How to make sure that an Axie Infinity grantee does not multi-account

Axie Infinity has become a very popular application, this is due to the motto ''Play to win'', as the rewards you get after winning the games are very good.

However, the level of investment is quite high, so not everyone can be part of this gamer world.

What can I do to access Axie Infinity? In case you do not have the means to invest in the game, you can apply for a scholarship, where the monthly fee will be paid, allowing you to have an excellent income.

What is a multi-account?

How to make sure that an Axie Infinity grantee does not multi-account

This is understood as those players who are dedicated to creating a large number of accounts, especially in online video games.

Sometimes this type of activity is done in order not to have to wait so long to be able to play again, especially when you have to wait until you have lives again.

Normally those who have multiple accounts, can create up to 3, however, their basic figure will always be the first one they created and which they carry much more progress.

There are different types of multi-accounts, or reasons for having one.

Types of multiaccounts in gamer

1. Multi-accounts for having more than one account

It could be said that this is the most common type of figure that we find, are those users who create many accounts for convenience, or do so due to a threat of deletion of the first account.

Normally this type of players usually have only 2 accounts, exchange times and keep it at the same level.

Multi-accounts by "Account Inheritance".

This type of multi-accounts is generated when a player abandons the account and offers it to a friend or acquaintance.

When you accept the account and start using it, it is understood that you have a multi-account, even though it is a gift, it is a double account.

3. Multi-accounts by Login with Foreign Passwords

These are the most common cases in the Axie Infinity game, it is when some friends or acquaintances decide to exchange the password of their accounts, having access to several, because they would be committing an infraction.

At Axie Infinity this is not justified under any circumstances, and even less so in the case of those who are scholarship holders.

It doesn't matter if it's about relatives, partners or another type of relationship, or that parents want to keep an eye on their children, for this a support style should be opened.

4. Multi-accounts for Help in Promotional Objectives

In games all these themes are very popular and you probably already went through some of them in Axie Infinity.

Moments arise where you only need help to achieve a goal that your friend has already achieved, so you ask for their help.

Especially in the case of scholarship recipients, they must strive to achieve the required points.

Likewise, they are not allowed to access the accounts of third parties to help them, they could lose their scholarship for misconduct.

5. Multi-accounts for Multiplayer

A multi-account with multiplayer is when several people interact in the same account and manage to pass the level.

This is basically impersonation, so it is not justified for any reason.

Note: When you change your ID address, it is dangerous to get your account blocked, due to a violation or something else, it happens mostly when you open your account from another country, so be careful on Axie Infinity scholarship accounts.

An Axie Infinity multi-account scholarship recipient

If the Axie Infinity system realizes that a scholarship account is being used by several players, it can be vanned if it identifies a new IP address in less than 24 hours, thus losing the scholarship and the account.

On certain occasions, the system sends a last-minute update, which verifies the IP address, computer and other codes that identify whether it is a multiplayer or not.

However, there are people who download non-original versions, and this is quickly flagged as fraud.

Axie Infinity and its scholarships

In an Axie scholarship, the manager either acquires or gives the guild the 3 Axies that the player (scholar) will use to play and win SLP. This is ideal for players who are unable to acquire their 3 Axie equipment.

It is also ideal for players who want to learn more about Axie before they make their initial investment. Whether Axie is right for them or not, the Axie Infinity Scholarship can assist them with their initial resolution.

We indicate that it is a scholarship when:

  • Three shafts were loaned to them so that they could start playing.
  • The guild or manager provides education on the details of Axie.
  • Tips for earning more SLP.
  • Community support.
  • Consequently, the administrator or else Axie's scholarship guild will accept all the danger of acquiring the 3 Axies to lend to the player. In this way, the scholar has the calm that no matter what happens to Axie, they gave nothing in return.

The best part of becoming a scholar is that you are given education on how to play the game. Axie integration is very difficult now. So, in the scholarships, the player is educated on cryptography, how to get paid, etcetera.

Multi-accounts in Axie Infinity

So far there is very little information about this game, so surely after a while there will be an update where all these details will be indicated.

Recent high-cost games have lower participation than any other, so many questions are still unanswered or have not been clarified by the manufacturer.

If you have any questions, we can answer them in the comments.

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