How to play Axie Infinity without investing (scholarship)

How to play Axie Infinity without investing (scholarship)

The NFT game of the moment is undoubtedly Axie Infinity, a game based on Pokémon that gives us the possibility of generate tokens by playing daily. But there is a great detail to be able to play this game, money. And it is that the initial investment is so high that not everyone can afford to buy their first 3 Axies worth approximately 1500$ to 2000$.

But this is where the scholarship systemThe new system, an innovative way to enable users with knowledge, but no money, to be able to play and generate without investing. It is a fantastic and mutually beneficial form of income. If you want to know how to play without investing, read on.

What is the scholarship system at Axie Infinity?

Undoubtedly, it can be one of the best ways to generate income this year and taking advantage of the boom in NFT games. As we have been mentioning, the capital required to invest in Axie Infinity is quite high. But like most scholarships in life, skilled people who do not have the means to start playing, studying, practicing a profession and so on, are helped by people who need them.

And in this way, the Axie Infinity scholarship systemIf a user is knowledgeable, he/she can to opt for a scholarship to play. Within the scholarship system, a team of 3 or more Axies of a good competitive level is provided so that you can generate SLP in arena and adventure mode.

The equipment is chosen by the person awarding the grant and is sent to the grantee's account, the grantee will not receive funds to purchase the Axies or make financial decisions for himself/herself. The risk and qualities of the Axies must be selected by the investor in question.

The grantee will receive a QR code to access the account from their mobile device and start farming within the game.. In this way, the owner of the Axies is prevented from suffering any theft or alteration in his account by providing access data. The security of this format has also greatly enhanced the movement of scholarships within the addictive NFT game.

The details regarding earningsThe time invested, conditions and others will be reviewed throughout this article in detail in case you wish to obtain one. Let's get to know how to get a scholarship at Axie Infinity.

How to get a scholarship in Axie Infinity - Play without investing

Getting a scholarship is a very complicated task, with the increase in the number of applicants, the competition is getting tougher and tougher. The game has had a growth that has been noticed in every corner of the world. For get a scholarshipFirst of all, you must have a backup of your knowledge of the game and your skills in the game.

People who offer scholarships, for the most part are usually investors, youtubers and influencers who decide to award scholarships to their follower base. That is why you should be on the lookout for any content creator to upload content, redundantly, about the game. In the vast majority of cases, after seeing an increase in their followers, they will decide to award scholarships/scholarships to its best applicants.

Stay alert also in Facebook groups and other social networks where you can apply for a scholarship, as this is where they are offered as well. The official way to get a scholarship is via Axie Infinity's official discord serverbut as you can imagine, it is a highly competitive market.

For apply for the scholarship you must be able to play from your smartphone and have stable internet access. These are the two requirements requested, in addition to having about 4 hours a day to be able to play the game. play Axie Infinity and farm SLP in adventure and sand mode. Consistency and the quality of the time spent will be what will determine whether or not you continue in the scholarship.

How much do you earn on an Axie Infinity scholarship?

The money that a scholarship holder can earn within Axie Infinity is one of the big questions that everyone has. This calculation is defined in proportion to his or her ability to generate SLP throughout the monthIf it is around 200 SLP per day, you will earn good money. Let's take these calculations further.

This is where the equipment quality given by the person in charge of giving the scholarship. The better the Axies, the faster the farming and the better the winrate in the arena mode, which also grants SLP. If you don't have Axies that can compete in the arena from 1400 ranking points, it will be difficult to obtain good income.

Within the adventure modeyou can manage to farm a maximum of 100 SLP per dayis the limit set by the game. You can do this by completing the different levels or by farming over and over again in the same one, the latter option is the most common. This guarantees at least a few 3000 SLP per month if you manage to draw the 100 SLP per day for a whole month.

We also have the option of the sand modeDepending on our score in the arena mode, we will earn more SLP in proportion. The ideal is to be above 1400, although the higher the better, we can fight 20 times with our energies, if we win half, we would be talking about 60 SLP on average. This would add up to about 1,800 SLP over the month.

The arena mode theme varies a lot depending on the playing ability of the scholarship holder and how good Axies he/she has. The amount of SLP can increase or decrease depending on the level, but 1800 is an average taking into account that I won 50% of the PVP fights.

A very curious section, and that allows us to earn 50 SLP per day is the section of Task o Tasks. In this section we must claim prizes (SLP) for each mission we complete, it can be winning X amount of battles, completing X number of maps in adventure mode and so on. Per day we can get 50 extra SLP if we complete the tasks.

Now, if we make a general calculation, being constant with the numbers, we should add the 3000 SLP of the adventure mode, the 1800 SLP of the arena mode and the 1500 of the Task. This would add up to 6300 SLP per month, a very good amount if you consider that it's farming in a NFT game. But how does that translate to real money?

The amount of SLP you generate monthly will be converted to US dollars according to its market value. Currently it is around 0.20$, if we multiply that by the 6300 SLP we will have a result of... 1.260$! a number that is out of the ordinary. In most scholarships, the earnings will be split 50/50, so that you would be earning an average of 600$ per month. without investing a single dollar.

General conditions for scholarships at Axie Infinity

The minimum amount of SLP generated each month will be defined by the grantor, and will be a minimum requirement to keep you as a scholarship recipient. If you do not generate a number close to this amount, you may be dropped from the scholarship system for not performing well.

You cannot have multiple accounts with your scholarship system.This can be a reason for banning and directly harm the investor. Save yourself the desire to cheat the system and be honest with the opportunity that the other person is giving you. Do not be ungrateful and fulfill each of the steps, because many people would like to opt for this opportunity.

In short, work the account as seriously as possible and both parties will benefit from your efforts.

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