How to get off to a good start in Axie Infinity? (First days)

How to get off to a good start in Axie Infinity? (First days)

If you want to fast farming and you're wondering how to get a good start in Axie Infinity? Then you've come to the right place. The importance of knowing this lies in the fact that you will be able to find out how to make more profit in a much better time span, plus knowing this would surprise the person who is thinking of giving you a scholarship.

The first thing you should know is that in order to accumulate daily SLP when you are new in Axie Infinity you must concentrate all the energies of the game in the adventure mode, with this practice you will get experience for your axies and SLP at the same time, the higher the level of your Axies the faster you will pass the levels.

Daily you will be able to get 100 SLP in the adventure mode and 50 SLP thanks to the quests that appear, these last ones ask you to press a check button, pass ten screens in the adventure mode and win 5 fights in the PVP. These points will be our focus of attention in this article, because they will be what you will do for the first couple of weeks at least in Axie Infinity.

The following information is vital for you to know and practice every time you go to level up at the beginning of the game, you can also have it handy to give and explain to all your friends and family grantees who want to make the daily goal as fast as possible, before the server fails or other problems occur.

Adventure mode in Axie Infinty

Each screen rewards you with a different amount of experience and SLP, but remember that when you have the energies you must spend them in this mode, as you need the experience to keep leveling up all your axies, for this you need to have the following table at hand.

In this table you will find the best screens to farm SLPThe ones that offer higher SLP in less time and also the screens where you get a considerable amount of SLP for passing them (this is only the first time), with this table is made by people who have been playing for a long time and it is not the first time they start from scratch.

To explain this a little better, the first two days you will reach level 5 where from there you can do the 100 SLP in a matter of 3-4 hours, although the best screens for experience at the beginning are number 9 and 12, it is valid to emphasize that you must do them when you have energies as the best one to obtain SLP among them is screen number 10.

At level 15 you will see a change in the amount of time that you spend gleaning SLPs, because here you will gain 6 SLPs in a single batch which will give you a chance to do other things, or keep playing either in adventure or PVP mode, even if you don't win anything.

At level 18 the amount of experience is high level and without much risk, remember that if you lose the game or leave the game you lose the energy point. Once you reach level 20 let us tell you that it is the best to get SLP, because the enemies self-destruct after attacking so in maximum 40 minutes you get the 100 SLP of the game. adventure mode.

ARENA mode in Axie Infinity

This mode is much easier to understand than the adventure mode, but you should take into account the image below, so you know at what point you really start to win SLP much faster, it is important to note that here you will be placed with people with levels equal to yours.

This mode is recommended that you start playing with energy only when you can pass level 20 with total tranquility, this way you don't risk losing energy without any sense. To know how many SLP is good that you analyze the table above, because based on the amount of points you have you will earn more SLP.

In arena mode it is advisable to beat opponents between 1100 and 1299 points, since here the amount of SLP is considerable per win and therefore your energy is worth even more, this tip is for people who are just starting in the game as professionals earn 12 SLP, per day as they have a higher value equipment.

In the arena, each axie will return to level one and the amount of SLP you get per victory, is according to the number of points your opponent has. Another very important point is that if you win a game in arena mode before level five you do not get SLP, but this loses application in round four if your opponent has a higher score than yours.

Many people lengthen PVP games to collect the SLPs that the game gives and not interpret that you are not at a fair level, it is something that does not work most of the time, but if you meet someone weaker than your team it would be a good opportunity to test this theory.

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