or maintain a higher level of security on them. In this article we are going to detail how to pay with MetaMaskhow to install it and other information that may be useful to you.

How to pay with MetaMask?

How to install MetaMask

The installation of MetaMask is a fairly quick and easy process, this can be installed in our favorite browsers in the form of an extension. This aspect has also been one of those that allowed its expansion and massive use, the ease, anyone with a minimum notion of this could install it, or you can follow this type of guides to install it. Let's take a look at the steps to follow:

  • Enter the browser of your choice, it can be Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, etc.
  • Here you have two options, you can address the official store of extensions of your browser or go to the MetaMask official website. Let's go through the process on the MetaMask website.


  • Click on the link and click on the blue option "Download now". At this point the page will detect your browser and give you the download option in relation to your operating system and browser.

  • We download the extension, a menu will open requesting permissions and authorization to install it in our browser as an extension. We accept and proceed.

After installation, you will be able to confirm that it is working if you see a little orange fox at the top of the browser, next to the search bar. With these simple 4 steps you can download and install MetaMask.

The process if you want to install it through the extension store is similar. You enter the extensions store and search for "MetaMask"Click on the option to add to your browser, accept and that's it. A very important point in this topic is never download it through third partiesWe can be victims of fraud or scams, the famous phishing that steals our data.

How to send from MetaMask?

Now, with our extension active, our Wallet created and funds in it. We can send and receive money without any problemsIn this section we will explain how to send Ethers from your wallet. MetaMask easy and fast.

Follow the steps that we are going to introduce you to below and send Ethereum in a matter of seconds, let's get started:

  • Within our wallet, we must look for the option of "Send/Send"Click on it.
  • In this step, we must have the shipping address quite clear and at hand. In the form that we are presented with, we must add this addressenter it and continue with the amount
  • In the next field of the form you must add the amount you wish to send in Ethereum
  • After completing these two fields, we must click on the option of next o next.
  • After this, the application will show us a kind of final balance of the transaction, it will show us details such as the commissions and the final amount. If we agree click on the green Submit button and that's it, we will have sent the money.

In case you don't find the shipping conditions suitable, click on the button Reject or Reset to perform the process again. And that's it, this would be the whole process for sending Ether from your wallet MetaMaskAs you can see, it is a very simple process.

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