Whether you are new to the axie universe or not, it is normal to make mistakes, sometimes you lose battles, resources, axies, and ethereum in ronin Yes! But don't worry! Because for everything there is a solution and here you will find out how recover your ethereum lost.

Disadvantages in Ronin

Many users have been affected when making a transaction from metamask to ronin, the reason is that ronin is not directly linked to metamask, since it is only an axie platform, so it is necessary to use bridge for this type of transaction.

If you are not in bridge, you will not be able to pass your ethereum to ronin, and instead you will only lose your ethereum, but is it possible to get them back? Yes!

  1. Go to a new browser tab
  2. Type in the search engine: metamask
  3. Open the corresponding link to the platform

There are also extensions that support certain browsers so you don't have to download the application.

  1. Download the application
  2. Once metamask has been downloaded, a window with the phrase: Import will appear at the bottom center.
  3. Click on the aforementioned option and enter the phrase ronin seed.
  4. Type in a new password, and once accepted you will be able to access your ronin account through metamask.
  5. You will notice that in metamask the available ethereum will appear.

Inside metamask you will be able to send ethereum to your ronin id

  1. You must pay the corresponding commission
  2. Set the metamask address of the main account
  3. Add the balance to be sent taking into account the commission.

This balance may in fact be a bit high, depending on the amount you want to transfer, but hey, it's better to pay 1,000 USD in commission than to lose all the work done in axie, don't you think so? 

Well, let's continue! Then you must:

  1. Click on send
  2. Open axie infinity account
  3. Go to bridge
  4. Click on deposit and fill in the form, and you are ready to go.

Extra information

Never leave your metamask account empty, as there will always be commission to pay. and don't send the full amount of ethereum to ronin because you won't be able to withdraw your money in metamask, remember there will be some commission involved.

While this process has saved many, avoid doing it regularly, it is best to study the video game properly to avoid bitter pills like this one.

Direct transfers can only be made in ronin when the SLP are in the ronin wallet, these transfers can only be made between these wallets, if you don't use the bridge, you will only lose your tokens, and although they will not be lost, not at all! Few have managed to recover them, as they do not know this procedure.

Once you have your cryptos back, you can "take a deep breath" and continue playing. Continue with the competition in battles, breed your axies, collect the cards according to your creatures, get the resources, avoid logging in to your account if the internet connection is unstable, sell only with safe people, avoid sending a large amount of axies to several accounts and have fun.

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